What is the best Deer Feeders? Check my top 3!

Currently, there are many types of deer feeders with different functions and varying price levels. Depending on the terrain, you should choose a ground standing or hang up deer feeder. In general, there are three types of deer feeder, including hang up the feeder, gravity feeders, and overall complete feeder. If you do not have time to learn about all types of feeders, this article has done this job for you! Check out my top 3 of the best deer feeders.

Overall complete deer feeder

Even using a bucket as a feeder, you still need a timer to distribute the food at the right time. That is why more and more hunters prefer an overall complete feeder.

1. Moultrie 30 Gallon easy lock feeders

It can be said, Moultrie is the world’s most famous deer feeder. With its convenient functions and low cost, this 30 Gallon feeder is a smart choice.

Capacity of 30 gallons

With a less than 6 feet height and a capacity of 30 gallons, it is easy to fill the feeder. In fact, it can hold up to 200 pounds of corn.

Quick lock hopper

The highlight of this feeder is a quick lock hopper. This green hopper is very durable because it is made from plastic. Sometimes congestion can happen that causes some small animals to enter the feeder. Therefore, a quick and easy locking feature can prevent that from occurring.

Simple installation

You will not need to use any additional tools to complete the assembly in less than 5 minutes. In fact, you can just go into the wood and put it together by hand.

To install the Moultrie 30 Gallon, attach the hopper to the wing nuts and place the control box in place. Finish by screwing the caps together and then fix the legs.

Tapered lid

A new twist and lock lid is designed in taper, so water will not come in.

Square legs

Since the square legs are stronger than round legs, Moultrie 30 Gallon is also more stable than other deer feeders.

Camera mounting spots

Also, this feeder also has some screws on the top to attach up to three cameras at each corner. By that way, it will give you a big help when it comes to tracking deer in every way they come.

Digital timer

The Moultrie 30 gallon feeder also has a timer that allows you to program feeding. This timer helps you plan the feed and tell you how long the feed is going to last. And when you come back to your feeder, it tells you how much food you have in remains. Maximum limit of feeding is up to 6 times a day, so it allows you to feed more than one deer.

Built-in battery level monitor

Monitor screen will show you how many days are left. Also, it can tell you how many pounds of food and dispersion time you want to adjust.

Do not have varmint guard

The only downside to this feeder is that it does not have a built-in guard. Thus, small animals like squirrels can easily get inside.

Hang up feeder

Sometimes the terrain in the forest is difficult to access, making it hard to use a ground standing deer feeder. That is why a feeder hanging on a tree or strong point comes as a perfect solution.

2. Moultrie 6.5 Gallon pro hunter hanging feeders

Among the hanging ones, Moultrie 6.5 Gallon Pro Hunter Hanging Feeder is the most famous. It has all the features that a hunter expects.

Easy to carry

If you want a hang-up feeder to carry to the wood with zero effort, this is what you need. It is lightweight and easy to move, along with a handle that makes it easier to carry.

Quick dispersion

Like the 30 Gallon Moultrie feeder, this 6.5 feeder also has a digital programmable timer. This timer can disperse feeds up to 6 times a day and each time takes only 1 to 20 seconds. Also, you can also set the time to drop food at the feeding port as you want.

Metal funnel and metal spin plate

This is a very useful feature because spin plates with raised edges can protect food from the wind.

Built-in guard

Small animals like squirrels will find it difficult to reach inside thanks to a Varmint Guard installed as a barrier.

Long lifespan battery

Long life battery is the reason why many hunters favor this feeder. For other feeders, unless you put a solar charger on top, they burn the battery pretty quick.

 Built-in battery level monitor

The battery level digitally will tell you when the food is almost run out. Thanks to that you will be able to refill food right away.

Mossy oak camouflage

Moultrie’s 6.5-gallon feeder appearance is the only disadvantage. This feeder has a mossy oak camouflage color, so it is almost invisible in the jungle. Therefore, some animals will find it difficult to notice the feeder.

Handle causes interference

Another drawback of this feeder is that its handle interferes with the removal of the lid. You will feel a bit difficult when opening the lid to refill the food.

Gravity feeder – My best Deer Feeders

Just like its name, this type of feeder is based on gravity to provide food. You can just pour the food in and watch it distributed by gravity.

3. redneck Outdoors T-post Gravity Feeder

Are you looking for a durable deer feeder that can easily adapt to a variety of different functions? The Redneck Outdoors T-Post Gravity Feeder will meet your needs.

High flexibility

The t-post feeder is designed to be mounted to a 7-foot standard T-post or a tree using a ratchet strap.

The V-Groove holder is mounted in the back, allowing the feeder to be assembled to fit any T-Post. This will help prevent it from being pushed over when it is being used by the game. The concave back and groove on the back are made for ratchet strap so you can mount them to a tree quickly. Two ways of setting up within a few minutes make this feeder more versatile than any other.

Flexibility in the assembly position makes it possible to feed the deer in difficult and inaccessible places.

Capacity 80 pounds

After the food inside the feeder has run out, you can easily remove the lid and reload quickly. However, you will not need to feed the deer regularly as it can hold up to 80 pounds of deer food.

Polyethylene material

One of the reasons that this durable feeder can withstand external impacts is that it is made of polyethylene. Polyethylene is a highly durable and heavy-duty material. Also, it also protects the feeder against the effects of weather, UV, as well as scraping and wearing away.

Squirrel threats

One disadvantage of this feeder is that the squirrel can gnaw through the lid. That is why you will have to add several strings to secure the lid.

Feeders are a vital tool for a hunter to inventory game and to identify specific deer in the key area. A challenge with traditional battery-operated feeders is putting corn on the ground and is quickly ruined due to moisture. All advanced deer feeders currently on the market have solved this problem.

The three deer feeders listed above are typical examples of three best deer feeders types on the market. They all have the common features: good timer, long life battery, and easy to install.