How to Set Up a Tent – A Must-Have Skill in Camping

Camping is an extremely attractive outdoor activity which people can do in several places, such as a park, forest, beach or even backyard. If you are thinking of going camping and staying out overnight, you should care about the most important skill that is how to set up a tent.

Read the tips below, and you will find out that setting up a tent is not as hard as you have thought before.

Remember This Guide on How to Set Up a Tent

The first step to set up a tent is finding a fitted area. Stay away from the wet and bushy place. An ideal place should be dry, flat and airy.

Put the tent in a shady area is quite a good choice for a hot and sunny day but stay away from the trees in case of storm and thunder.

And finally, of course, make sure the area you choose is legal to camp.

After having a right spot, let’s spread a tarp on the ground. The tarp can keep you away from the wet ground and the insects there.

Remember to collect the debris on the ground, or you might have to sleep on this mess.

Follow the instruction of how to set up a tent and assemble all the parts. All types of tent include those regular main parts: poles, rainfly, stake and bungee rope.

Make sure that all these parts are in good condition or you may have to quit your trip at the very first time.

Also, Don’t Forget My Notes When Setting up a tent on The Beach

If you get all the general knowledge of how to set up a tent, let come to a more particular example, which is setting up a tent on the beach. The beach is fully cover with sand so that it is too difficult to make the tent stand like a typical situation. Below are some tips to help you know more about how to set up a tent on the beach:

Don’t Forget My Notes When Setting up a tent on The Beach

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Hold out the tent by rock

The wind on the beach is vigorous and gusty. If you don’t know some minor tricks, it will blow your tent away. The first way is to collect some heavy rocks on the beach and use these as the stake of the tent.

Use sand as the stake

If you find it hard to bring rocks to your setting tent area, just replace it with a sandbag.

Sand is everywhere on the beach. Just put it into the plastic bag or any other type of bag that you have and tie it closed.

Make a stronger water  sandbag

Add water to the sand bag to fill up the bag and make it heavier. You don’t have to go any further as the sea is fully covered by water.

Bury  sandbag tightly under the hole

If you still worry about the strong wind, you can dig the holes around the tent and bury those sandbags deeply under the hole. Tie those bags to your tent before burying them and add as many bags as you can to hold the tent down tightly.

How to Set Up a Dome Tent

There are many types of the tent for people to choose: dome tent, pop-up tent, tunnel tent, quick pitch tent, ridge tent, inflatable tent, backpacking tent, family tent, and so on. The most popular type of tent that many people use is dome tent. If you want to know precisely how to set up a tent, you can try the dome tent build-up instruction below:

  • The first step is always to find a fitted spot. If can, you should choose the higher land or area in case of rain. Place your tent far away from the campfire and ideally, upwind from fire spit.
  • Put the tarp on the grass and place all parts of the tent above it.
  • Spread the tent on the tarp and connect the poles.
  • Connect the tent with the pole frame through tent flaps.
  • Raise the tent up and tie it to the ground by stakes.
  • Put the rain fly on the top of the tent and use bungee cords to attach to the tent tightly.

After the camp, you can wrap the tent neatly by putting the poles inside the roll of the tarp, tent, and rainfly. Make sure all the canvas are dry and clean for the next trip. If you seldom go camping, you can let the air out before putting it in the bag for long term use.

How to Set Up a Dome Tent

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It’s time to practice

Above are some useful tips to know how to set up a tent. Hope you have a  joyful camping trip after reading this advice. Let be friendly to the environment by collecting the trash after leaving the campsite. If things still go wrong, please get help from professional manufacturers.