How to Keep Crawfish Alive

In a myriad of freshwater crustaceans, crawfish provides many benefits to human health. Their meat contains mostly protein, calcium, iron, and only a very low amount of unsaturated fat. In addition to eating, crawfish is also the favorite bait of many anglers. There are two main reasons: They are suitable for catching big games and are very easy to find in most freshwater areas. It is true that not everyone knows how to keep crawfish alive although this is fairly easy.

You may choose the right method of storing, but doing it beyond necessity can reduce the life of the crawfish. Just do it at enough level, you will easily have fresh crawfish to bait or simply make a nutritious dish. If you still do not know how to keep crawfish alive, the following will certainly help you out.

The general way to keep crawfish alive

Before you start finding a place to store the crawfish, you need to clean them. Soak them in clean water for about 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Repeat the process from 2 to 3 times until the water is clear. Finish by cleaning with salt.

So, now your crawfish are all clean. What are factors taken into consideration when it comes to keeping crawfish alive? Here are some famous questions.

Where should I store them

The simplest way is placing crawfish in a large bag made of a strong material like burlap, thick paper, or plastic. Do not forget to put some ice cubes in to keep them fresh. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that crawfish should not be fully submerged in water. Many people still fill the container with as much water as possible but it will only shorten the crawfish’s lives. The appropriate water level should account for three-fourths of the container.

Another important thing to remember is that the container cannot be closed completely because the crawfish will not have enough air. The best way is to make a slot or drill a small hole in the lid of the container.

Where should I store them

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In addition, you can invest in a small cooler to freeze not only crawfish but also other seafood. Using some wet paper to wrap them in a cooler will keep them alive for a long time.

What should I feed them

That is another important question on how to keep crawfish alive. However, you do not need to worry about food for crawfish because they can eat anything. Their food varies from vegetables like cabbage leaves, lettuce leaves, peas to smaller animals like worms, shrimp, or cooked beef. If they eat food made from raw meat, you need to change the water in the container after each feeding. That is why many people choose to simply put one and big vegetables leave in the container. That way, they do not have to change the water for a week.

What is the right temperature?

Crawfish can be found mostly in temperate and tropical areas. Water temperature will depend on where you find them. However, most of this species can live well if you keep them at room temperature.

Dead crawfish and shell shedding

When a crawfish sheds its old shell to make a way for new grows, it is called molting. In addition, during the storing process, having a few dead ones is inevitable. As a result, the dead crawfish and molted shells will pollute the water and adversely affect the rest.

One thing you should keep in mind is the body of the crawfish after its molting. If after a day, the body is still soft, it means that your crawfish is lacking in calcium. In this case, immediately add more calcium to the food if you do not want them to die soon.

How to keep crawfish alive for a certain period of time

In about 24 hours

Imagine when you find the freshest crawfish in the supermarket and want to cook them the next day. So how to keep them alive overnight? The steps are much simpler than keeping it for a week or a month. Start by washing them with water several times until you see the water is clear. However, you should not use salt when washing because it can kill the small and weak crawfish.

In about 24 hours

Image source: In about 24 hours

For 5 days

Use a tray with wet cloth or paper placed on the bottom to contain the crawfish. Every crawfish layer is a layer of moist paper or cloth. Then place the tray in the refrigerator. The temperature in the refrigerator will be enough to keep them alive for 5 to 7 days.

For a month

One month is a relatively long period of time to keep fresh crawfish alive. In this case, you should think of a sump. When it comes to fish keeping, a sump serves as an additional aquarium tank that is placed in a fish tank. With a fish sump, you can keep the crawfish alive for a month or more.

In conclusion, if you want to know how to keep crawfish alive, remember factors that need to be taken into consideration. They are places, food, temperature, and oxygen. Ensure these basic requirements and you can totally have fresh crawfish for a nutritious meal or simply as an effective bait.