How to Build a Tent Properly in 7 Steps

Unless you like to mess with the camping tent, read and learn how to build a tent from this article. I have tried many ways to build it, but here is the easiest and quickest.

You know, camping is an excellent activity to live close to nature but might be a nightmare for any newbies without experience in basic skills. For example, building a tent. Never ruin your camping trip by wasting your time on finding out how to build it properly. Just follow this 7-step instruction.

Choose a good location to set up your tent

A good location is a flat ground.

Clean off the ground carefully by taking away obstacles like stones, sticks, garbage…

Choose a good location to set up your tent

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How to Build a Tent

Lay out groundsheet

After cleaning the ground, now let’s put your groundsheet on the ground, secure it with your pegs in few minutes while you prepare other things.

Insert tent poles into its frame

Now you have to start inserting your tent poles through tent frame, try to thread and stretch them through the tent fabric. This is the most difficult process but when you have done it, the rest of the steps you can pass through easily.

Raise your tent

After tent poles have connected, now time to raise them. Be sure that the poles should keep the tent in place and strong enough.

Once you make the tent up, then try to stretch the tent as far as it can. It helps your tent bigger and more comfortable.

Hammer tent pegs

Take out your tent pegs and hammer then into the ground. You can use a mallet or rock to get them deeper into the ground. In case you lost your tent pegs, you can search and use sturdy sticks and hammer them into the ground.

Put on the rain cover

One important point you should remember, tents themselves are not waterproof that why we have a rain cover. After covering the rain cover on the roof, you should put something along with the rain cover to secure them in place. Put rain cover even you are sure there is no rain because setting up rain cover can secure and protect all of your tent equipment.

Move your things in

After finishing the hard task, now you select which thing should be in the tent because you do not have much space in your tent. High recommendation from experienced campers, if you camp in the living area of bear, you should let food outside. Because bears can come to search for foods and you can be in danger if putting food inside.

Check again

The last step is checking the entire step from 1 to 7. Be sure everything is followed correctly, and your tent is strong enough.

It’s time to practice!

Building a tent seems to be difficult and not easy at first look. However, when you acknowledge step by step to build a tent, it becomes possible task with great experience. After following my instruction, how is the result? Kindly let me know!