Fly Fishing Sunglasses: How To Choose a Lens Color

Fly Fishing Sunglasses have always been a vital accessory of fly fishing fishermen. With a good pair of sunglasses, you can stay patient and fish in the shade they create. Furthermore, sunglasses protect your eyes from the influence of the sun, dust and water splashes. Here, we will help you to select the best colors for your sunglasses lens.

The misconception

A pair of sunglasses can do much more than you think. However, many people still see sunglasses as a “fashion accessory” instead of a tool of protection. In fact, many things can happen without a pair of sunglasses. The least you could expect is that you can  squint your eyes and suffer from water splashes all the time. Worst scenario, when retrieving the fish, it may hit your eyes and even damage them permanently. Actually, this kind of accident always happens.

Misconception about Fly Fishing Sunglasses

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Therefore, when buying a pair of sunglasses, always consider the quality first, and then the color. Under no circumstances should you prefer styles and colors over quality, except that you’re attending a fashion show. Additionally, sunglasses for fishermen should all be polarized, scratch-resistant and UV protective.

General Fly Fishing Sunglasses lens colors

Selecting a pair of fly fishing sunglasses is quite different from normal sunglasses. There is a range of colors that allows you to see better when looking at the water and different depths. Overall, the colors are are amber, copper, bronze and brown. These are great choice to improve your performance when looking at different types of water.

General Fly Fishing Sunglasses lens colors

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These colors can make it easier for your eyes to see things  in the water, therefore, you can spot fishes quickly. Also, as fishing usually takes place during the daytime, these colors can cool things down. . Your eyes will be straining most of the times since you always have to stay focused. The improvement in vision means that you wouldn’t have to strain your eyes as much.

Low light lenses

Fly fishermen understand that the best time for fly fishing is the early morning or before it gets dark. These are the times of the day where there are the most actions in the ocean.

To take advantage of these periods, while still being able to see deep down the water, low light lens are the best options. In details, rose and yellow lens should do the trick if you want to fish under these periods at that time

These colors help your eyes to absorb more light so they are perfect when it’s dark or cloudy. However, it would be an act of self-destruction if you wear yellow lens when it’s sunny. Also, depending on the time of fishing, you should choose the appropriate lens colors.

Blue lens for blue oceans

If you’re fly fishing in a deep oceans (offshore), blue and grey lens are your friends, these colors work best if you want to catch a glimpse deep down when it’s sunny. In general, it could be hard to spot fish deep down in the water without the assist of overhead light. However, these colors will make it much easier for you. Blue also helps you to be more patient, and this is an important characteristic of a fishermen. Additionally, the color can help ease your eye strains.

Black lens

Although the majority of sunglasses is black, you’re not recommended to buy ones when fishing. Overall, black sunglasses work very well protecting your eyes against the sunlight but, when it comes to fishing, they are a terrible choice.

Black lens

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In details, not only will they reduce your ability to look at depth, your actions will also be delayed and hard to carry out when using dark lens. Besides, you need some fresher colors to spice things up when fishing.

Keep in mind that even the slightest thing can affect the whole process of fishing. For instance, a change in color of your Fly Fishing Sunglasses lens can improve your vision, helping you get more fish on the hook in the long term.

In conclusion, sunglasses are fishermen’s friend. They are something that you must have for protection and improved performance. Pick those Fly Fishing Sunglasses with high quality first and then choose the colors later. Otherwise, wearing low-quality sunglasses can damage your eyes and make them even worse than when you don’t have them on.