Frequently Asked Questions about Hunting Dog Breed


Frequently Asked Questions about Hunting Dog Breed

Although you might have spent a lifetime with your hunting dog and develop an unbreakable bonding with it. There are still things that you may want to know to understand your companion deeper. Or if you are someone who is considering getting a specific breed, here are the questions that have frequently been asked about hunting dog breed:


How big are Beagles?

They are usually about 13 to 18 inches in height and weigh about 15 – 30 pounds. You should consider getting a this hunting dog breed since it was still a puppy so that it would be easier to train and to develop an attachment to you. A puppy Beagle should be 13 inches and weighs about 20 pounds.

Where did they originally come?

They are originally bred in England. Beagle were developed to hunt rabbits singly or in packs. They have great ability in scenting, so they are great for small hunting game like rabbits and raccoons.

People are still uncertain about the origin of the name “Beagle”. There are many words with similar pronunciation in French, German and old English.

What kind of temperament do they tend to have?

Beagles are highly energetic, fun-loving, loyal, but they can be stubborn sometimes. It is quite hard to train a Beagle. You need to be close to it and develop emotional attachment with it before you can train it to be a hunting dog.

Beagles are suitable for apartment life and people with family. It’s easy for them to get along with people.

How long do they live?

A beagle usually has a lifespan of around 12 to 14 years. It is important to maintain a good diet and take your dog to the vet semi-annually.

How do you find a good Beagle breeder?

To select a good breeder, observe your dog. It should be living close to at least one of its parents. Also, your dog should be walked and exercised every day so that it can develop its senses of the world.


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What’s the best food for Beagle?

Dry food should always be the best food. They supply your dog with enough nutrients while not making the dog’s belly too big.

Labrador Retriever

How big are Labrador Retrievers?

They are around 20 to 25 inches in shoulder height and can be 60 to 80 pounds in weight. Female Retrievers are usually half the size of a male.

Where did they come from?

They were originally developed in Canada. They were trained to be hunting dogs that main job is to retrieve the prey after it has been taken down (just as their name sounds like).

What kind of temperament do they have?

They have a strong body. They are also highly energetic like the Beagles, so it is vital to take them out at least one hour a day. You should practice swimming and running for them so that they can do their job as a retriever better.

How much grooming do they need?

You should brush them at least once a week so that you could clear of germs and bugs living under their coat. It is also a good idea to give it a bath at least once a week. This will help you to detect wounds that they have in time.

What’s the best dog food for Retrievers?

You should stick with homemade food from meat as they need protein from meat to develop their muscles. If it is impossible for you to make food, you should stick to high-quality dry food which will also provide them with sufficient nutrients.

American Foxhounds

Are they good with children?

They are well-tempered and can get along with people easily. They are suitable for a crowded family with children. However, you need to keep your children supervised when they play with your dog. Your dog can accidentally hurt the children as hunting dogs are usually bigger than a child.

Are they good pets?

Of course, they are for the same reason that they are mild-tempered. However, you need to raise your dog since it was still a puppy so that it can form an emotional attachment to you.

Are they suitable for apartment life?

Unfortunately, they are not. As most hunting dogs are highly energetic so they need space to run and to exercise every day. So it is not recommended to raise a Foxhound if you are living in an apartment. They also bark loudly.

Do you need a fenced yard?

You do need it. Your dog can become an escape artist by digging holes or jumping through the fence in your yard if it is boring and doesn’t receive attention from you.

American Foxhounds

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Are they easy to train?

Foxhounds are stubborn and independent, so they require a lot of patience and persistence from you.

Jack Russell Terrier

How big are they?

They are around 12 to 17 pounds in weight. Jacks are usually 10 to 15 inches in height. Some of them are short-legged and can be around 10 to 12 inches in height.

What kind of temperament do they have?

As hunting dogs, they are energetic and independent. They are excellent in chasing and digging holes which make them a perfect companion for small hunting games. Although they are positive all the time, they can turn out to be destructive and try to escape if they don’t receive proper caring from you.

English Pointers

What kind of temperament do they have?

English Pointers are quite positive. They have a sweet and easy-going nature. They can get along with people quickly, and they like being close to their owners.

However, they can turn out to be destructive and bark a lot of if you don’t take them out to exercise every day.

Are they suitable for family life?

Yes, many people have said that the Pointers are the number one nominee for family life. They are fun-loving, loyal and well-behaved. Just give them proper care and surround them with people, they will be a good family member.

