Looking for Some Indoor Camping Ideas? Here are Our Clues

Go camping is amusing and attractive but what to do if the weather goes bad on your camping day and the trip is over. Even when it’s raining hard,  snowy or stormy, you can solve the problem by camping inside your house. It still brings lots of fun with some indoor camping ideas below:

Call your friend for an indoor camping party

An indoor camping activity could be fascinating with lots of friends. If you are about to camp indoor, let take the cell phone and call your friends to invite them to this party. It can be just like a funny sleeping party that you have held before.

If you are still teenagers. Ask for your parents’ permission before inviting friends to camp indoor activity.

Asking your siblings if you don’t want to call your friends.

This activity is for fun, so you don’t need to be so formal when asking friends for coming.

Call your friend for an indoor camping party

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Prepare the food and drink

One of the most important indoor camping ideas is preparing beverages and snacks before camping and make it real like you are camping outside.

In fact, when you are going to camp indoor, you can even prepare more types of food. The sandwich is a good choice for this kind of activity.

You can even have a barbecue if your children want to eat.

Find large area for camping

Camping with friends will take a large place to set up the tent for all people.

If your house doesn’t have enough space, let use the living room for this activity and take all the furniture out of the room.

Camping in a room with TV so that you can watch the programs anytime. Let note this as an exciting indoor camping idea.

Set a plan of activities to do during camping time

During the camping time, you will have a lot of activities to do together: singing, eating, playing chess or listening to music. Let make a detailed list of things to do to make the camping time memorable.

Build up the tent and make some indoor camping ideas

After setting a clear plan, let put up the camp inside your house before friends come. A home-made tent could be a good indoor camping idea if you don’t want to buy a large tent.

Use sofa, chair or book shelf to put the tent up

Be creative and make the most of the furnitures in your house. You can decorate the tent or let the kids do this. This is time for children to develop their imagination.

Use sofa, chair or book shelf to put the tent up

Image source: Learning 4 Kids

Enjoy all the activities inside

After all these parts, this is time to enjoy the camping. Do the activities that you have listed before.

During night time, you can turn off the light and use flashlight or candles to make the tent more outside and natural. It helps create a mystical atmosphere when someone is telling scary stories or when you guys are watching horror movies.

Try the sleeping bags

Sleeping in the camp is not ideal if you don’t have a sleeping bag. Make sure that those sleeping bags are warm, fresh and comfortable.

Pillows are also  necessary if you do not have a sleeping bag. Just lay down the cushion, take the pillow and thick blanket. Sleeping together can enhance friendship and make people closer with each other.

Those tips above are some indoor camping ideas for you to consult. Even in good weather, you can still make an indoor camping activity for your children as a home party. It is not only fun but also safe for kids to camp indoor.