How to Catch Grass Carp – All You Need to Know

In many private lakes and ponds, grass carp are raised as a way of controlling the overgrowth of aquatic plants. Moreover, due to the large quantity and availability, catching grass carp is a hobby of many fish enthusiast. However, this fish can bring some challenges to you. This fish is a very alert and sensitive species. You cannot just drop the bait and expect them to bite. Catching a grass carp successfully comes with the preparation of many factors. Let’s read the following to find out how to catch grass carp properly.

How to catch grass carp by a bow and arrows?

Archers certainly will not miss this green carp fun. In addition to the usual fishing, many other people also use the compound bow and arrow to catch grass carp. Therefore, you can also prepare yourself with archery tools to catch a green carp.

In general, you will shoot them with a compound bow, bow fishing arrows, and a reel. Combine these tools with bread crumbs, and you could never go wrong!

How to catch grass carp by a bow and arrows

Image source: Florida Sportsman Forums

The distance to bow fishing is usually less than 20 yards. To be successful, you need to know how to shoot at the short range with a downward angle.

Also, when watching grass carp, you also have to pay attention to light refraction. Many the players are fooled by light refraction on the water. For example, when you see a fish near the water surface, it means that the fish is deeper than you think. Therefore, you should aim low to improve the ability to shoot one.

Fishing spots and timing

Grass carp are freshwater fish, so they live mainly on river banks, ponds, and lakes where there are many plants. Professional anglers will easily recognize them at these locations. In specific, the grassy river banks will be the place where they focus most on feeding.

Also, as mentioned above, pond owners usually keep grass carp in the lake to control aquatic plants. That is why you can catch them in private ponds with their permission. Many land owners allow outsiders to fish as a way of controlling the number of carp in the lake. It can be said that this is a lot easier for you than self-detecting grass carp in natural lakes.

Fishing spots and timing

Image source: The Catch and The Hatch

Besides, the location, the fishing time also plays an important role in a successful catch. Spring and summer are the time of year when grass carp grows the most. Therefore, the perfect time for you to go fishing is from 6 pm to 6 am on warm days.

Fishing tools

A grass carp can weigh up to 100 lbs. With nearly 4 feet in length. In some cases when an adult bites the bait, you will probably have a hard fight with it. That is why you need the right fishing tools to enhance efficiency. These include:

  • A large hook that weighs about 20 lbs. (You should use round hooks because it is designed to fit the mouth of grass carp)
  • A rod of average weight and longer than 7 feet
  • Fishing Reel
  • Fishing line that can load up to 20 lbs.

Image source: DeepWaterFishery


As the name suggests, the favorite food of grass carp is aquatic plants. However, unlike the other common carp, grass carp requires the completely different type of food. They can be any worm that you dig from the ground, tomatoes, berries, beans or simply fresh grass.

However, the perfect bait for grass carp is a mixture corn and bread crumbs. These are all things that you can easily get, especially when you are fishing near a farming area. When it comes to corn, anglers usually use more canned corn than field corn despite its lower price. The reason is that you will have to spend more time immersing corn in water and wait for it to ferment.

Green Carp fishing technique

Do not be happy when you see a grass carp bites. It will resist very strong and even make you spend a lot of energy to fight back. That is why proper and accurate fishing techniques are important. The followings are an essential tips on how to catch grass carp.

Secretive approach

Grass carp have a special characteristic that is a reclusive, shy and sensitive way of living. They only eat when they are alone without the presence of humans or other species. The reason is that grass carp is so easy to startle. Just a very small noise or vibration and they will immediately escape to the bottom of the water.

Therefore, every time you approach grass carp, make sure that all the vibrations on the water surface are minimized. In particular, walk slowly and quietly toward the bank and avoid any revealing action.

Bait the water

Spread the large mixture of corn and bread on the water. You can also try to mix sweet corn with freshly cut grass to add efficiency. Make sure your bait area is wide and about 25 feet from the bank. This distance is perfect to attract the most fish.

Also, the most appropriate time to visit the fishing area is around a few hours before fishing. The perfect time to bait the area should be 1 to 2 hours before starting fishing. You will soon notice the bait float on the water surface being eaten quickly by the green carp. Their visual and hearing are not so good, so they will have to come to the surface for food.

Bait the hook

Medium-sized tomatoes are another favorite of green carp. Cut the tomato into two parts and attach it to the hook. Make sure that the tomatoes completely cover the hook’s tip. Cautious fish like green carp will swim away immediately if they see the hook coming out of the bait.

Next, drop tomatoes attached to the hooks carefully and less disturbing as possible. In addition to tomatoes, you can also add some breadcrumbs to increase the chance of fish hook.

Sometimes you will have to pre-bait them so they familiar to your food source.

Maintain the fishing line

An important technique to make the fish bite is that the line has to be kept steady. To do that, put your finger on the line to see if the fish is eating the bait. Wait about 5 seconds for it to get hooked and gently lift the fishing rod.

These tips on how to catch grass fish not only help you catch one successfully but also other common carp. It is really fun and challenging to catch a grass carp. Once you have enough attractive bait, convenient location, proper time and the right technique, no fish can resist. However, some states have laws prohibiting the killing of green carp because they are used as an aquatic vegetation control. So that you should make sure that catching grass carp is legal in your state.