Bow and Archery (Part 1): Set up your Recurve bow

Nowadays, with the development of many weapons, bow seems to be inferior to others such as guns, grenades, nuclear and so on. However, the joy of knowing how to use a bow does not decrease. The archery becomes a popular sports and recreational activity among people. It is a challenging sports and not everyone can have enough patience to play it. I think that is the attraction of archery, which appeals people to accustom and conquer it.

In this text, I will give some basic tips for beginners and people who are curious about this strange sport. I will focus mainly on topic: How to set up your recurve bow, which uses less energy to string bow but narrow speed is still very high.

How to set up your recurve bow

bow and archer : Set up your Recurve bowAs you can see, this picture describe detailed about parts of a recurve bow. To put your bow together like this, you can follow these steps. Firstly, fit your riser with 2 limbs. Then stick the string on two sides of your limbs. Next, put a button into. And finally, join the sight. Remember to follow the order so that you can finish easily.

For beginners, it might be quite hard to set up, so it is better to have your instructor by your side. Practice a few time, I am sure you will find it easy like a piece of cakes.

Configure/Set up the archery button(Plunger Button)

Archery Button
Above are a few pictures of the archery button for you guys that help follow easily.

Purpose of the archery button: To help align the arrows so when you shooting, you get more consistency. It will push the arrow out from the bow a little bit to the left, on a right hand bow, to compensate for archer’s paradox. If you do not have a button, when the arrow is arrested, it is gonna flag and turn around the bow. It also makes the arrow go off to the right a bit more than you would want, and it won’t be consistent either. Therefore, it causes aiming so much harder.

When joining the button in a bow, you have to take notice about two options: either the button is sticking out too much or it is not sticking out enough. If the button is sticking out too much, the arrow will go too far to the left. And if it is not sticking out enough, the arrow will still go too far to the right. So the best solution is trying to shot repeatedly and fixing the button until you find it is in the right position and your arrow is close enough to the target. When you get the button, it will come with a little bag, which contains a few align keys and some replacement springs. To fix the problem, find a really small align key, focus on the smaller hole in the button, stick the align key in that, loosen it up and twist the below part in the button. Then slip it until you find a perfect position and tight it again. After a few times adjusting, you will see the different with your target.

Configure/Set up an archery sight

Archery Sight 1Archery Sight 2
Purpose of the sight: A bow sight is simply an automatic device affixed on the riser of your bow to help the shooter aim the arrow with greater accuracy. The bow sight has a similar function to that of the scope on your rifle. And with this analogy you would understand how important it is to own one if you want to hit your target zone more often.

In order to have perfect shots, before shooting, you have to adjust your archery sight so that your arrow can go accurately.

– If your arrow goes too high, move your sight up.

If your arrow goes too low, move your sight down.

– If your arrow goes too far to the right, move your sight to the right.

If your arrow goes too far to the left, move your sight to the left.

Like the archery button, after a few times adjusting your sight, you will see an instinct result with your arrow and target.

A long rod

Long rod Long rod 2
Purpose: Long rod, also called stabilizer, provides an essential forward point of balance to the bow. This assists the archer in achieving a stable point of aim on the target. When you are holding a bow, which is pretty heavy and want to release it, if you do not have any weight to pull forward, it will fall back and crash your face. So that is another purpose of a long road.

Another tip that I want to recommend you is when using a long rod, you should attach a finger sling in order not to drop your bow because of the heaviness of the rod.

Hope you guys find my tips of archery, especially how to set up your recurve bow useful and have interesting time practicing with bow.