How to Repair a Tent Like a Pro

Gosh, there’s a tear on my tent!!! What should I do? Drop my money to get a new one? Maybe, but it’s not the best way at all. I’m not a rich guy. Or may I find someone to help repair it? Well, I bet it’s not easy. I used to be in such unlucky cases, so that’s why I’m here to show you how to repair a tent professionally.


As usually, before any handy crafts, you need to prepare some necessary tools. Before fixing a tent, preparation includes:

  • Scissors
  • Sewing awl
  • Repair tapes
  • Seam grips
  • Spare patches from an old tent

Okay, if you’re done this step, let’s get started!

How to repair a tent

Fixing a tear in a tent

Small tear

If there is a small tear or holes in your tent,  the tent repair tape is a good choice. Apply the tape from both inside and outside of the tent then use the seam grip to cover completely.

Remember to have a correct kit. If you have a nylon tent, then use ripstop nylon of our nylon tent.  Similarly, taffeta repair tape is for canvas tents. It can cause damages if you apply wrongly.

Large tear

Large tear in the tent is a little hard job to repair. It has to be sewed or patched strongly with the tape. Folding both sides of the tent then gently sewing. You should use waxed thread with sewing. Try to make your stitches as close as possible

If you have spare pieces of your old tent fabric, then you can also use them to fix the holes.  It will be easier to sew.

Fixing leaks in the tent

A small leak can cause tearing in your tent. Whenever you notice that there is a leak in the rain cover or on the top of your tent, fix it right away. Wait until the tent has dried completely, and then apply seam sealer.

Fixing a broken zipper

How will you fix your tent zipper depend on which part of zipping?  If the tent teeth are broken, you should change a new one. But if it just misplaces, you can move it up and down a few times.

Fixing a broken zipper

Image source: FixnZip

If the slider is broken, you can take it out and replace them. You can use the zippers of your old clothes like old jackets. Or buy a new one online, it does not cost so much.

Fixing tent pegs

Bending tent pegs usually happens, especially when you buy the cheap and low-quality ones. It also bends because of our hammering. If your tent pegs are bent, then slowly try to bend them back into their shape or use a hammer to make them straight but gently. It is not working; you can use the stove and heat them so it can provide flexibility.

Fixing tent pegs

Image source: Winfields

It is always a good idea to take spare pegs with you just for in case you need them.

In summary, to avoid the inconvenient camping days due to the tent damage, you should know some tricks to repair our tent. It is not a difficult job when you have acknowledged how to do it. Best of luck!