Holographic Pistol Sight: Why do not More People Use Holographic Sights on Guns (Especially pistols)?

Those days when the hunters had to use traditional iron sight to catch their prey are long gone. A target device for firearms, crossbows or other aiming devices is increasingly up over time. Especially, one of the most striking improvements in the invention of holographic gun sight.

A holographic gun sigh uses holograms technology in a very stable structure. The steady design is to make sure this sight can operate effectively in various conditions, especially tough ones. Many gun owners usually think a holosight makes all kinds of pistols work more accurately, aim further and easier to use. Furthermore, it can be easily found on eBay with only $20.

However, these perspectives are not %100 correct. The truth is that in recent times, many people do not use this sight on the gun, especially on the pistol anymore. The following will give you some reasons why its popularity is decreasing:

It does not make the gun work more accurately

Although holographic sight helps you obtain the target, its effect still depends on the range that the sights bring. Additionally, it makes the sight picture higher than the gun, thereby reducing the accuracy when you’re aiming at the target. The risk of fire is also not reduced with this gun sight.

 It is very bulky and hard to be carried away in a holster

Another negative aspect of this gun sight is that it adds weight to the pistol, therefore rarely fits into a holster. Moreover, there are very few types of holsters made for holographic gun sight. Just a little damage on the gun cannot be compensated by the warranty.

It is very bulky and hard to be carried away in a holster

Image source: Dara Holsters

For those who use guns to defend, the bulkiness of this gun sight makes it difficult for them to hide in a dangerous situation.  Furthermore, its increased size is too large to mount on a handgun.

It is not always compatible to be installed in a pistol

Short radius and short barrel are main reasons that make it difficult for a pistol to accept a holographic sight. Even when you have it installed on your pistol, you still have to turn it on every time you use it because it will not start automatically.

It is only useful for competitive shooters

A holographic gun sight is only suitable if you are a passionate shooter or you are taking a SWAT training course. In contrast, normal users will find it difficult to open fire when they install it on their guns. To be better with holosight, or any other gun sights, just spend time practicing with it instead of throwing money on expensive optics.

It is quite expensive

It is quite expensive

Image source: Icons8

For example, an EOTech sight for a rifle costs about $ 500, which is way more expensive than a half of rifle. The price of a good holosight that will last long on a pistol usually starts at $ 200.

However, most pistols require modification to install a holosight so the total cost is higher than just $200. Moreover, advanced types are up to more than $ 1,000.

Do not buy those with $ 20 on eBay if you want it to break down after just one mag.

If you can’t afford such high end, use red dots sight because it is much cheaper.

It encounters problems quickly

Despite the advantages of holographic gun sight are also very noticeable, users still have to face with some operation incident. Many people still feel uncomfortable having to depend on a sight that is powered by a battery and easy perishable. Additionally, after a long time of using, you will have to replace it with another one. This is because it will start to get the malfunction, scraped, and scratched. When this happens, you can replace it by other new and advanced products entering the market.

In contrast, you will not have to worry about replacing an iron sight after 10 years of using.

Its popularity is affected by the conservative of gun users

For those who use pistols, a holographic sight is still a relatively new concept. Gun owners, especially handgun owners, don’t really want to try new things on their defensive guns for those reasons mentioned above.

In general, the main reasons for the decreased acceptance of this gun sight are battery life issues, the compatibility of the holster, and larger size. More and more people don’t want or need to use a holographic sight on the gun, especially the pistol anymore. Gun owner often learn on the iron sight because of its suitable night sight and the ability to work accurately in all cases without batteries.