How to Bait Coyotes: What You Need for a Successful Hunt

If you have ever tried any method of hunting coyotes, then I’m pretty sure that there must be a better way to do that. Generally, coyotes are sly creatures. Especially, they have kind of a knack to elude you no matter what tricks you use every time you go out to the stand. That’s why it’s very important for you to know how to bait coyotes for a successful hunting trip.

Trust me, I can feel your pain. Therefore, I will introduce you a useful coyotes’ hunting strategy in this article. With this strategy, you will not have to use decoys and callers which are not really helpful for coyote hunting.

How to bait coyotes

In details, to draw coyotes out of hiding, you don’t have to debate over hand callers or e-callers. Also, you don’t even need to struggle to decide the perfect sequence. Honestly, you just need to skip the entire mess.

1. Traditional baiting

“Hunting over bait” means hunting coyotes by placing out a set bait pile, waiting for the animals to come out and then examining. This hunting will take patience, and also, it takes some resources when comes to procuring that bait you are using.

With traditional bating strategy, the first thing you need to do is choose yourself a good spot. In details, you will need an area which has got good coyote traffic but not too often. If it’s open on all sides, then the hunter will be hard pressed to spot all animals coming to the bait pile. Just pick a more considerable open area which is blocked off on 1 or 2 sides in order to funnel foot traffic.

Traditional baiting

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Traditional baiting means teaching the sly animals over a period of 1 or even 2 weeks until they can finally find food in the area. This way, you will see some action from them when setting up the stand.

It is highly recommended for you to set up some trail cameras so as to keep an eye on the environment. This will help you figure out how many animals are going to come to feed. Besides, this also helps you make sure that you’ve picked a right spot.

After several weeks of constant bait, you can totally set up a stand and the real game begins. There is a debate on when to set up a stand, as always. However, you will usually be successful at dusk or dawn, or overnight. In case you have got lights, you can bring them along with you.

2. Pressure baiting

When it comes to how to bait coyotes, it will be a very big mistake if you don’t mention the term “pressure baiting”. Overall, this method goes one step further than the traditional one. This practice is specifically designed to draw the coyotes out of hiding. Also, it can help make sure when you’re totally ready for hunting, there will be enough animals to catch each time.

Actually, I don’t want to explain the theories of pressure baiting because it is quite complicated and may make you confused. Instead, this article will only focus on the basics of this coyote hunting method.

Like traditional baiting strategy, you need to start leaving the bait at your designated site a few weeks before actually hunting. With pressure baiting, it is essential for you to repeat this at the same time every single day. This way, the consistency will train the coyotes to know that dinner is at 5.

Once the animals start to figure out what you are doing, you have to taper off the amount of food you leave there. Actually, this is to create food scarcity artificially. Just make sure that there are more hungry coyotes than the food you leave. Therefore, you can make sure that the smarter coyotes will always show up earlier to get a meal.

After getting to this stage, it is about time for you to get in the stand. Importantly, you have to do this before you bring the food. Then you can easily pull off the early approach ones when they come out to your bait. If you gather their bodies in silence, you can totally get some surprising kills with this amazing method.

What you should use for baiting

I will give you a lot of helpful ideas related to what you should use as bait in case you want to check it out. By the way, in general, the most common practice for every hunter is road kill.

However, if you like to go this route, just make sure that it is legal in where you live. This is because there are some areas, where the harvesting of road kill is not allowed or special permits, are not required. If you’re looking for a lot of bait for not much money, just get in touch with a local meat processor.

Just like when you acquire permission in order to hunt on some farmer’s property, remember to try to be friendly. This will help you get a good amount of scraps which would have been discarded otherwise.

How to set the bait

Step 1: Find places where the coyotes have been there before.

In terms of how to bait coyotes, figuring out where to place the bait is one of the most important things. You will have to set the bait in a spot where the animals are likely to get caught. Remember that coyotes always return to the same areas so just look for any spot where problems have occurred already.

Pay attention to coyote tracks as well as droppings in the ground, particularly near pens or pastures. You can also place the bait in the area where an animal carcass has been left by a coyote.

Livestock trails or farm can be good places to set bait. Do not place bait under trees or against high brush or weeds as they are not likely to approach those places.

Find places where the coyotes have been there before

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Step 2: Get in your stand

Overall, ridge tops or high ground are perfect locations for baiting as they are where the animals like to frequent. Remember to locate your bait on the upwind of the animals’ pathway you’re targeting. Therefore, the coyotes can smell your meat easier. Or you can totally set multiple baits for capturing every wind direction.

Step 3: Wait for any early approach coyote to come out to the meat.

After placing the bait, everything you have to do is to wait for some coyotes and rack up a number of kills.

Final thoughts

Now, you have learned how to bait coyotes. However, I need you to remember that no matter which method you choose to bait coyotes, it’ll take time and effort. Therefore, make sure you are patient enough to catch as many coyotes as possible. Hope you guys enjoyed my articles as well as found my coyote hunting strategy helpful.