How to Keep Your Feet Warm While Hunting

For many people, when going hunting in the winter, nothing is more worrisome than the heat loss of the body. When that happens, it is hard to shoot any games when your hands and feet are shaking with cold. Generally, the heat of our body will lose very quickly if you let your feet get cold. Therefore, knowing how to keep your feet warm while hunting is a essential skill to every hunter.

Prepare every necessary thing to keep your feet warm

The first thing that every hunter needs to do before starting the trip is to pack the necessary stuff into the backpack. Nothing brings peace of mind and confidence to start hunting than a good preparation. In addition to tools for hunting and safety, make sure you have enough to keep your feet in the best condition. These include:

Socks (bring 1 for spares)


Image source: Active Hunting Ireland

The truth is that heat loss is due to the loss of moisture in the body. In fact, materials like cotton absorb moisture in the skin as well as in the air around you very quickly. It is, therefore, best to wear wool or non-woven socks instead of cotton. Soft and thick woolen socks will keep your feet warmer than ever.

However, sometimes too thick wool socks cause your feet to sweat. That is why you should wear a layer of socks made of non-woven fabric before wool socks to avoid sweat.

In addition, currently on market, there is a type of heat socks specifically designed to keep your feet warm.


There are two things that you need to ensure about your boots: they must be dry and not easily permeable. You do not want to get cold feet when going into a marshy area with watered up boots. Dry your boots the night before the hunt so that they are ready to go.

In addition, you can cover your boot with wraps that can keep heat. However, wearing these things will be very difficult to move, especially with the terrain in the forest. Therefore, you should only use a boot cover when you have finally reached the hunting position.

Toe warmer packets

This is a great product on how to keep your feet warm while hunting. Just leave them on your boots and your feet will be warm all day. In addition to toe warmers, there are other warming products that can be used in different parts of the body.

Foot powder

Before wearing your socks, you should apply a layer of powder to your feet to absorb moisture. There are many options when it comes to foot powder. However, when hunting, you should choose odorless ones. You can easily found these powder at most sporting goods stores. In particular, baking soda is effective at a relatively cheap price. In addition to preventing sweating, the powder also helps to remove bad smell from your feet.

Cotton balls

Although cotton shock can cause heat loss, small and soft cotton balls can keep your toes warm. Many hunters put the cotton balls between their toes before wearing thick wool socks. This way, you will not have to worry about getting your feet cold again. If you feel these cotton begin to moist, replace the new dry ones immediately.

Cotton balls

Image source: Healthline

Food and drink

Besides, knowing how to keep your feet warm while hunting means knowing what food is suitable for a hunting trip.

Preparing food for a hunting trip is not just about taking the dry food from refrigerator to your backpack. You need to pay attention to choosing the right food when hunting to prevent problems such as cold feet.

Nutrition experts recommend that you should not eat spicy food before and during each hunting trip. The reason is that they can cause your body to sweat a lot. Everyone knows that sweating means losing water and losing heat. That is why it is best to eat light food when it comes to hunting.

In addition to food, do not forget to always bring your own hot water in a thermos bottle. Besides providing water to your body, you can use your drinking water as a source of heat. Put the bottle in the pocket inside your jacket to keep you warm outside. When the water is not hot enough to make the heat, you should drink it to warm the inside of the body.

Hot drinks like tea or cacao will make your body warm and bring so much more comfortable.

How to keep the blood at your feet well under cold weather – a very important skill on how to keep your feet warm while hunting

If you feel your legs are getting cold, take off your boots and move your feet in a circle motion. This movement helps to promote the circulation of blood at your feet from which keep them warm. After that, remember to tie up your boots so you do not fall over while walking in the woods.

In addition, to help keep all part of your body warm, you should also stand up and move around at a moderate pace.

You can practice isometric exercises even in the wood to keep your body warm. Keep your legs still and do the exercises for the upper half of your body. When the upper half of the body is warmed up, heat will go down to your legs. Make sure you exercise in a silent and not too revealing way to not scare your games.


In conclusion, the priority of every hunter is not about catching many games but their safety, especially in cold weather. When your legs get cold, chills will gradually spread to your body. There are many ways on how to keep your feet warm while hunting that you can easily apply. Feet are important to human like a pillar of a home. Therefore, you should do everything to protect your feet when hunting, especially under the harsh cold of winter.