Ultimate Guide To Buying Saltwater Fishing Rods

Catching fish in ponds or river is easy because fishes are small and waves are weak. However, with bigger and stronger fishes in the ocean, you might face many other difficulties. That’s the reason why I wrote this guide to buying saltwater fishing rods so that you can get through the difficulty.

Get Saltwater Rods, Not the Freshwater

Even though many people use a rod along with many types of water, choosing a specified saltwater fishing rod can make you more professional. This prevents your equipment from corroding in shame situation.

Combo Kit for Beginner

This is what I’ve learned after trying saltwater fishing for the first time! Buy the full kit in case you don’t have time learning well about fishes and special features of the area you will go.

This kind of kit often includes a rod, a reel, a coil of fishing line, different types of fishing lures and hooks inside a bag case. Once you find hard as the naughty fishes always escape, you can think about changing hook or lure to get better results.

Choose Rods Based On Its Action

When talking about fishing rod action, it means that we are discussing the bend of the fishing rod on the tip when having pressure. It can tell you what kinds of fish and the location fits the rod. There are three main types of fishing rod action:

Choose Rods Based On Its Action  

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Fast Action Fishing Rod

It is useful for casting big and strong fishes, especially in deep water. These rods always have heavy lines, lures, and baits so that they can work well even in bad weather conditions.

Of course, fast action rods may not fit small, enclosed areas or areas with trees or other vegetation surroundings. It is hopeless to use this kind of saltwater fishing rod in the shallows. This is because you can catch nothing but some types of moss or driftwood.

Medium Action Fishing Rod

Medium action fishing rods are quite flexible. As they are the medium one, they are fitted well with both long and short casts.

Medium action rods are good for beginners because they do not require precise control, accuracy as for professionals.

Medium action rods can also be used in the shallows which are surrounded by moss and driftwoods. However, it is just quite ok even though it isnot the best one like slow action fishing rod below.

Slow Action Fishing Rod

Slow action fishing rod works well with short casts and. It is specially designed to catch the small types of fish so it is not suited for larger fish catching.

The advantage of slow action rods is that they offer accurate casts and are friendly to beginners. However, it cannot work in bad weather condition with strong wind.

Slow action rods are the best choices for casting in shallow waters.

Saltwater Fishing Rods for Special Areas

Sometimes, a fishing area is so specific that need special designed fishing rods. They are different from the common rods above. Although you can use standard rods, it will make the cast more difficult for the specific situation.

Ice Rods

Ice rods are designed for fishing on the ice. Fishers, in this case, will create a hole and drop the line through it.

As a cast mostly depends on the strength of the line, the length of the rod is much shorter than normal saltwater fishing rods. In fact, normal saltwater fishing rods are no more than 36 inches.

Ice casting is really different as catchers need to be very patient to wait for the fishes for so long time in the cold weather.

Ice Rods

Image sourcE: Best Ice Fishing

Deep Sea Rods

Deep sea rods, in contrast with ice rods, are long. The length of deep sea rods may be up to 14 feet.

As for the use of casting in the deep sea, this kind of rod can catch extra-large fishes, such as sharks, marlin, and goliath groupers. A deep-sea rod has the ability to withstand great weights and strain to fight with strong, dangerous and large fishes.

Surf Rods

Surf rod is an ideal choice for fishers who do not want to go anywhere but stand on the beach. A surf rod is long enough to give you max distance to cast fishes.

The length of the rod is from 10 to 14 feet, and the line is long and strong for far distance casting.

Surf Rods

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Trolling Rods

Trolling rods is used for casting in a moving boat. Fishers usually use them to catch salmon or kingfish.


Saltwater fishing rods are variable and hard to choose. The rod is just one of the most important pieces of fishing equipment. However, without the right rod, the chance to reach success will go further from you.

Choosing wrong types of the fishing rod can lead a damaged or broken rod with no fish being caught. Therefore, buyers should consider carefully about the different uses of fishing rods with different types of fish and areas that they are going to. This helps buyers make the right options for their budget.