How to Get Burrs out of Hunting Clothes

After each trip into the wood or brushy fields, you will probably see tiny green burrs clinging all over your clothes. Hunting season is coming, and most hunters encounter this problem. Getting burrs out of the clothing can take hours or days. It wastes so much time that many people feel frustrated and some just throw their clothes straight into the trash. Sometimes going out to buy a new pants is less time to consume than hand picking burrs one by one. Now you will not have to say goodbye to your favorite clothes anymore. This article will give you some helpful tips on how to get burrs out of hunting clothes.

Use washer and dryer

The first thought of every hunter after returning from the wood is to put hunting clothes into a washing machine. Once they are cleaned and dried, the burrs will lose their grip. For tough ones, you will probably have to repeat the washing and drying several times. After that, you will find it a lot easier to brush them off.

Use washer and dryer

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Remember to wash your burry clothes separately as you do not want them to cling to all other clothes in the house.

Use a fine-teeth comb

This is probably the most popular method of getting burrs out of hunting clothes. Instead of handpicking burrs one by one, you can use a common hair comb with fine teeth. Also, you may have to break some of the comb’s teeth so that the gaps match the size of the burrs. Use a comb to scrape them off repeatedly until you reach the desired result.

Use tape

The tape is not a bad idea to pull most of the tiny burrs out of your clothes. Especially, duct tapes can do the best to help you save time in picking them up. However, it only can pull off the small ones. Tough and hard burrs will have to be picked up by hand.

Use tape

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Use a sharp knife

This tool is another solution on how to get burrs out of hunting clothes.

Use a knife or any straight and sharp metal tool to scrape off the burrs. Pull the burry area tightly and run the edge of the knife down the fabric surface. Tilt the knife at an angle so that it is the same as when you grind it. Moreover, a ruler made of metal has the same effect.

Pay attention to doing the scraping gently. You do not want to tear off or fray the surface of clothes.

Use lint roller

Most homemakers use a lint roller to remove hair and leaned out of the clothes. This should work with the burrs too. Before using a lint roller, you should pick some loose burr with tweezers.

Use lint roller

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Use the freezer

Yes, you do not read it wrong!

At first, this method may sound strange. However, you will be surprised by the effect it brings. Put your burry hunting clothes to the refrigerator and lower the temperature so that it is as cold as possible. Wait until your clothes have completely frozen and taken them out. All of these little green ones will come off.

Use Burz Off (the most effective tip on how to get burrs out of hunting clothes)

If you feel tired and frustrated after trying all the ways, this product will take care everything for you. Burz Off removes burrs as well as other sticky debris very quickly. It leaves no damage on your clothing. The statistical number show that more than 90% of users are satisfied and recommend this product.

This product is even effective when used on your hunting dogs.

After leaving the forest or field, just use it all over your clothes, and it will take care of everything. It is much easier and more convenient than picking it up by hand or by the applicant mentioned above. The size and weight are also very reasonable, so you can easily carry it into the fields.

With this outstanding product, you will not have to bring burrs home and spend all day picking them off.

Some tips on choosing hunting clothing

It is essential to avoid this problem as you should wear stickie free fabric. In general, stiffer fabrics with tightly knitted yarns work well when it comes to resisting burrs.

The most suitable type of cloth for a hunting trip to the wood are canvas and denim. Seeds and burrs cannot hold on to this fabric.

Also, you can wear a rubber jumpsuit to stay away from this problem. Moreover, wolf skin is also a smart choice. Burrs come off wolf skin quite fast with some brush by hand. Especially, do not never wear fleece when hunting. This fabric caught burrs like a magnet.

Besides choosing the right fabric to wear to the brushy wood, it is still best to buy camo suit. Do not be hesitant to invest money into a burr-proof suit. The camo suit can also help you to blend in the wood when approaching a deer or other games.

In conclusion, there are many hunting areas covered by stickies and tiny green burrs. The fact is that their attachment to clothing is very miserable. Once they stick to your clothes, you will feel pain and uncomfortable in leg, arm or neck. Furthermore, if you are covered with millions of burrs, it is very difficult to move silently in the wood. The trouble can get worse since removing them out can takes hours or even days. Therefore, to avoid burr, you should avoid the bushy route when hunting. Hopefully, these tips on how to get burrs out of hunting clothes help you get rid of this sticky problem.