How to Sharpen a Gut Hook – Secret for a Successful Skinning Game

The gut hook is a quite essential tool to every hunter. This tool helps skinning games in the wood or the field a lot easier and faster. If you are not good at cleaning games like deer, a gut hook will keep you from puncturing the guts. Just like other parts of a hunting knife, a gut hook can wear out after several times of use. If you still do not know how to sharpen a gut hook, this article will show you some ways.

Round ceramic sharpening rod

Ceramic rods usually come with the hunting knife when you buy it

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Ceramic rods usually come with the hunting knife when you buy it. Also, you can still buy it at supply stores or hardware stores at very low prices. A round ceramic rod of Spyderco is a product you should try. If the ceramic rod does not fit the groove, you can try Spyderco triangle stones or Brownells gunsmith stones. For better results, you can try the combination of a Dremel tool with stone and then finish with a ceramic rod.

Diamond coated sharpening rod (the Fastest and Easiest thing on How to Sharpen a Gut Hook)

Using a diamond edge rod instead of a round ceramic rod is not a bad idea. All you need to do is run it up and down the gut hook. Remember to sharpen on the angle from both sides of the hook.

The only downside of a diamond coated rod is that it usually removes quite a bit of metal.

EZE-LAP is the most familiar name to many hunters. The reason is that the manufacturer has a lot of diamond coated products for sharpening knives as well as hunting tools. Therefore, EZE-LAP 2-1 / 4 “Diamond D Shaped Shaft Sharpener is the best rod that you should buy.

Moreover, the function of a round ceramic rod or diamond coated rod is not only for sharpening a gut hook. You can also use them for any serrated blades.

Chainsaw File

Some people only look for an efficient cutting tool instead of a shaving edge. In this case, a file with the right size works best in sharpening a gut hook. You can easily find it at any supply store or hardware store for a very low price.

Make sure to buy a metal file that has the same diameter as the gut hook. A 0.404 pitch chainsaw file is an ideal way to sharpen a gut hook.

Chainsaw File

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To get started, take a slip stone that has a curved edge. This stone should have the same diameter with the file. Next, file the insight of the gut hook gently so that it can maintain the bevel. Finish by polishing it using the slip stone.

Remember that this process has to be done with great care because a chainsaw file is easy to change the shape of the blade. Another downside of this tool is that it also creates divots cut in the surface of the blade.

Rat tail file

In addition to the chainsaw file, a rat file is also a great tool on how to sharpen a gut hook.

After you are done with the filing, use sandpaper to finish the sharpening process. Wrap the file with sandpaper and move it up and down for about 800 grits to 1000 grits.

Rat tail file

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Gut hooks with razor sharp cutter

Currently, there are several types of disposable gut hooks on the market with a razor sharp molded inside. These razor blades have a small hook on the fits with a box knife. Normally a razor sharp cutter is made of lightweight plastic and very cheap (about $ 4). It is sold in most supply markets like Walmart.Stanley razor blade is the product that you can easily find on Amazon or Walmart with a various number of packs.

Get the manufacturer to sharp it free for you!

Sometimes trying to use the sharpening tools mentioned above may not work. If you do it incorrectly, you may not be able to return the initial sharpness to the gut hook. A good gut hook will cut hidden parts cleanly without cutting a lot of hair. In contrast, a dull gut hook will cause you a lot of trouble during the gutting process in the wood. Therefore, using warranty policy of the manufacturers is the solution that most people choose.

There are a lot of knives manufacturers that make life sharp warranty policy. More specifically, two big companies like Benchmade Knives and Kershaw Knives make knives with a gut hook that is warranted. All you need to do is send the dull gut hook to the manufacturer, and they will return you the sharp one as good as new.

Furthermore, some sharpening services can give you a great edge with only $ 5 or $ 6. Some knives professional people will have enough right tools to sharpen it properly for you.

Nowadays it is true that many professional hunters feel gut hooks are not very useful. However, this tool offers a lot of help for novices. You will not have to worry about guts being cut while gutting. Depending on the usage level, a gut hook is rarely worn. However, when the time for maintenance comes, you should know how to sharpen a gut hook in a right way.