Gun Safe Capacity – What Size Do You Really Need?

Gun Safe Capacity – What Size Do You Really Need

In some states, if you own a firearm and you do not have a gun safe to lock or secure your guns, you can be liable, in cases where your guns are stolen or the thieves using them to commit a crime. Having a gun safe can protect your firearms from the wrong person and protect you from the gun law in your state. First-time safe buyers tend to make the most common mistake that is to get a wrong Gun Safe Capacity, for what they are actually needed to store their guns inside.

Most gun owners typically do is to check the number of firearms a safe can hold against the firearms they are having on hand, after that they will get the smallest safe with a trust that it can hold all of their guns. But soon after the safe are delivered, the family members figure out that the safe they bought would be a secure place that they can store documents, scrapbook, cameras, and also jewellery too. The gun owner realizes that his long rifle with scope actually needs more space than a slot in the safe allows. Also, he soon realizes it is a good idea to add a few more rifles into his collection in the future. The gun safe is soon stuffed.

Any prospective firearm owner must give a serious consideration to the type of gun safe they intend to purchase. You could probably get to know a list of attributes to be considered upon your plan to purchase a gun safe such as locking mechanism, metal thickness in gauge, fire-resistant ability, etc.

Last but not least, the most important issue and relatively difficult decision you have to make is to decide how large of a gun safe you really needed.

Important attributes to be consider for buying a gun safe

Typically, before planning to purchase a gun safe, these are the most common attributes to be consider:

Locking mechanismLocking mechanism

There are typically four types of lock which you should know their locking mechanism as well as advantages and disadvantages to make a right buying decision according to your needs. They are key lock, mechanical lock, electronic keypad lock, and biometric (finger print) lock.

Metal thickness in gauge

A cheap thin metal locking cabinet can only hide your guns from the kids but would do very little to someone attempting to steal your firearms, so it not protects your guns from the wrong hands. Nowadays, in the gun safe industry, most low-end gun cabinets are produced with thin metal bodies and come with thickness from 14 to 16 gauge steels. These safes can easily be broken by a large screwdriver and a standard hammer. A quality gun safe preferably having 10 to 7 gauge steels and should use 11 gauge steels as a minimum thickness in the body of the safe.

Fire resistant ability

Fire resistantFire rating of a gun safe should be one of the top considerations but it often being overlooked. If your budget is limited, you should choose the safe that can have the longest fire protection that you can buy. A minimum one-hour fire rated safe is recommended to purchase, as with shorter than one-hour fire rating, a safe will not offer enough protection over your possessions to surviving a typical home fire.

We recommend that you look for a U.L or a U.S. made safes come with fire rating certified of one hour or longer. It is partly true that a fire rated gun safe can protect important documents. So, if you are going to place any delicate items or documents into a gun safe, it is recommended that you invest in a small fire box which you can place inside the gun safe to store these delicate items. This box must also be a U.L. rated or U.S. made fire rated certified.

The fire seal on the door is also important in a fire rated safe. A fire seal not only to seal out fire and smoke and to keep water from entering inside the safe, it can also work well to seal out moist from the air from entering the safe, this will prevent rust and corrosion forming inside the safe to protect guns and other valuables.

Gun Safe Capacity – What size do you really need?

Selecting the size of your gun safe, its capacity is one of the crucial decisions you will make for purchasing a gun safe.

Inside the gun safeNowadays, under the ultra-competitive market of gun safe, marketing and advertisements are pushing more pressures on high-capacity interiors to be advertised. Most gun safe manufacturers often show off on how many firearms they can squeeze into their products.

However, this outcome turns out to be that the racks in a gun safe and the interior structure hold rifles inside the safe way too tight together. In case your gun collection is long barrel precisions, wide fore-ends rifles, mag wells, and piston grips these internal gun safe capacity will not fit them. As the rule of thumb, to determine the minimum size of a gun safe to buy, make sure you get a safe at least double the number of firearms you owned, because you can never be able to fill up a gun safe to its rated capacity.

For instance, if any of your rifles have scope and you see a 10-gun safe which can fit 10 rifles with bolt-action, you need to cut that number in half at least because the rifles with scope can take up more space. Then, if you have any black rifles – modern rifles, even fewer will fit as their accessories and the pistol grips take up plenty of space in a safe.

Gun Safe dimensions

image source: winchesterau

Advertised Dimension

The actual size of a gun safe can differ by an inch or more from what the advertised statement claims or their brochure. Therefore, do not base on the advertised dimensions of the safe to calculate the space you reserve to put the gun safe in.  Gun safe dimensions are often adjusted to match the competitors’ models. It is recommended you measure it at a showroom.

Interior Dimension

The internal storage capacity of a gun safe is the most important to you when you use it after purchasing. Since most gun safe producers advertise their safes external dimensions only, but once the gun safe is installed, the external dimensions are meaningless. Therefore, make sure to pay attention to the interior dimension between gun safes when you are comparing them, so you can have a right decision. For instance, if you own more rifles with long-barrel precision, or many bench rest air rifles, then it is important to ascertain that these long guns able to be stored all inside the safe.


In conclusion, to decide which size of a gun safe you will purchase, let’s think about the value contents and the additional firearms to be added to your collection. So that you could be putting in the safe in some future years. Manufacturers advertise their safes external dimensions, but it will not be much useful to you once the gun safe is installed. So, make sure you compare the internal storage capacity carefully between the safes when you purchase a gun safe. Because it is the internal gun safe capacity that decide whether a gun safe can hold enough all of the firearms and your other valuables that you have and will place inside it.

It is important to take into account when measure the safe internal capacity against the guns you are having. Especially, if you own rifles with scope, or any modern sporting rifles, or long-barrel precisions air rifles, and etc. As these rifles and their accessories take up more space in a safe. Thus, the safest way to make sure you get the proper size of a safe you really need is to double the number of firearms you owned. It will help you to determine its minimum size and interior storage capacity.

At a certain point in time, you may want to add some extra rifles to your gun collection or your family member could have more valuable items to store in your safe too. So the other option to get the effective size you need is to measure all the guns you have or will want to place in the safe first, both guns and non-gun items. After you arrive with this number, identify a safe in the size that fit the collection. Finally, select and purchase the gun safe that is one size bigger. This option should prevent the need that you buy a second safe any time soon.

It is important to get a safe which you really need for your collection now and also for it in the coming future years. A safe can protect your firearms and something that you can also pass on to your kids. Thus, choose it wisely and figured out the capacity you need and choose a quality gun safe soon. Happy hunting!