Infinite Edge Compound Bow

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5
If you are on the marketplace and seek for an advanced compound bow for beginners and youth, Infinite Edge Bow stands here for you. As a pride of Diamond Archery, one of the leading corporations in bow industry, the tool is successfully considered as a big deal for most of users. It not only comes with eye-catching appearance, but also equips noticeable features of a top high-end product. For its great contribution to human life, the model deserves to rank 4.5 out of 5 stars. Keep on reading and discover all fabulous features of the smart compound bow.


The first impression when looking at this compound bow is its sleek and compact size. Weighting at 3.1 pounds and 31’’ from axle to axle, it boosts the bow portability in a comprehensive way. You will find it convenient to carry the tool for long adventures such as camping, picnics, etc…

However, don’t make a mistake that this type of bow is less powerful. Thanks to the perfect combination between durable one piece limbs and aluminum one piece riser, it contributes so much in improving sturdy frame of the tool. Therefore, freely take advantage of Infinite Edge Bow Package for years with high durability.

A big plus of the model is that it attempts to offer a full package of supportive accessories, including three pin sight, arrow rest, quiver, peep and string loop. Although each of part plays specific roles, they work well with each other in boosting the bow effectiveness. There is no additional tool required for setting up its establishment. Therefore, it takes you very short time to complete all necessary steps.


It is obvious that Infinite Edge Bow Package is an out-standing recommendation for hunting and practicing.

Power is the first important element that most of users admire when looking at this smart tool. It is amazing that the portable device could deliver a powerful source of 310 feet per second and 75 percent let-off. The 75 percent let-off is an effective part in boosting the great ease of holding and controlling the bow. For beginners, this is wonderful because it supports them so much in using the tool.

It also makes impressive by offering attractive draw cycle, which has high suitability with different customer types. For instance, purchasing the bow means you have chance to select 13-30 inches of draw length and 5-70 lbs of draw weight. Even you are beginners or experience archers, tall or short in height, the tool will please you well. It is effectively recommended for both right and left hands. How convenient it is!

Smooth draw is an impressive feature that Diamond attempts to conclude in its products. As a result, it comes as no surprise that Infinite Edge Bow Package provides the remarkable quietness for shooting. It is highly appreciated by the big reduction in noise and vibrations. For the aim of hunting which requires quietness, this feature is a great success. Get it now and enjoy this fabulous characteristic.


  • Light-weight design
  • Quiet draw
  • Easy to set up
  • Adjustable
  • Durable
  • 310 feet per second
  • 75 percent let-off for easy controlling
  • Great customer support
  • Fast delivery
  • Powerful


  • Less efficient sight

Things to consider about Infinite Edge Bow

In order to reach the best shooting efficiency, you had better take into account several important things below. The bow should combine well with carbon and aluminum arrows, whereas, wood type is not recommended. Besides, one fact is that Edge Bow Package has high compatibility with fiberglass arrows.


Owning to a great number of gorgeous characteristics, Infinite Edge Bow is a great choice for youths, beginners or experienced archers. Therefore, if you are confused by different brand names on the market, let’s pay attention to Diamond products. They guarantee to bring the best product performance and customer support to users.

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