How To Make Fish Bait Easily At Home

To many people’s surprise; there are a lot of different types of baits including live bait and artificially baits. While the most common types of baits are earthworms and insects, there are also a lot of other types of ways which you can Make Fish Bait by yourself.

In this article, I will introduce you some easy ways to easy ingredients from the kitchen or find natural prey to make live natural fish bait. I also recommend some of the methods to make artificial lure more appealing to fish as well.

Here are the most common and easy ways you can use to make your fish bait:

How To Make Fish Bait From Food In the Kitchen

You don’t have to go to fishing stores to buy baits or ditch deep into the soil for worms. In fact, you can find many attractive and effective types of bait simply from your kitchen:

Leftover foods

You can use leftover foods such as corns, hot dogs, raw bacon, cheese, fish, and chicken. All you need to do is hooking some bits of these foods onto the hook of your fishing lure. These types of baits can be used to lure many types of fish. However, you should not use them if you want to catch salmon and trout fish. These foods can contain bacteria and whirling disease which can kill these fish.

Leftover foods

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Wheatie balls

Also, you can make dough ball as bait. Use some of your cereal flakes, mix them well with water or red soda and then shape the mixture into small balls. This type of bait is also known as Wheatie balls, which you can attack them into the lure for fishing.

Wheatie balls

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Create dough ball from biscuits and chicken liver

Besides using cereal flakes, you can create dough ball from biscuits and chicken liver. The steps are the same as when you make Wheatie ball. The biscuits need to be broken into smaller crumbles and then mix well with chicken liver and water. After that, you can make small balls from the mixture.

Chicken livers and turkey livers

Another option from the kitchen that you can use as bait is the chicken livers and turkey livers. They are the favorite foods of many species of fish, especially catfish. I prefer the turkey livers to the chicken livers as they are tough and will not solute quickly under water.

Chicken livers and turkey livers

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Here is how you can make fish bait from some slices of bread. First of all, you can dip the bread into a bowl of water or let it under the running water until all slices are wet. Now you can tear all slices out and roll them into small round pieces to make fish baits.

To catch carp fish, you can make cornbread bait or peanut butter sandwich bait. Carp fish likes sweet foods so always offer them something sweet, and they will catch the food in no time. Just create mixtures of cornbread mix, bread and water or peanut butter, bread and water and blend them well until you shape them into small balls.

When you attack the bait into the hook, just use a small amount only to the point that the fish will want to bite a whole thing including the hook. Otherwise, the fish will keep biting off bit by bit until there is only the hook left.

How To Make Fish Bait Using Natural Prey

There are also a lot of ways you can do to make natural fish bait from natural prey.

  • Grasshoppers and crickets. You can easily find them in nature on various types of trees or near big bushes. Alternatively, you can buy them from the bait store. They are useful for fishing freshwater fish such as sunfish, panfish, and brim. When you attach the bait to the hook, slide through the back.
Grasshoppers and crickets

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  • Snails, grass shrimp, leeches and other types of small aquatic creatures. You can find them in the area where you are fishing for your targeted fish, and you should do so. They will be the same as the food the fish you want normally eat. These types of bait can help you attract many kinds of fish such as trout, sunfish, sauger, panfish, and walleye.
Snails, grass shrimp, leeches

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  • You can buy this type of bait from a fishing store. Or you can buy the normal shrimp from the supermarket and cut them into smaller pieces. After that, you can hook up one or several pieces to one hook and start fishing. Catfish is a typical species of fish that goes after this bait.
  • You can catch a lot of crawfish with ease in the place where you go fishing, or you can also buy it from stores like any other natural bait. You can use this bait when you want to target bass fish, trout fish, and walleye.

How To Make Artificial Fish Bait

You can easily buy a wide variety of artificial fish bait from many sources such as a local fishing store or on the Internet.

Some tips that you should remember in term of choosing and using artificial fish bait

  • Match The Natural Prey: First, you need to research what prey the fish you want to catch feed on is. If you choose natural bait, you should use the exact creature. And if you want to use artificial bait, you can use one that mimics the action or resembles the shape and color of that particular prey.
  • Make It Appealing: There are some species of fish such as bass fish or pan fish that like to chase for bait with a lot of movements and bright colors. Therefore, you should choose jigs, spinners, and spoons to name just a few to attract those species of fish.
  • Choose Sizes Wisely: Generally, big fish will want to chase big prey, and small fish will want to chase small prey. Some fish such as brim and sunfish have a tiny mouth, so the artificial bait also needs to be small to fit in. So go for the size of bait according to the size of fish you want to catch. Keep in mind that it needs to be compatible with the length of the fishing rod and the test line of the fishing line.

How to Make Artificial Fish Bait

Besides buying artificial fish bait from local stores, you can make it at home; it is simple and easy to find household items. Some of the essential items you need are the glue gun, plastic and one or some molds if you want to create more than one lure at the same time.

How to Make Artificial Fish Bait

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  • Before you start making the artificial lure, find a safe place where you can do the job with ease.
  • Spray the mold well with oily spray. This will allow you to remove the lure out of the mold more easily afterward.
  • Prepare a cup with melted plastic and add the color you want into it. You can also add in specific scents and glitter to mimic the natural prey as much as you can and stir the mixture well.
  • If the plastic hardens, put the cup in the microwave and reheat it for about 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Pour the cup into the mold slowly and evenly.
  • Wait until the plastic is hardened before removing the lure completely from the mold.
  • Finally, you should lay the lure flat on an even surface and let it cool down overnight and become tougher.

Tips I think you should know before you make fish bait

  • Make sure you know which bait you should use. Different types of fish are attracted to different types of bait. Therefore, you should determine the fish you want to catch and then choose the bait accordingly. For example, if you want to catch fresh fish water, you might want to make fish bait which resembles or has some similar characteristics with worms.
  • Check your local fishing regulations for the allowable bait. There are some types of bait which are not allowed in some certain areas or types of water. That is the reason why you should check carefully about what bait you can use. Otherwise, all of your efforts will go to waste.
  • Check the weather. The choice of which bait to use should also depend on the seasons and the current weather that you are going fishing. Therefore, you should as well check this information before you decide on which baits to make.


Here are some of the easiest yet most effective ways you can do to make fish bait. As you can see, there are a lot of choices for you to choose from. From something that you normally eat in the kitchen such as corn, bread, and livers to the natural living creatures such as worms, grasshoppers and all kinds of small fish.

No bait can be used to catch all types of fish. The choice of using which bait will depend on various factors such as the species of fish you target, the weather and the condition of the water, to name just a few.  Although it is a hard and challenging task, the result will surely make you happy and proud.

So it is time you prepare yourself some baits to fill up your tackle box and start your fishing trip – you certainly will have a lot of fun and memorable times ahead.