Gun Safe Maintenance: How to Keep It Last Long

One-third of the US population own at least a gun. They usually store their firearms in a secure location to guarantee optimum safety in your house. Especially if you have children. That’s when a gun safe comes into play. Gun safes are designed to prevent thieves or children from using your weapons. It also allows you to gain access to your guns and ammunition quickly in times. In today’s article, we’ll be talking about gun safe maintenance to ensure a lifetime of proper protection for your valuables including your guns and ammunition.

Keep the exterior and interior of the gun safe clean

Since you won’t be touching it so often, the gun safe is prone to gather dirt and dust and becomes filthy. Dirt and dust can block the door of your gun safe and make it inoperative.

Keep the exterior and interior of the gun safe clean

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So making sure that it’s clean on the outside is the first step to safe gun maintenance. Make sure you remove them at least once or twice a month.

The best way to remove dirt and dust is to vacuum them first then use plain water and a soft and nonabrasive cloth such as microfiber to clean the exterior of the gun safe.

That way, you won’t leave unwanted scratches on gun safes with a powder, textured and glossy coat finish. Do the same things with the interior of the gun safe. Since the interior tends to gather less dirt and dust, it won’t require as much cleaning as the exterior.

Powdered soaps, some kinds of sponges, brushes and other types of abrasive cleaning materials can cause damage to the coating. If you accidently scratch the coating, fix it with some touch-up paint. If you insist on using soap, ensure the soap is mild liquid and make sure it’s removed completely and hand dried.

Gently wipe away all the dirt and dust from exposed side of the gun safe until it returns to its original shiny look. When cleaning the gun safe’s lock part and handle, to avoid damaging the coating not using metal solvents or polished.

Proper lubricate/oil the chrome locking bolts in the gun safe at least once a year, both the bottom and the front side of the hinges to ensure it works smoothly and properly.

Have a certified technician inspect the gun safe every year

This part of safe gun maintenance is to make certain that your gun safe is in top condition. It’s best to make sure they’re trustworthy because if anything goes wrong, it can cost your life.

If there is any problem present, take their advice and fix it the way it should be. If your gun safe have some rips or damages, finding a replacement gun safe would be the smartest thing to do.

Have a certified technician inspect the gun safe every year

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Inspect all the moving parts of the gun safe’s lock to make sure there is no mechanical issue.

Check for the fire seal compartment and the watertight compartment to make sure they are in good conditions. See if the seals are deteriorating or not, if they are, replace them with new ones.

Inform the necessary authority if there is any malfunction of digital or biometric locking system of the gun safe. You can find the information about the authority in the manual.

Some gun safes come with a lifetime warranty so you can just have it serviced by the original manufacturer which is the best option.

Or else, you can find a certified technician online in your area. You should inspect your gun safe on your own on a monthly basis too.

When to know that your gun safe needs servicing

In gun safe maintenance, identifying issues with your gun safe will help you resolve them. We’ll be giving you some heads up gun safe maintenance. So, you can find out what problems your gun safe could have.

Give your gun safe a thorough visual inspection to see if there is any tampering done with the exterior of the gun safe. They can be quite visible so you’d detect them quickly.

Inspect the lock to see if it’s hard to open freely at one go or has the lock become loose over time? In case you have a gun safe with a combination lock, don’t remember also to check if the digits have faded.

Inspect the lock

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Are there any foreign noises coming out when you open the lock of the gun safe such as some clicking? Replace some parts of the lock if they are too old and worn out.

Time for Gun Safe Maintenance

Gun safe offers a well-ventilated environment to your weapons. It also provides great protection against the reach of thieves and young children.

Gun safes are designed to be highly resistant to most types of potential hazards. But, some maintenance can help protect whatever valuables you store inside better.

Good gun safe maintenance is the determining factor to the shelf life of it and how well it will protect your guns and ammunition. So make sure you follow the above tips to keep your gun safe always in top condition for an extended period.