How to Sight in a Compound Bow (with 3, 4, 5 Pin Sights)

Nowadays, archery is not strange to most hunters and everyone who wants to improve their shooting skills on a target range. Just like any other shooting tools, it is not easy to hit a target with a compound bow. In fact, you cannot just point your bow randomly toward the target and hope the arrow to hit it.

There are some cases that the shot is accurate or not depends primarily on the process of sighting in a bow. However, this process will help increase your chances of successfully hitting a target. Besides, the pulls of gravity create the arrow drop over disturbances and distance. Therefore, sighting in a bow can allow you to make up for that drop. The article below will show you how to sight in a compound bow.

Mount the sight to your compound bow

First, you will have to mount a sight to your bow. To mount or install it properly, it is very important for you to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. However, most bow sights on the market are attached to the riser, and they are also secured by some screws.

In general, an innovative compound bow comes with pre-drilled holes into which you can easily attach a sight. To avoid damaging the bow, remember to make the screws loose enough.

With the bowstring, make sure to line up the sighting pins vertically. After that, you can place the sight at a right angle to the bow.
Keep in mind that it is best to let the bow sight settle overnight after mounting it to your bow. After that, you can tighten it again the next day.

Mount the sight to your compound bow

Image source: Petersen’s Bowhunting

Set the sighting pin adjustments

The second step on how to sight in a compound bow is setting all sighting pin adjustments to the center or middle points. This way, you can maximum room for adjustment in any direction if necessary. In this step, I highly recommend you use Allen wrench for sighting pin adjustments.

Set the sighting pin adjustments

Image source: Wide Open Spaces

Set up your target and mark preferred ranges (important step on How to sight in a compound bow)

Remember that you will need to mark off every 10 yards or 9.1 m from your set target.

Also, for more accuracy, just consider using a rangefinder in case you have access to one. Normally, range finders are available from both outdoor and hunting supply stores. Therefore, it will be easy for you to buy one.

Moreover, in my opinion, it is necessary for you to use a target which is durable enough and can take many arrows. The reason is that sighting in a compound bow probably takes you some time as well as many repetitions.

Set your 20-yard pin (the first one)

Now, go to the closest distance to your set target. Then stand to let your body be perpendicular to it. The 10-yard (9.1 m) is often the mark.

Also, hold the bow to draw an arrow back. After that, release the arrow at the target after looking down the sight at the top pin. Remember to be patient to repeat the process with some more arrows.

Do not forget to take note of the spot your arrows hit as compared to the sight. In case the arrows go above the indication of the pin, move the sight box up on the bow. Repeat this step until you can make sure that your arrows will not hit above the top pin.

Step back to 20 yards or 18.3 m and then do the sighting process all over again. If necessary, you can raise the sight box. Once you’re sure the arrows won’t shoot above the pin on top, go ahead and adjust the arrows which travel too far left or right. In order to do that, you just need to correspondingly move the sight right and left.

To be honest, there is no need for you to worry about whether you can achieve 100 % accuracy. This is because the pin often changes.

Set the 30-yard pin (the second one)

Once you perceive the top pin is accurate, step back to your 30-yard mark. Then aim down the sight with this 30-yard pin. After that, you can release a couple of arrows at the target. Now, start with the same adjustments which you’ve just made to sight the 20-yard pin.

Remember to move the whole sight bow while making adjustments at this step. Besides, try not to rush, instead, take your time to make this second pin accurate as much as you can. This is because it will remain the same and become the anchor of your sight.

Set the 30-yard pin (the second one)

Image source: Wide Open Spaces

Move back to the 40-yard pin (the third one)

Fire off your arrows at the target while you are looking at the third pin in sight. At this stage, when performing adjustments, you need to move the pin instead of the whole box. Remember that you will not have to move left or right with the sight bow at all. In fact, you just have to focus on making sure the 40-yard arrows go in the exact direction the pin is pointing.

Check the 20-yard shot one more time

After setting the second-yard pin and performing adjustments to the third-yard pin, you need to check the first one again. Now, to do that, you need to step back and shoot at 20 yards again.

Remember the adjustments have to be made to the pin only, not on the whole sight.

Sight in other pins

If you have an additional pin, for examples, four pins, and five pins, this may be the 50 yards, 60 yards or even more. In this case, to sight in the bow, just repeat all of the steps above. Also, don’t forget to move the pin to make adjustments.

Now you have just read all the steps on how to sight in a compound bow, is that helpful to you? Hopefully, you follow all the steps above and will find it easy to sight in a compound bow.