How to Dehumidify your Gun Safe

To preserve your beloved gun, what would you do? Use a gun safe? Your gun safe can stand the fire, some blasts, and even safe when crashing but there is just one thing it cannot withstand is the moisture. A dark and damp places, is a perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, and fungus. And nowhere else is your gun safe. And, if you are living next to the coast or somewhere where is very humid, how can you Dehumidify your Gun Safe and store your gun better?

A simple solution is a Gun Safe Dehumidifier. It is a waste of money when spending thousands of dollars to buy a gun safe but not care anymore about how to maintain it and save it from moisture.

Get a best Dehumidifier for your Gun Safe - dont let your gun be like this!

What is a Gun Safe dehumidifier?

Dehumidifier is a machine; it works to reduce the moisture content of the air in a certain range. Dehumidifying to preserve equipment gun is extremely important and largely determines the quality of ammunition and guns in use. But only some dehumidifier types are selected for this demand.

Dangerous, because bullets can corrode random explosion when you have not inserted the bullet box. Waste, because once it starts to rust and corrosion, you must dispose of or may have to throw them away. The best choice is to take guns wet processing equipment – including dehumidifiers and desiccant pack with two desiccant is selected by most buyers.


Types of Gun Safe Dehumidifier

There are a wide range of safe dehumidifiers in the market but basically they can be grouped as a desiccant or a dehumidifier.

Grain desiccant has the 1-5mm diameter is a common constituent of the silica gel pack is moisture or silica gel. Silica gel absorbs water to prevent the product from being wet. Some researchers say: Silica gel is very effective in absorbing water. Each Silica gel bead has the ability to absorb water up to 40% of its weight. They have the role of dehumidifying: drying around to prevent water infiltration into the gun safe.

Another choice is to use dehumidifier which is highly efficient in moving out all the moisture inside a gun safe. In fact, it works by heating the air inside the gun safe, and then uses an exposed heating element. Although this way is a little bit more expensive than the desiccant packs, in the further, it is very economical because it can be used for a very long time while the desiccant packs are only in about 4 months if they are high quality.

3 basic steps to store guns and Dehumidify your Gun Safe

Dont forget to Dehumidify your Gun SafeDo not use papers or carton box for storing guns. Lightweight and cheap is why the cardboard bin is where the manufacturer holds the gun. However, in long-term storage cases, you should use plastic gun safe or metal ones instead of paper box. Plastic gun safe and metal ones will help isolate the humidity with the ammunition in a better way. Even if you are storing weapons in a warehouse, then use plastic containers or metal box + humidity control device is exactly what you need.

Dehumidify your Gun Safe. A mini dehumidifier or desiccant will really help you to do this well. The type of desiccant is available in small packages when shopping and you need to think carefully about the size of the gun safe.

Check gun periodical: Storage gun does not mean putting it into the moist room air handling it until then to use it to take out. You should periodically check the gun and check processing equipment work properly if there is moisture as no installation is necessary, especially when storing guns in an area with wet processing equipment you need to change positions periodically gun position. By doing this, it will help the weapons are better preserved and ensure the moisture in the air is always true to install.

Wrap up: To maintain the gun, it is not enough to just buy a safe gun. You also need to get knowledge about how to maintain the safe gun and save it from the moisture. This step does not take much time but also help your weapon last long as much as possible.