Feel Bored? Let’s Learn How to Make a Tent

Learn something new is never wasted! Get tired of having a headache on choosing which camping tent to buy? Then, why don’t you try to make a tent? It can help the boys impress the beautiful girls that they keep an eye on. Or a father wants to be a genius in his kids’ eyes. Follow my guideline below to know exactly how to make a tent:

Get all the needed materials

A hand-made tent is not complex to set up,  but it requires a few materials. What you need to prepare at home are only a long heavy-duty rope and one or two tarps. You also need to find a heavy rock in the camping site to replace the hammer and some tree branches as stakes. It is easy to know how to make a tent by yourself.

Choose a right spot

The second step is to find a place to put the tent. The place must be flat and dry, and for the hand-made tent, there must be one or two trees in that area to tie the rope Remember to choose the fine tree as it is the hard pillar of your tent.

Collect the debris

Collect all the debris around the campsite, or you may experiment the feeling of the princess on the story “The Princess and the Pea.” This is an important part of how to make a tent in every situation.

Collect the debris

Image source: REI.com

Tie a rope between two trees

Tying the rope between two trees tightly and make sure it is high enough for the top of a tent.

The rope must be long enough and heavy duty.

Tying the rope by some extricated knots to avoid cramped tent.

Place the tarp.

Put a tarp on the ground smoothly to avoid any wrinkle.

Stake the tarp tightly

Tug the four corners hard and stake the tarp in the four corners. Don’t stake too deeply near the ground because you have to do it once more time with the head tarp.

Use brake branches as the stakes and drive in these stakes with a hammer or heavy rock.

If you don’t want to use those natural wood stakes, you can use heavy rocks to hold the tarp instead. It is just the same as when you set up a tent on the beach.

Hang on another tarp over the rope

Pull the other tarp over the rope that has been tied before between two trees.

If the tarp cannot reach the ground, it means the rope is tied too high.

Hold that tarp tight to the ground.

Repeat the stake action with the second tarp.

Hang on another tarp over the rope

Image source: wikiHow

If you use rocks to cover the guy line, just take it out and put in the second tarp to hold both two tarps.

Avoid water by embankments

In case it is raining hard, you can build embankments to avoid water. Make this small wall around the tent by rock, stick and solid.

Be creative by a one-tarp tent

If the simple way above cannot satisfy you, you can try another way with just one large tarp.

Make the same triangle form of the tent by throwing the large tarp over the rope. Use the rock to make the two angles on the ground.

You can even make a tent with one tree and hold the other knot by a stake. However, this type of tent is quite lower and less space than the normal type.

Camping can be a good experiment if you can do all things by yourself. Just learn the steps and tips above of how to make a tent carefully, you can make a deep impression on your lover as a wise person.