Which Freshwater Rods Should I Buy?


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Fishing is an attracting outdoor activity. If you are on a short-term vacation, just go fishing in a lake or river. In this situation, a good freshwater rod is needed. You can follow the pieces of advice below to know how to get the right freshwater rods.


There are several types of freshwater rods with different materials, length, and weight. Before going to buy the rods, you need to find out the types of fish that you are going to catch. This way, you can take the fitted one which you like.

Spinning rod

The materials to make a spinning rod are usually fiberglass or graphite with the PVP handle. The length of a spinning rod is from 5 to 8.5 feet. It is popular for casting fishes in North American with several types of fish, such as bass, trout, pike and walleye.

Spinning rod

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The eyes of the spinning rod, which are on the underside of the rod, are smaller from the handle to the top. The eye nearest the handle is bigger to make sure the line cannot come off the reel.

Bait-casting and closed-spin casting rods

Casting rod is made from the same material as the spinning rod. These two types of the fishing rod also share the same length. A casting rod has from 5 to 8 guide eyes to control the line. It is made to hold the line on the rod.

Telescopic rod

Telescopic rod is flexible in the length and you can shorten or lengthen the rod as your purpose. It is also convenient for transportation. When expanding, you need to be careful because if it comes to fast, you may find hard when collapsing.

Telescopic rod

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A shorter shape is helpful for catching bigger and stronger fishes. The shorter the rod is, the more eyes they have so that they can stand the stronger stress from big fishes.

Fiberglass fishing rod

Fiberglass fishing rod is a type of freshwater rods. It works well with many types of baits with treble hooks to plunge deeper as the fish when being caught might pull further and deeper.

Fiberglass Freshwater Rods

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Carbon-fiber fishing rod

Carbon-fiber rod is an advanced level rod for professionals. They are made for extremely precise casting with a lot of different kinds of carbon fibers.


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Ultra-light fishing rod

As its name would suggest, a ultra-light fishing rod is to catch smaller types of fish, such as crappie, trout, bass, bluegill and other types of panfish. Some ultra-light rods can even cast lures and flies.

Ultra-light fishing rod

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They are shorter than spinning rod or casting rods, with the length of 4 to 5.5 feet in common. Therefore, they will be lighter and more flexible than normal rods. You can choose slow or fast tip actions for your intended purpose.

Where Should I Buy Some Good Freshwater Rods

The Freshwater fishing rod can be found from at brick and mortar shops. At first, you can ask the professionals there for helpful advice on choosing rods for your trip. If you cannot, then ask the staff at the shops. They will know the use of each type of rods and help you choose the one fitted for your budget. And finally, get the one with color and shape that you like.


Freshwater fishing is a sport that attracts lots of people as it is a real competition requiring skills to catch the more and bigger fishes. It needs not only the patience but also a good freshwater rod. A certain rod for certain types of fish can help you win the biggest prize and make you darling feel so proud of yourself.

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