October Mountain Products Ozark Hunter

Our Rating: 3.8 / 5
October Mountain is a well-known brand, which has strong impact on Bow industry. October Mountain offers a wide range of gorgeous long bows for users. Among its trustworthy products, October Mountain Products Ozark Hunter 68 inch Longbow is an out-standing option. It is designed in such a traditional way that could defeat several successful items in the same category.

If you are on the marketplace to find a perfect product, this is a great option for high accuracy, durability and other advanced features as same as all features you could find at an expensive one. The bow has high applications on competition, practice as well as hunting. For the great contribution to human life, it ranks 4.6 out of 5 stars.


The October Mountain Products Ozark Hunter 68 inch Longbow makes good impression at the first sight by its various options of draw weights. Based on your physical characteristics and shooting targets, it offers you a great number of options with slight change from 45 to 50 pounds. This feature helps the bow satisfy all requirements of customers in many aspects. If you use this tool for hunting, it is effective because the weight for hunting comes at least 40 pounds.

Coming with the brace height of 6 ½ inches to 7 ½ inches, it is suitable for all types of users’ height. Even you are at 5’’ of height, the tool could support you well. As a result, it creates the great balance when using this smart tool. For beginners, this is a big plus which allows them to enjoy the stability and better shooting efficiency.

An important characteristic that is indispensable in using this tool is the sleek handle and limbs. It not only makes an eye-catching appearance for the bow, but also creates its convenience of using and carrying.


Check out immediately all you need for your task with October Mountain Products Ozark Hunter 68 inch Longbow.

Firstly look at its accuracy when using this type of bow. I have tested the bow for many times of shooting and realize that this tool has high accuracy level with less vibrations and hand socking. This function comes from the equipment of 68 inches in the bow length, surprising long in comparison with other products. As a result, it makes the shot sight clear for better effectiveness.

Then, we mention its durability. A great plus of using this tool is the solid frame which allows a long time for many years of using. All parts are well made from high quality materials. Each part is designed for the specific role. The string covers with hard maple, Purple Heart and walnut hardwoods. Combining with fiberglass limbs and durable limb tips as well as dacron string, you could completely ensure about the way to use this bow in an effective and safe way. Get it!


  • Smooth draw
  • Durable
  • Easy to use and draw
  • Sleek handle and limbs
  • Great effectiveness in reducing hand-shock
  • Accurate
  • Well-made design
  • Quiet
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Lack of string equipment

Things to consider about October Mountain Products Ozark Hunter

It allows users above 18 years old to use the product for the safety. Remember to keep your children away for the better efficiency as well as the safety. Besides, the product doesn’t permit the international shipping. Therefore, you could find it convenient to purchase the product through accessing Amazon.com.


In summary, October Mountain Products Ozark Hunter 68 inch Longbow’s worth buying for outside activities. Within the affordable price, it could feature all you need as well as other expensive bows on the market. The tool is suitable for different customer types, especially beginners. Thousands of customers feel happy with this type of bow. What about you?