How to Make a One-Dollar Pocket Holster

Normally, a pocket holster could cost you from ten bucks to approximately forty bucks. Also, a price of custom holster may range between 200 to 400 bucks. However, you can make your own pocket holster with only one dollar. Indeed, this minor project only requires you some inexpensive material and simple execution which may take 45 minutes for maximum. Now, read these four steps to make a DIY holster.

Prepare items

To tailor to an initial goal of spending one buck for this holster, I suggest buying a mouse pad which is made from rubber packing. As for this item, you can get from any bookstore, stationary or an office, especially if you are a white collar.

Besides, you may prefer a mouse pad with a neoprene back than a thin foam back. Indeed, a mouse pad should have one side made from a rubber, and the other side made from a neoprene rubber. This mouse pad would grant you a lightweight and durable pocket holster.

Prepare items

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A second item which is crucially necessary is a staple.  Surprisingly, there is no way easier than using a staple to join these two rubble layers. Perhaps, you have it by your side right now. In case you are keen on other options, you may use an iron glue to join two pieces of them together easily.

Make the shape of a pocket holster

Draw the gun

  • You may need a ruler to draw a straight-line right at the center of the mouse pad.
  • Place the gun on the line and ensure the gun doesn’t exceed or roll over its side.
  • Draw a border around the gun as properly as possible.

Measure the gun’s thickness

  • You need to measure the thickness of the frame at the muzzle end of a frame and the trigger guard.
  • Divide the number you get by two, then add it for 1/8 inch.
  • With these measurements, you can draw a border around the gun tracing. And it is also a stitched line that you would staple along.
Make the shape of a pocket holster

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Staple it on

Needless to say, this step is truly important to finalize the pocket holster shape. All you have to do is to staple along the 1.8-inch border of the gun tracing you just completed. To make it looks more valuable than its original cost, you need to staple on the straight line tidily.

Above all, there is one safety factor you need to pay close attention to when cutting the mouse pad. You definitely know what will happen when a sudden pressure releases into the gun barrel. Therefore, you need to ensure the barrel is covered by the holster in full. As a result, it is unlikely to cause a scope shift with no warning.

Moreover, you may be afraid that your gun would not be kept still and result in falling off. Hence, an outcropping of a lip on the edge helps you to pull the gun out easily. Also, you should leave it intact without cutting any part of it. In this way, the holster could catch on the edge of your waistband or pocket on the way out.

In other words, make sure you staple along the border of the gun tracing to carry a firearm handily. Especially when it comes to an important shooting, having a fine holster with no hindrance is a worth considering criterion.

Try the pocket holster

Last but not least, you surely need to examine how the DIY pocket holster carries your gun fittingly. By holding the gun put in a completed holster in a vertical position, you would realize if the holster has any issue of loose. After finding out the gun may tend to get off the holster, you need to staple to join to rubber layers twice.

In the end, you have a double-stapled lining that holds your gun fittingly. Also, you can make its stitched seam more sophisticated by stapling it one by one. This way, it also gives a full grip surrounding your gun.

Final words

In conclusion, in four steps only, you can have your own pocket holster. Noticeably, this project does not require any leather material, sewing awl, or specialized tools to work on it. Moreover, you don’t have to spend not over one hour to have this homemade gun holster and its cost is one buck only. Therefore, make sure you read through and follow the instructions properly. Hope you enjoyed the DIY pocket holster and share me your achievement, then!