How Long Can You Keep the Fishing Line On Your Reel?

The fishing line that you buy from the store has no expiration date. Yet, their brands and types do not the matters. Therefore, some of you might automatically think that they can use it as long as they want.

In details, when you bring the fishing line out of the box and put it in the reel, it isn’t going to last forever. The main factors that affect the durability of the fishing line are water, heat and light. One day, when it is exposed to these factors long enough, you will have to take it off and replace it with a new one.

In fact, many people don’t know when they should change the fishing line on the reel. It is because fishing line has no expiration date. The answer to this question depends on several factors:

  • Types of the fishing line
  • The frequency of use
  • Your preferences

Types of Fishing Line can Affect Its Life

When you use fluorocarbon fishing line, you should change it about every 6 months. Or more often if you use it frequently. This type of fishing line is one of the most vulnerable to UV rays. And hence, it will wear out quickly if it is display regularly under the sun. Not to mention that this type of line is able to keep the shape when you bend and twit it, making it wear out quickly.

Types of Fishing Line

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If you use fishing line made from monofilament, you should replace the line frequently. This type of material is highly vulnerable to the sun light. It can get damaged quickly under the impact of the UV rays. In addition, since this type of line consists of 1 strand of line, it is quite fragile. It also will be stretched easily if it has to hold up to a huge weight.

Normally, monofilament fishing line can wear out after a year. So, that’s why you should replace it after this amount of time.

In case you use the braided type of fishing line, the amount of time you can keep it on your fishing reel is different. Braid line is generally tougher and can stand well under the impact of the UV rays. Therefore, it would be able to last longer than the monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing line. In fact, it would be able to last for some years before you need to change it.

The strongest and most durable type of fishing line is the copolymer one. With this type, you can change the old one in the reel in more than 1 or 2 years.

Fishing line can Change the Life of Fishing Line

When the fishing line is under the water, the quality of the line is affected significantly. Thus, if you go fishing every day, you need to change the fishing line more often than when you only go fishing in a month or so.

Fishing line can Change the Life of Fishing Line

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Your fishing line will last shorter in extreme conditions

As I mention above, heat is another factor that will affect the overall life span of your fishing reel. Therefore, if you frequently go fishing when the temperature of the water is extremely cold (in winter) or hot( in summer), you need to change your fishing line more often.

Change the fishing line on the reel if you don’t want miss out on any fish

An old fishing line might increase the risk of missing out on fish, especially when you try to catch the tough ones or go fishing in rough conditions. That is why if you want to increase your success of catching fish, you should replace your fishing line as soon as you see the sings of imperfections.

Thus, when you prepare your kit for a fishing session, you need to examine you fishing line carefully for any signs of faded colors, nicks, marks and or any weak point. You can consider cutting the affected part of the fishing line or change to a new one.

Still unsure when you should change the fishing line? Do the line test

The test is done as follows. You need to tie one end of the fishing line to an object. This is because it needs to be much heavier than the normal force this fishing line has to handle.

After that, you can take out about 40 feet of the string and start pulling. If the fishing line breaks, it is the time you need to change your fishing line.

 Here are some tips to lengthen the life of the fishing line

Before you put the fishing line on the reel, you should store it in a cool and dark place, away from the direct sun light and high temperature.

Store fishing line in a cool and dark place

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Pay attention to guide and stringing when you set up your fishing line onto the reel so that no part of the line can come in contact with the sharp edges. Or else, this can cause damages and ruining your line.

Respooling your fishing line can help you to save a lot of money as well. You can apply to your braided fishing line. That’s why before you completely change to a new one, you can turn the fishing line around so both ends of the line change position. It means the end that was tied to the bait is now tied to the spool. This way, you can then continue to use this fishing line for a couple of months.

Although you should change new line frequently, you can cut down the cost of purchasing new line by only getting rid of the top hundreds of yards of the fishing line. This is because generally, you place it directly under the sun.

Always check your fishing line before you go fishing. There is possible tiny nick even in the newest fishing line.

Overall, different types of fishing line will require you to change in different amounts of time. For example, with monofilament fishing line, you need to change it about 1 per year and with the braid fishing line; you replace it after 5 or 6 years. In addition, if you don’t want to have a high chance of facing fish loss, you should change the fishing line as soon as you can.