Hunting Boot Odor Tips: The right way to preventing and curing

Hunting Boot Odor Tips The right way to preventing and curing

Hunters may spend thousands of dollars to get the best hunting boots that protect their feet from getting cold or wet.  And yet, they sweat like crazy after walking for hours to the hunting location in that very same pair of boots; soon, their boots will smell bad. While hunters take good care of their clothes to prevent their scent (which can scare their game away), they do not give proper attention to their boot. Bad boot odor can spoil a hunt and make hunters feel uncomfortable.  The guide below will shares Curing Hunting Boot Odor Tips to prevent and curing odor for hunting boots

Why Hunting Boots Smell Bad

Why Hunting Boots Smell Bad

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You Have Smelly Feet

The odor can come straight from your feet when they are not clean enough. Fungal infections can also be the causes of bad foot odor.

You Sweat During Your Trip

Sweating can easily occur when you walk for miles, carry a heavy load on your shoulder, especially in hot weather.

There are people suffering from a medical condition called hyperhidrosis, which means that they sweat more than usual. Sweat causes bacteria (and fungi also) to thrive, making your boots damp and smelly.

Even when you take off your boots, such bacteria continues to breed.

You Use The wrong Type of Socks and Boots

To keep their feet warm, hunters often use insulated boots, which work well in winter but tend to get hot during summer. They can cause issues like excessive sweating and athlete’s foot. Unbreathable boots or boots made of materials that are barely breathable can trap moisture from food perspiration inside. Socks that absorb water heavily (especially cotton socks) will retain sweat a lot too.

You Neglect Proper Boot Treatment

Instead of cleaning and maintaining you boots well, you just wash it now and then toss into a corner once a hunting season And only think of it when the next hunting season begins. Your boots will smell bad and get mold too.

You use products for waterproofing your boots: their smells can last for days.

Preventing and Curing Hunting Boot Odor Tips

Regarding Your Feet

First and foremost, you need to keep your feet clean.

Wash them every day with antibacterial soap (it is best to do so twice a day with your can) and scrub away dead skin.

For killing bacteria, you should soak your feet in water with Epsom salts or a mixture of warm water with vinegar or lemon juice. Some fresh tea can do the trick well, too. It is great to pamper your feet and relax at the same time.

Secondly, it is essential to keep your feet dry. Seriously, the moist and damp environment is ideal for bacterial growth, which eventually leads to odor. It is not an easy task if your boots lack breathability.

Regarding Your Socks

Use Socks to Prevent Hunting Boots from Smelling Badly

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You want dry feet but you also hate cold feet.

To so do, you need to maintain a comfortable temperature for your feet by figuring out how many sock you should wear and how thick they should be. Too many and too thick, you end up getting much sweat. Too little and too thin, you suffer from cold, numb feet that can ruin a hunt.

That is why you should apply layers of socks.

It goes without saying that you have to change your socks often, at least once a day. Always bring several pairs along and never wear the same sweaty pair two days in a row.

Choosing the right hunting sock material is important. Stay away from cotton because it really absorbs. Socks made of natural fibers work well. Wool is no doubt the best option in terms of providing comfort and keeping your feet warm and dry.

It is advised to choose thick, soft socks that can wick moisture away,

Regarding Your Boots

It is ideal to wear one pair of hunting boots today and another pair for the day after, so that boots have enough time to dry thoroughly.

It does not seem to be a feasible option for most hunters since just a pair is heavy and costly enough for each hunt. So your best bet is to know how to clean and maintain your boots properly.

For cleaning, baking soda is recommended because it neutralizes odor very effectively.

First, you rinse out the boots, add some water and scent killer in the boots, and then let them sit for several hours.

After that, rinse the boots well and dry it thoroughly (using a boot dryer if you have one). Once the boots dry out, shake some baking soda inside the boots and leave them for some hours (or overnight, if you want). Remember to wash the insoles with scent-free soap/detergent also and let them dry.

Use Baking Soda to Eliminate Bad Smell

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The last step is to pour out excess baking soda, place your insoles back into the boots; now you can start walking for miles in your boots again.

To deal with the odor of waterproof products, wash the boots with scent-free soap and then rinse them with a mix of water and baking soda.  Then, use a scent killer or some earth wafers.

For smelly boots with mold problem, you may need to deal with a mold problem first with a type of chemical produced for that purpose.

Whether you store your hunting boots also count. You should keep your hunting boots in light, ventilated areas and avoid dark, damp places.

Last but not least, the next time you buy your hunting boots, make sure you choose one with good breathability. While rubber boots are preferred for controlling odor, remember that your feet sweat like crazy in them.

Leather boots provide good comfort but they are not very breathable. You can also consider antimicrobial linings to eliminate bacteria that cause bad foot odor.

For sure, even sweaty feet and smelly boots cannot keep you from going hunting. However, it does not hurt to take measures in avoiding and minimizing their impacts, so that you can have a nice hunting trip.