Recurve Bow Sight for Hunting? Did you try yet?

Recurve Bow Sight for Hunting Did you try yet

For those who want to experience the spirit of the wildlife by hunting with a traditional and high-performance weapon, the archery seems to be the best choice. To have a successful shooting, a recurve bow sight plays an important role. Unfortunately, many individuals keep thinking that shooting without it does not cause a matter. A hunting animal in the practical life, such as in the forest or an open field or if you are new to hunting, you will really feel how difficult of targeting the goal clearly and exactly without the bow sight.

Recurve Bow Sight for Hunting

However, among hundreds of kinds of bow sights, you may get confused about which one is the most suitable to choose. Just be calm! This article will help you.

To find out which specific model you ought to buy, you really have to know the basic information about these three types of sight.

The Open Ring

This is the easiest way to sight the goal. All you have to do is just open the ring and adjust the goal to be in the middle of it. Also, this type is the best choice for those who want to practice shooting the bow indoor with short distance (about 10 yards). However, most of the open rings cannot be used outdoors or in the far distance.

The pin sight

there are 2 kinds of the pin sight, including single pin and multiple pin sights.

  • Pin SightThe single-pin sight: helps you be able to shoot the goal in fixed distance, usually for practicing.
  • The multiple-pin sight: helps you to be able to shoot the goal that is moving in many different distances, usually for hunting outside. With this kind, it often has a general convention of dividing the ranges into 3 main ones: the average range, the further range, and the shorter range. If you do more, it will annoy you.

The disadvantage of this type is that it almost only has the metal sight and is also rather hard to look for a wooden one, which means it is just fitting with the mental riser.

  • The target sight: this is the most expensive type on the market whose price may be up to hundreds of dollars. However, it is really worth It allows you to adjust in vertical as well as windage direction and combine with other recurve bow sights for ultimate.

Now, after having all the useful information about what you are going to buy, here are the things you need to keep in mind to consider choosing a sight:

1.  Your purpose:

When starting to choose a sight, you must think about this factor firstly. What is your purpose of using the bow? To practice as an entertaining game or to hunting as a professional hunter? Each purpose will have its specific bow sight.

For instance, if you just want to practice, purchasing a short-range sight such as the open ring or single-pin sight is the best choice. On the contrary, you should choose the far-range sight such as the multiple-pin sight or the target sight that can help you to adjust many different distances and directions.

2. The material of the recurve bow sight:

There are usually 3 kinds of material which are metal, wood, and aluminum. Each one has its own benefits and disadvantages. The aluminum is the lightest material while the wood has the average weight, and the metal is the heaviest. However, while the metal is the most durable, the wood has the average durability. The aluminum is still durable, but just not the same as others.


3. The quality of the sight:

You can ask for more information and practical reviews about the durability of each kind from other archers or the archery club. Is it easy to break or splinter? Can it bend after using for a short time?

4. The price of the bow sight:

The last but not least factor that you have to keep in mind is the price. Which one you should choose depends partly on your budget recurve bow sight. If your budget is tight, you’d better purchase a cheap price sight because you are not able to afford an expensive one which may cost hundreds of dollars at the moment.

With the above special attention and worth consideration, you need to think carefully before purchasing the most suitable recurve bow and sight for yourself.