English Springer Spaniels

How do you find a good breeder?

English Springer Spaniels

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First of all, you should choose a breeder that is specialized in one hunting dog breed only.

It will guarantee that every puppy is raised properly in the most efficient way.

Also, the puppy should be living close to one of its parents so that it can develop on the “right track.”

You should choose the puppy that would jump around and like your finger when you first meet it.

What kind of temperament do they have?

Springers love to run. The first thing that you should know before actually getting one is that you should be able to take it out for a run every day. They are quite good to be watch dogs which take the time to get along with someone new. Some of them can be affectionate and can suffer from separation anxiety if they live far from their owner. So make sure that you can take your dog anywhere you go.

Irish Setters

Does crossbreed or mixed breed Irish Setters make good pets?

Many of them would be a nice family member. But they can be stubborn and destructive if you don’t pay attention to them. They need fun time and exercises every day.

What kind of temperament and personality do the Irish Setters have?

They are an elegant hunting dog breed that is aggressive toward other dogs. They are highly energetic and can be a rollicking, fight, and impulsive.

You need to give it a sufficient amount of exercises every day and train them to be obedient. They can turn out to be destructive and would bark all the time if they have too much spare energy.

Standard Poodle

What kind of temperament do they have?

Poodles tend to receive a negative misconception from people saying that they are quite “sissy.”

Although their appearance might agree with that they have traits of being energetic, and they can excel in many fields. They are good at jumping and moving through obstacles which make them a great companion for your hunting games.

Standard Poodle are brilliant and can learn new things quickly, so it is quite easy to train them for hunting.

They need a lot of companionship from you daily so be sure to spend some time with them.

How much grooming do they need?

As they have a coat that can lose its shape easily, they need to be brushed daily. You need to trim their coat once a week so that it looks needy and won’t constrict them when they are hunting with you. You should consider practice trimming their coat by yourself instead of taking them to a professional as you would have to spend a lot every week.

English Setters

What kind of temperament do they have?

They are a great hunting dog with their natural instincts. English Setters can help you to locate and track down the prey quickly. They are also good retrievers in small games as they can run quickly. However, keep in mind that this hunting dog breed requires an excessive amount of exercises every day. You need to spend their energy or else they can turn out to be destructive and can try to escape your house.

They are quite calm and well-behaved compared to other types of Setters. They are also very sociable. This means that you should let them attend some puppy kindergarten. The thing is that you should never leave them alone all day. Take them with you whenever you go out if possible.

English Setters

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To train them, you need to take it lightly but persistently. Don’t yell or be harsh to them as it will only make them more stubborn.

How do you find a good breeder?

Similar to other dogs, there are thousands of breeders that call themselves ““experienced.” To select a good breeder, you must not choose your dog from a source with an incredibly low price.

Also, the breeder should only be raising one or two breeds at the same time so that each of the puppies is treated in a professional way. The puppy should be friendly and active and love to play with you even though you have just met it.

German Shorthaired Pointers

What kind of temperament do they have?

They are quite adaptable that can live with you almost anywhere. But make sure that you have a yard for them to run around and be outside. That’s the basic need of a hunting dog. German Pointers are good-natured and highly energetic. They are real athletes who would love to run, hike and swim all the time.

They are excellent watchdogs which need a long time to get used to a stranger. German Shorthaired Pointers will bark to alarm you if someone gets close to your properties. They can be aggressive toward other dogs so you should not raise them with other dogs.

You should train them to be obedient and well-behaved with strangers. Remember to be persistent and loving when training them. The key to discipline is love.

What do you need to do to keep your dog in good shape?

  • First of all, don’t feed your German Pointers canned and moist food as they contain fewer nutrients than dry food, but they take up a lot of space in the dog’s stomach.
  • You should also take your dog to the vet twice a year to detect any problem at an early stage.
  • Give your dog a bath once a week and after every hunting session. This will help you to detect wounds and clean your dog.

German Wirehaired Pointers

What kind of temperament do they have?

“True hunters” is the right phrase when talking about German Wirehaired Pointers. They are extremely intelligent and discipline when it comes to hunting. They are so strong that they can take out a prey which is larger in size.

At home, they are outgoing and friendly. They are protective of their owners and aggressive toward other dogs. They should be living far from your kitchen and living room as they can ruin your house by running around and making a mess.

