A Brief Guide for How to Buy Inflatable Boat for Fishing

When you consider purchasing an inflatable boat for fishing, make sure you get as much information about it as possible before opening your wallet. Because if it does not meet your requirements, then it will be money wasting. To ensure that you will buy a suitable inflatable boat, take a look at your budget or check if there are enough spaces in the house to store the boat. Therefore, to help you make a smart choice, the following will give you a brief guide on how to buy an inflatable boat for fishing.

Basic information

As mentioned above, to be a smart consumer, you need to have some insight knowledge and tips about what you are going to pay. However, instead of reading the highlights on an advertisement, you should pay attention to the details such as material, size, type, brand, accessories, and so on.

In general, an inflatable fishing boat includes

  • A Seat, Seat holder
  • Two Oars, Oar Stopper, Oarlock
  • Air floor board
  • Safety valve, inflate valve
  • Transom, transom holder
  • In pad, out pad
  • Drain plug
  • Lifeline

Now we will take a closer look at some main parts


The average length of an inflatable boat is 13 to 28 feet that can contain 5 to 6 people, while larger type can be up to 55 feet.


Image source: AirKayaks.com – WordPress.com


Normally, a 19 feet long boat’s speeds can be up to 30 knots. However, besides sizes and weather affect, the speed of an inflatable boat for fishing depends a lot on the sizes and types of motor.


When it comes to the motor, you need to set mind about the size as it will not only affects of your boat but also your budget. There are two types of motors:

  • Outboard motor: this motor is attached to the last part of the small size boats. Thus, should be easily removed. Moreover, people usually use it because of the self-contained design. An outboard motor contains gearbox, an engine, and propeller. When your boat enters shallow water, you can lift up the motor easily.
  • Inboard Motor: This motor run by gasoline or diesel. Although it is stable inside the hull of large size boats to avoid theft, it will slow down the speed.


The materials of the hull are fiberglass, steel, aluminum, wood or a combination of these materials. The material of large-sized boats is usually aluminum. The small ones usually have a canvas cover to increase the protection from the weather and other factors. The material of structural components and frames of the boat are usually wood. At that time, glass fiber is to make the shell because of its strength, stability, and the ability to slide smoothly on water.


Image source: Inflatable Kayaks & Packrafts – WordPress.com


The fact that an inflatable boat’s structure is stiff and firm is because it has more than one tube. As a result, if there are any air leaks, it is hard to be deflated. You might want to get a big inflatable boat because it is more enclosed than the small ones. Currently, the materials of some boats are natural. However, it can be delayed if they are exposed to external factors such as the sun, rain, snow in a long time. Many manufacturers choose tubes made of composite materials such as Polyurethane, Hypalon, Neoprene, Polyvinyl Chloride. The reason is the boat will be more durable, less prone to corrosion and water tight.

Buying Guide

Nowadays, there are so many options when it comes to inflatable boats for fishing that you can have trouble choosing the most suitable boat. This is why you need to pay more attention to what is stated above to make the right decisions. Here are some inflatable boats for you:

  • The inflatable kayak is perfect for recreational river activities such as beach cruising, camping as it can access cruising grounds easily, or some challenging trips of white water rafting. If you are an enthusiastic kayaker, go with this type.
  • 7’ to 9’ inflatable boat is mostly for yacht tender, as it is suitable for snorkeling and diving away from the yacht. Furthermore, many anglers purchase this to fish in ponds, streams, lakes, and rivers
7’ to 9’ inflatable boat

Image Source: Saturn Boats

  • 11’ to 12’ inflatable boat is for those who want to explore coastal areas or duck hunting.
  • 13’ to 15’ inflatable boat is the most stand out. It is excellent in using for most activities like exploring harbors and bay, coast exploration, beach cruising, beach camping, scuba in/offshore, fishing in lakes and rivers, and so on.
  • Inflatable river raft is suitable for river rafting or fishing.

Why should buy an inflatable boat for fishing

Overall, an inflatable boat for fishing is a perfect choice for you. Because it not only offers comfort, safety, and stability but the price is also very reasonable.

Firstly, this boat has high portability because it can deflate and fit in a sports bag. So the transportation and storage are also easier. As the weight is lighter than traditional boats, therefore, the launching and hauling are no longer struggles.

Furthermore, this type of boat is also very easy to maintain. You can do the rinsing by light cleaning soap and a towel.

Besides, the pumping needs to be done properly. So you can use a foot pump or electric pump for 15 to 20 minutes to inflate. You should take heed buoyancy tubes because they will be prone to degrade by scratches. Last but not least is its good performance with a fast and smooth slide on water thanks to light weight and the engine.