The Hunting Pack List –Best for Your Hunting Trip

Imagine you become Merida Princess one of the bravest princesses in Disney movie. You are venturing into the woods for a hunt, and then you realize your backpack is a huge troublesome for your speed and comfort. If you were in this situation, the hunting pack list below is a perfect guide for you to follow.

Clothes – #1 In Your Hunting Pack List

You will need special clothes for hunting such as a neon vest to make you visible to avoid other hunters. With hunting safety vest, you should bring along thick tops, pants or shorts, underwear, waterproof jacket or coat. More importantly, you should choose light materials, so that your backpack will not be a burden for your hunting.


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Other accessories that you will need are hunting boots, hat, gloves, thick socks, over-trousers, comfortable shoes, and rain gears. These items can be adjusted depending on the region and season in which you will go hunting.

A tip is that you should choose wool or synthetic socks and polar fleece, polypropylene, olefin, Thermax, and CoolMax, which are suitable materials for outdoor activities.

Sleeping items

A medium size and easy-to-put-up tent will be your best choice. Make sure the tent has a rain fly and ground floor. If the location is rocky, it is advisable that you choose a tent that can stand up on its own, unstated.

Sleeping items

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The sleeping bag is one of the most important items to keep you warm at night and protect from insects. The best choice would be a light and flexible bag for easy packing up.

Hygiene and medical items


In the outdoor environment, you will suffer from a lack of hygiene facility; therefore, it is essential to prepare all necessary toiletries with you.


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These include a toothbrush (with a proper case for it), a small tube of toothpaste, soap, washcloths, toilet paper, shampoo (optional), rubbing alcohol, shaving kit (if necessary), and wet wipes if you want to feel “extra clean.”


Whether you are allergic to the insects or not, it is still advisable that you bring some bug sprays with you. In the case that you go hunting in the area of wild animals, ensure that you keep a bear spray and scent killer along you.

First aid kit

For outdoor activities, first aid kit is a must-have item for you to remember.

First aid kit

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You should at least prepare the following basic items: gauze, Betadine, cotton balls, micropore tape, Band-Aids, painkillers, ibuprofen, and one large bandage that can be made into a sling.


The first option can be high-calories snacks such as protein bars, crackers, trail mix, and cake bars to supply energy for the short-term period. If you want full meals, canned goods or vacuum-packed meals are what you might look for.

If you want to cook, you can prepare a portable stove, a small pan as well as a plate, cup, and cutlery. More importantly, remember to bring enough water to avoid dehydration.

Navigation tools

A map and a compass are certainly essential for you to locate where you are. If possible, you can also equip yourself a GPS or a personal locater beacon. It is optional that you prepare binoculars and satellite phone to increase your safety.


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Electronic items

Flashlight and campfire tools

When the night comes, a durable and long-lasting flashlight or a battery-operated lamp are valuable items in the woods. You should prepare extra batteries as well as lighter and matches for emergent use.


It is optional if you want to record the hunting moments. A durable outdoor camera can be a good choice if you consider this option.


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Hunting apparatus

Depending on which tools you are familiar with, there is a range of options for you: rifle and ammunition or bow and arrows. Don’t forget to bring equipment for skinning and storing your catch including a knife, mesh bags, and bags.

License and conversation stamp

Just in case you need to present it to the officers.

The items mentioned above are the most essential that you will need for hunting. Make sure that you make a wise choice with your hunting pack list so that you can enjoy your hunt to the fullest.