What’s the best dog food for them?

Like any other hunting dogs, you should feed your dog with high-quality dry food instead of canned moist food. Canned food provides less nutrition while taking up more space than dry food. The messier the food, the lower quality it has.

You only need to feed your hunting dog once a day in the afternoon after the hunting session. This will make the dog more energetic and faster on the hunting ground as digestion won’t slow it down.

Flat-Coated Retriever

What kind of temperament do they have?

They are a happy and outgoing hunting dog breed. They would put a lot of effort in pleasing you. These cheerful dogs are true athletes and need at least one hour per day outside exercising. You need to find them some intensive exercises. Without exercises, they will chew everything and try digging out of your yard to spend their energy.

Flat-Coated Retriever

Image source: petMD

  • They get attached quickly and don’t like to be left alone so make sure that you carry it around with you if possible.
  • They are not watchdogs or guards because they can get familiar to a stranger quickly.
  • Also, you need to control its tendency to chew your stuff by buying it some chewing toys.

How to raise them properly?

As they develop an attachment with their owner easily, you need to be loving and caring for them all the time. Spend your time with them and pet them often.

Any hunting dog needs early socialization. It means that you need to take them outside every day so that they can get used to different smells, colors, and scents. This will help them to grow up into a well-rounded dog.

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

How do you select a good puppy?

First, only choose those who would run toward you and play with you when they first meet you. A good puppy should be active and fun-loving. They would be jumping around and lick your fingers when they meet you. Also, they shouldn’t look sleepy or show any sign of tiredness.

You should look at its health track record to see if it has any problems. Pick your puppy from a breeder that focuses on raising one particular hunting dog breed of dog only.

How do you keep them in good shape?

First, daily exercises are a must. Hunting dogs are energetic and can turn out to be destructive without proper exercises.

Give it a bath once a week to keep it clean and free from bugs. Regularly brush your dog for better air circulation and prevent it from sweating too much.

You need to take your dog to the vet once every six months for a heal check.


What kind of temperament do they have?

They are less active compared to other breeds of hunting dog. Bloodhounds are very gentle and easy going. They do need to go out once a day but not for too long. You can just simply take them for a walk rather than extensive exercises.

How to train them?

Leash and fenced yard are necessary, though. Bloodhounds can turn out to be escape artists by digging holes and jumping out of your yard to escape. They are easy to be distracted by scents and can run into the middle of the traffic.

They can be aggressive towards other, so you need to train them to be well-behaved. Remember to be caring and persistent with them as being harsh will only make the situation worse.


How big are they?

They are around 25 to 28 inches at the shoulders, and they can weigh from 70 to 90 pounds. Females are slightly smaller than males.

What are the things that you need to be mindful about when raising them?

  • Have a lot of energy, so it is vital to provide them with exercises and mental stimulation as well.
  • Don’t like living outdoor although they are hunting dogs. They are suitable for family and apartment life as they need to be close to you.
  • Extremely protective of you and aggressive toward strangers so you need to leash them when taking them out.
  • Crate training is also important as they are stubborn and difficult to train.
  • They are intelligent and can learn new things quickly so introduce them to the hunting grounds at an early stage of their lives.


Where did they come from?

The Coonhound was developed in the mountains of the southern U.S in the early 18th century. They were originally bred for small hunting games like raccoons and possums. But later on, people realize that they are also capable of bigger games. They are quite versatile on the hunting grounds as they are quick and can cross many different terrains.

They rank 131st out of the 155 breeds recognized by the AKC.


Image source: PetGuide

What kind of traits do they have?

For long, they have been trained to work closely with other breeds of dog, so it is possible for you to have many Coonhounds as once or other dogs as well. They are strong and powerful when hunting in a pack.

Coonhounds can be stubborn sometimes as they might think that their way is better than your way. They understand your commands and gestures very well, though.

One thing you should keep in mind is that this hunting dog breed is slow to mature. This means that you need to give them some time. Be easy and persistent with them if you want them to be well-behaved.

It is important to leash them when they go hunting with you as they can be unpredictable sometimes.

No matter which one you own or are considering having, caring for their well-being with your mind and loving them with your heart.

Selecting the right dog for you is not always easy; raising them to be by your side is even more challenging. No matter which one you own or are considering having, caring for their well-being with your mind and loving them with your heart. The key to success in training your dog is neither time nor discipline; it is your connection with your dog.