Hunting Knife’s Parts – The Most Basic Information Hunters Need to Know

Hunting Knife’s Parts – The Most Basic Information Hunters Need to Know

Hunting knives become more and more popular nowadays thanks to the increasing of the number of hunters and knife- collectors. Understanding specifically about the hunting knife’s parts helps you very much during the time you use it.

The main Hunting knife’s parts

A hunting knife generally has two main parts: Blade and Handle.


It includes all parts from the guard to the clip or drop point of a hunting knife.


It is a part which you use to hold. For a straight blade knife, the handle usually has the length from 9cm to 12.7 cm, this length allow you to hold the knife comfortably. Here are some common materials which you can use to make a handle of a hunting knife: polymer, nylon, rubbery plastic,…

Additional Hunting knife’s parts

Besides two main parts above, a hunting knife also has other parts which are not less important.


The fuller of hunting knife

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It is a groove along the blade. The fuller helps to balance the knife weight without affecting the solid structure of the blade. It also helps to improve the piercing of a hunting knife because it can reduce friction and down force from two sides to the blade.

Butt cap

This is a thing which you use to cover the half. Its use is seen as a balancing material of a hunting knife. Sometimes, you can use it as a versatile plane to make hammers or to break glasses.


Choil is the end of a hunting knife’s cutting edge that is nearer to the handle. It is made as a flat and smooth plane and it doesn’t have any sharp edges. It helps the knife have a point to apply the pressure so that the users can enhance the ability of controlling the knife blade.


Clip is the stabbing point of a knife. Usually, this point is designed to be near the end of the knife. We can call clip as “dead corner”, it can be sharpened or not, depending on the customers’ request. We can see clip very often in Bowie knives, its basic purpose is to improve the stabbing skill.


This is the sharpened side of the knife blade.

The edge of hunting knife

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Grind is a blade which is between the sharpened blade and the spine.


It is a metal bar which is between the bale and the hilt of the knife. It helps the handle not to slip down to the blade or the thing you want to cut not slip to the handle.


This includes all parts which are behind the blade.


Pins are rivets or screws. It uses is to fix the hilt and the blade. Some pins are design to have blank hole to string the thread into it.


This is the strongest part of a knife which is between the blade and the guard. Besides, Ricasso is also a place where we can see the company’s logo or the owner’s signature.


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Besides, all parts above, a hunting knife also have Primary Bevel, Secondary Bevel, Spine,… They depend on the producer. By knowing all parts of a hunting knife, you can not only use it in the right way but also know how to keep it last longer.