How to clean Polarized fishing sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are an essential accessory of a fisherman. They help to reduce glare and improve vision. Most importantly, they keep your eyes safe from the sunlight, debris, water and impacts.

Having all those benefits, they are easy to get dirty and require a lot of care to maintain their effectiveness. According to the manual, you should be instructed on how to clean your polarized glasses. Here are some general guidelines to help you clean your glasses without damaging them.

Follow the instructions

As mentioned above, all sunglasses are different and require different steps to clean them. The manufacturers should know the best about what their glasses are made of and how to clean those glasses without damaging the material.

If you have lost the manual, you can go online to search for the manufacturer’s webpage and find information about how to clean those sunglasses.

If there is a piece of microfiber cloth and cleaning liquid included in the package when you first buy your sunglasses, make sure to use those.

The following steps you can do regardless of the brands and material.

Step 1: Always use microfiber cloth and mild cleaning liquid

You should always use a piece of microfiber cloth. It is the best way to ensure that your pair of glasses will be clean and have no scratches. Many people have the bad habit of cleaning their glasses with their sleeve, tissues or shirt tail. This action will further cause their glasses to be full of more dust. Not to mention such material can damage the lens of the glasses.

Always use microfiber cloth and mild cleaning liquid

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If there is no microfiber cloth consist of the package, you can find them in eyewear stores. Make sure that the microfiber cloth is clean before using it on your glasses. To clean microfiber cloth, wash it with water (you can use some soap also) and hang it somewhere sunny until it’s dried. Avoid tossing it into the washing machine.

Step 2: Start with water

Turn on the tap and adjust the water so that it’s warm. Don’t let the tap run too hard or you will splash water on your clothes. Use both of your hands to hold onto each side of the frame and run the lens under the running tap.

Let the water remove the dust and debris on your lens. Switch the lens and flip them. All four sides of the lens should be left under the running faucet.

Start with water

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Step 3: Rub the lens with microfiber cloth

Rub them when they are still wet since it’s the easiest way to remove any stains or dust lingering on the lens. Remember to run your microfiber cloth in one direction only (either from left to right or vice versa). Running the same piece of microfiber cloth over and over the lens can make it worse. Do it 2 to 3 times in one direction.

Afterward, you can either use a piece of cotton to dry the glasses for immediate use, or you will have to wait for it to dry out completely. Don’t use tissues to dry your glasses as they can damage and leave small paper particles on your glasses.

Rub the lens with microfiber cloth

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Some extra tips for you to use and clean your glasses more effectively

Keep your glasses in the protective case when not in use. You need to avoid dust and scratches as much as possible. Once something damages the lens, you can’t fix them.

Don’t let your glasses exposed to high temperatures. Temperature can deform the lenses and the polarized coat.

Never clean it when it’s dry, even with your microfiber cloth. It can cause tiny debris or dust to damage the surface of your glasses.

Take your glasses off and put them on with both hands. You can accidentally twist or damage the frame if you do that with only one hand.

Don’t put your sunglasses in your shirt front pocket. Many people have the habit of doing so since they can use it immediately. However, the fabric can scratch and damage the surface of your glasses.

Polarized sunglasses are a great accessory that everyone must have. Not only they protect your eyes from the sunlight, but they are also fashionable and can help you to hide your eyes behind the shades. Don’t be afraid to spend decently in a pair of polarized sunglasses. They’re expensive for the quality that they offer.