How To Install A Peep Sight

If you are a compound bow user, you must have already known the true power a good peep sight. Thus, you can have the best one on your hunt and your performance. It is quite a simple and maybe even rudimentary device – for this. However, many archers even forgot about its existence. Once you are into it, it is one of the first detail on your bow that would make you a lethal archer. So in this guide, I will show you how to install a peep sight for your bow.

What is a Peep Sight?

A peep sight is like the rear, iron sight of a rifle. You align the peep with the front sight to increase your accuracy with the bow. It is one of the few details that will give you a larger and more detailed sight picture. And the peep sight is the most important tool to access a better sight.

You can manually set up the peep sight by your hunting conditions, for examples, size and position. Just like how a sniper would reset his scope to attune to his environment. Taking into account different factors such as windage and distance to majorly improve his accuracy.

A peep sight is like those scope’s knobs. You can fix them to get the kind of accuracy that you would need. And maybe, you have to struggle to calculate without it.

What is a Peep Sight

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How To Install A Peep Sight

The first thing that you would need to do is to buy a good peep sight. Plenty models would do the trick on the market right now. You just need to go to your local hobby shop. Or right on the Internet to order one to your doorstep.

Find the correct position to set up your peep sight

You have had the peep sight next to your compound bow on the table. After that, it’s time for you to find the correct position to set up your peep sight. Lift your bow, draw the string and close your eyes.

Ease your body and the bow into the anchor point before opening the good eye that you would use to look through the peep sight.

Once you are comfortable, the spot where your eye is would be where you would want to install your sight.

Ask a friend, an accomplice to mark the position with a piece of tape. Or you can use a permanent marker to use it as a guide for the installment.

Press your bow

After that, press your bow and separate the bow strands. They are where you’ve left your mark at. It’s the place you want to install your peephole.

Once you’re done, press it. Make sure the alignment and such is set up to your needs. If it’s not what you’re looking for, simply just divide the strands again and install the peep back upon until it’s just the way you want it.

A lot of archers use a multicolored string. And this could be quite problematic at first sight. But you don’t have to separate the colors while you’re dividing the individual strands. You can even split them if it would help with the orientation.

However, as always, make sure that none of the strings are tighter than the rest or that they are snagged.

Press your bow

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Install stop knots

When the peep is at the place of your desire, install stop knots to seal it right into position. Stop knots are simple to cut off strings that you can learn how to tie to keep your peep solidly in place. You need two of them, above and below the peep to prevent it from slipping out of alignment.

While you’re tying the knots, it is useful to do it on a proper bow press to relieve the string from tension. In this case, the tension should be tense enough. Thus, the peep is still hovering in-between the strands, but also not loose enough, so the knots aren’t in place, either.

It is important that you do not go ahead and tie the peep straight into the string itself. This is because it would go out from orientation immediately the moment you try to pull the string.

Every time you try to install the sight above the bowstring, below, or even around. Do you want to adjust the sight? Then you have to manually cut it off and reset it into the correct position.

Install stop knots

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If your choice is to blend the peep sight right into the string, you should do it on another piece of string instead. With this option, you have the benefit of having three separate ties in points being above, around and below the peep sight. You can adjust with ease at them.

Simply pressing the bow. It would correct the alignment on itself without the need of you manually fiddling around with it.

Try and shoot the bow

But after all, the last part of the installation process is to try and shoot the bow with your new set up.

You should try and get used to the new arrangement for a few hours or even an entire day before you take it to the wild. This way, you can see if there are any more improvements you can do.

If you have even more time on your hand, I recommend you to try and train with it for as long as you could. Also, try to learn even more about what could be done to make the peep sight useful.


This is just an installment guide. It only helps you in knowing how to install a peep sight, not how to modify, optimize or use it. Those are for later guides. Or you may even have to take it upon yourself to discover.

But certainly, there are more to peep sights and more works to be done than just what we have covered in the article.

The peep sight is a very undermined tool that most compound archers forgot about. Or even went as far as removing it completely from their set up. But if you know what to do and how exactly to do it, the peep sight can be an awesome tool for you.