How to Deal Backpacks with Long Straps

When you are super ready for your trip, unfortunately, you realize that your backpack’s straps are too long, which causes some inconvenience for your movement. What you need to do is to follow the three simple methods on how to deal backpacks with long straps.

How to deal backpacks with long straps? Firstly, utilize the shortening mechanism on the backpack

After buying a good backpack and you realize the straps are quite long. Firstly, put the backpack on your shoulders and adjust the straps to fit with your size. When you feel comfortable with your backpack on your shoulders, you will notice the excessive parts of straps. Then you need to measure these parts evenly in both sides.

After that, you need to fold the remaining straps that you just measure. You can make one or two folds to tuck the straps under the tightening mechanism depending on their lengths.

If the excessive parts are too long, you can cut the remaining material. In this case, remember to leave 2-4 inches for adjustment and then melt the folded area with a lighter.

Finally, to make sure the fold will be fixed when you move, you can reinforce the fold with some twines or rubber bands.

utilize the shortening mechanism on the backpack

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Trim the straps

If you think that the excessive parts of straps are useless in the future, you can make it simple by cutting those parts. Again, you need to put your backpack on your shoulders in the most comfortable position. so that you can measure the excessive parts.

After that, you can use the fabric scissors to cut the nylon straps, which around 1 inch of extra part sticking, out past the plastic adjustment mechanism. Make sure that you cut both straps evenly and sharply.

Then you should fold the extra inch into a half-inch square and use a staple to reinforce the fold. Finally, you can use a lighter to melt the folded area. This is to help the extra parts of the straps melt into a single and thicker layer. It will prevent them from moving away from the plastic adjustment mechanism. Don’t forget to remove the staples after the nylon cool down.

Fold the straps

If you do not need longer straps for a trip with heavier stuffs, you should adjust the length by folding the straps rather than cutting them. Similarly, you first need to put on your backpack and make sure that it is not sagging past your behind. Then you need to mark the excessive parts after measuring them evenly for both sides.

There are different items you can use to reinforce the fold in this case, including fastening tapes, rubber bands, zip ties or twine. If you use fastening tapes, which is suggested, you will need to place a 5 or 6-ince tape at one end of the strap first.

After that, you roll the straps from one end to the other, so they lie flat and even in a bundle. Finally, reinforce the fold with the fastening tapes or other items mentioned above.

Fold the straps

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Now, I believe that you can be completely ready for your wonderful trip without any concern about your backpack with long straps. You can always use these three easy ways to adjust your straps in any situation. Don’t forget to prepare a pair of scissors, fastening tapes or rubber bands in case you need to adjust your straps’ length during your journey.