PSE Blackhawk

Our Rating: 4.4 / 5
In the Recurve Bow world, PSE Blackhawk is one of the most out-standing recommendations for many reasons. As you know, PSE Archery is a reliable brand in launching arrows, bows and other related products of this industry. It means when you use Blackhawk Recurve Bow, you have chance to enjoy all great features of the trusted corporation.

It strongly proves that this type of bow is not only shown with the beautiful design, but also offers the multi-functional features inside. As a result, it is a great solution for outdoor activities like hunting or practicing. Now we are going to tell you why this tool becomes the popular bow type on the market.


PSE Blackhawk Recurve Bow comes with the beautiful and sleek design. It makes the tool stand out from others. More specifically, the riser and limbs are made from beautifully laminated hardwood, which creates the special appearance for the bow.

You have a great number of options with different weights including 35 pounds, 40 pounds, 45 pounds and 50 pounds. For the target of hunting, people often choose at least a 40-pound bow. The heavier the weight is, the more effective hunting task could do. For example, people often choose a 50-pound for hunting big animals.

On the other hand, with one-piece feature in design, it can make this tool quite hard to disassemble limbs and riser for movement or storage. However, don’t worry because you could solve this issue by the average 60-inch bow length. It is quite light in comparison with other products.

PSE Blackhawk Recurve Bow Features

The bow features all basic characteristics of an effectively traditional recurve bow. All components of this tool work well with each other in boosting its working effectiveness in many aspects.

First of all, accuracy is an important factor that many people often consider before buying a bow. You must have found out its accuracy when using this bow. Our review demonstrates that this bow has high level of accuracy. You could reach your target within the distance of 10 to 30 yards and the reduction in vibration. Furthermore, it helps your arrows fly straight on the way you target.

Additionally, talking about other main parts of the machine, they are very supportive and match well with each other. For example, the riser is not only beautiful in design, but also effective in reducing hand-sock and improving its durability. Moreover, thanks to the equipment of laminated hardwood, it helps the limbs still be durable through many years you have been using. It also brings the smooth draw of 28 inches for all users.

About the string, its work is based on Dacron B50 technology. Therefore, the bow could release up to 15 000 arrows for each shot. So let’s start to enjoy its features now. For beginners, it is a great option because of the ease of using as well as a huge source of arrows.

Another great advantage of this tool is that it has a comfortable grip with the ability to remove moisture well. Therefore, it strengthens the time for shooting without any displeasure.

Things to consider

The one-piece design might make you find difficult in storage and transportation. For example, you can’t take all components apart to easily carry or store. However, this limitation can be covered by other out-standing features.


In conclusion, it’s worth purchasing a PSE Blackhawk Recurve Bow for different responsibilities. With advanced features, the bow is ideal for both hunting as well as practicing. Besides, even you are beginners or professional archeries; you could enjoy the benefits from this machine. On the other hand, it brings a variety of options through Are you ready? Let’s try and enjoy.