How to Store Leather Belts for Gun

A leather gun belt is generally more than a strap to keep guns and garments securely at waist level.  The truth is that its existence is rooted in life. Actually, this accessory was first born as a living being. After years of being used, it could be treated and tanned with craftsmanship and chemicals which are to ward against the rigors of decomposition. Remember that age comes for all of the use.

Overall, leather, which is organic with fibers prone to damage and cracking from multiple elements, needs to be cared for to maximize its longevity. However, there are different ways for you to prolong its lifespan. That means there are also different ways on how to store leather belts for your gun, right?

How to keep a leather belt looking new

Your leather belt is not flesh anymore and you decide to cure it so that it can serve a utilitarian purpose. But the problem is that the new belt doesn’t have an internal source of moisture. Daily wear, water damage, hot and arid environments, dirt, tear, grime, and sweat are all the elements which actively degrade the source material over years.

Just keep it alive with a leather conditioner which works into the pores and it must maintain natural oils within the product. This way, you can secure a supple, flexible surface which wards against cracks and fissures developing over time.

Do not use a conditioner with abrasive chemicals or alcohol. Additionally, make sure that the pH level is neutral. Anything that strays from that can corrode, damage or discolor the material.

Do not use a conditioner with abrasive chemicals or alcohol

Image source: Plant Care Today

Next, dab a dime-sized dollop of conditioner on a soft cloth and then use small, tight circles to work it into the leather. After that, let it sit for a short amount of time and wipe the belt gently with a clean cloth. You should do this approximately every month.

How to take care of a leather gun belt by polishing and cleaning the leather and buckle?

Before move onto “How to store leather belts”, you also need to know how to clean them.

Overall, taking care of a leather gun belt is not complicated at all. You just need to keep it clean and ward against future problems.

Here is a simple guide to clean your leather gun belt:

  1. Remove contaminants by dusting the surface with a gentle cloth and brush
Remove contaminants by dusting the surface with a gentle cloth and brush

Image source: Bigfoot Gun Belts

  1. Soak a rag lightly and wring out excess water
  2. Work a lightweight soap into the rag, remember that heavy soaps outside a neutral pH can discolor your belt over time.
  3. Try the solution on a hidden part of the belt to make sure it will not affect the appearance of your belt
  4. Work the soap lightly on the surface so as to remove any soiled area
  5. Don’t leave your leather belt damp, instead, blot dry as soon as you can.

How to store leather belts

To be honest, methods of how to store your leather belt are fairly simple: Just hang it up out of direct sunlight.

Keep in mind that prolonged exposure to sunlight can help dry out and bake the leather. Therefore, hanging up your belt can keep its shape much more effectively than rolling it up and shoving it in a drawer.

Some other sources say that you should cover the belt in a cotton cloth and try to avoid covering the belt in plastic for an extended period of time since they can dry the leather out. However, leather was once an organic substance and its fibers, while comfortable and durable, are susceptible to damage which synthetic belts are secure from.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are just some simple steps on how to store leather belts that you need to remember. After all, I hope that all of you can take care of your leather gun belts so that they can last much longer.