My Ultimate Guide to Living in a Tent

Camping is a favorite outdoor activity. However, if you want to try camping for a long period, it can be hard and uncomfortable. Below are some tips for people who want to try the wildlife living. Let follow this helpful guideline of living in a tent.

To Living in a Tent – Buy a large one with several rooms

Living in a tent cannot be comfortable without enough space. The recommendation here is to buy a large type of tent-like a family tent with at least 2 or 3 separate rooms.

If you live outside for a long time, you will need space for bedroom, living room, and even bathroom. The kitchen can be set up inside the tent or outside if space is limited. You may also need room to store stuff like clothes, books and so on.

Buy a large tent with several rooms

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Cover the ground with thick blanket

Sleeping in a tent is usually like in the sleeping bag.  Because of the cold weather outside, you need to cover the ground with a thick blanket.

Moreover, it is quite comfortable to cover all the ground including an area to sit, and you can lay down anywhere.

Bring a fan in case it is hot

If it is a hot weather, you need to bring along a fan to lower the heat inside the tent. Living in the tent can be warm in the winter but may be difficult to try in the summer.

Be sure that the place to put the fan is far away from the wall or the fan may tear your tent.

Bring a fan in case it is hot

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Set a light in each room

Campfire can be good for living outside, but when living in a large tent, you need to have enough light inside each room for inside activities.

Careful with the electric line or the tent will catch fire.

Lock the tent from the inside

Living outside is dangerous. Make sure you can lock the tent from the inside, or you might meet some unwanted guests.

Bring mini gas stove

If you just go camping in short period, you can prepare fast food like sandwich or hamburger before going. But when living in a tent for the long term, you may prefer some hot meal to protect yourself from the cold outside. That’s why you need a mini gas stove.

Bring mini gas stove

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However, be careful with the mini gas tank, or it will blow up your tent.

Take along a basket or mini shell

When camping, you can not only discover the wild nature but also do some activities inside the tent like reading books.

Therefore, you need a mini shell or simply, a basket to contain items.

Have a good sleeping bag

The sleep is so important that you need to have a warm and comfortable sleeping bag.

Have an air bed

The weather outside is so freezing that you cannot sleep right on the ground. Bring an air bed or mattress so that you will have a convenient place to sit and sleep.

Enjoy and protect the natural environment

Finally, enjoy the outside environment. Remember to keep your campsite clean. Don’t throw trash right to the ground and bury biodegradable garbage.

Living in a tent for a long time is not as comfortable as you have thought before but if you follow these tips above, you can make it easier. It can be a wildlife living experiment for people with careful preparation. If you are thinking of living in a tent in the forest or some deserted island like the program “The Island with Bear Grylls,” you should bring some weapons in case of meeting the wild, dangerous animals. Wildlife is more dangerous than you can imagine.