Step-by-step Construction to Put up a Frame Tent

Are you planning a camping day? You have purchased a desirable tent, and you have picked up a good location for your campsite. However, you wonder how you would set up a frame tent. This is your first experience of putting it. And let me help you with my step-by-step instruction on how to construct a frame tent.


The first important step is about choosing an ideal location for your tent. A good location for the tent is flat ground. Try to search your campsite at a higher elevation for avoiding water draining down into your tent in case of flood or rain.


Image source: wikiHow

Hence, remember flat surface with a higher elevation than surrounding area is the best location to set up a frame tent.


Gathering all things, you will need to set up frame tent: tent, ground sheet, poles, hammer, pegs…

Before getting out of your home, be sure that you have checked carefully all things you need.

Clean the area

After having a good location for a campsite, you should draw on the surface what would be the size of your tent. Then clean the surface carefully, clear all of the stuff like stones, rocks, sticks and other sharp materials which can cause injuries.

In general, this step means removing all obstacles at your tent site.

Put your tent on the flat ground

After cleaning the area for your tent, the next procedure is laying out your tent on the flat surface where you decide to set it up.

Put your tent on the flat ground

Image source: wikiHow

Make pegs for your tent

To secure and fix the inside of the tent, at every corner of the tent you should make the loops and connect them with pegs. When you fix pegs into the ground, remember to stretch the fabric.

Take out your poles and assemble them

After fixing the inside on the ground, you put out all the tent poles and connect the poles segment altogether. If you do not know how to connect, take a look at the instruction manual attached to your tent package.

How to construct a frame tent

Now you take the poles and place them in the top corner of your tent at one end, push the pole vertically into the ground. While in this position, take the guy rope and pull it to hang the pole where it belongs to. Try to pull the guy rope as far as possible because it helps your tent safer and more stable.

Construct your tent

Image source: The Barry Farm

Cover the Flysheet

Cover your flysheet over the whole tent, straitening corners with the pole. One more time pull the ending of guy ropes and tight them.

Finally check it again to be sure your tent is strong enough, and you follow the steps correctly.

To sum up, set up a frame tent is a challenging task not only for new campers but also for professional ones. However, you just need to follow step by step by the instruction; you can quickly put up a frame tent by your hands. You can feel proud of that YOU DID IT. Wish you luck with your frame tent.