How to Spool a Spinning Reel and Prevent Line Twists

How to spool a spinning reel and prevent line twists is one of the most common steps of fishing reel. Before that, every angler surely knows about and at least use a spinning reel once when they go fishing. Basically, a spinning reel has a spool at the end of the handle to store fishing line. The fishing line is controlled by a revolving bail. You turn in circular motion to release the line, hence the reason for the name of the reel.

It is very easy to fish with a spinning reel and that is the reason why it is so popular. However, knowing how to Spool a Spinning Reel is not easy as it requires you to have some basic yet proper techniques. When you are able to do it right, you will be able to prevent line twist and also cast with ease.

How to Spool a Spinning Reel

Check which direction your spinning reel bail goes into clockwise or counterclockwise

The very first step to know how to spool a spinning reel is to notice the direction when you spin the handle of the bail in the direction that you do when you cast the bail. If you need to do into clockwise direction when you cast the bait, then you need to turn the handle into the same direction. Just do it in case you want to spool the fishing line onto the reel.

Vice versa, do you have to turn the handle counterclockwise to cast the bait? The way you spool the fishing line onto the reel is the counterclockwise direction.

Make sure the direction the handle turns to. Also ensure the direction the line unwinds are the opposite ways to prevent line twists.

Prepare the fishing line

Take out your fishing line and knot one end of the line to the reel spool. There are 2 types of knots you can use when you tie the line onto a spinning reel. They are arbor knot and unit knot.

Take out your fishing line and knot one end of the line to the reel spool.

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All you need to do is winding the fishing line around the spinning reel. And with a free end, knotting the line around the bail. You can tie 2 knots to make sure the line does not unravel. After that, you can cut off the extra ending tip of the fishing line and then close the bail.

You don’t want to tie a knot or waste any bit of your fishing line? In such case, you can use an electrical tape to stick the fishing line to the reel.

You can go so while the fishing reel has already mounted on the fishing rod. Thus, you can align the line along the fishing rod. In case you don’t mount the spinning reel on the rod, one hand of yours needs to hold the mounting bar. Therefore, the other hand can do the reeling.

Begin spooling the fishing line

Now you can start turning the spool to reel your fishing onto it. With one hand holding the handle, the other hand needs to hold the fishing line to keep it straight.

Now you can start turning the spool to reel your fishing onto it

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Keep doing it for a few feet of the fishing line. In the middle of the process, you should stop to check if you are going in the right direction.

If you’re filling the reel by yourself, place the filler spool flat on the floor. Let the line spool off it onto the reel.

If you have an assistant, have the assistant thread a pencil. Or dowel through the filler spool, holding it parallel to the direction of the reel spool. The assistant can apply finger pressure to the spool to supply additional tension to the line.

You should only fill the reel until there is about 1 quarter inch of space left. If you overfill the reel, it will cause backslash when you cast later on.

Final Step

The final step on how to spool a spinning reel is that when you finish spooling the needed amount of fishing line, you need to cut it off the filler spool. Now your fishing reel is ready for your next fishing session immediate. If you are not going to use the reel, you can use a rubber band to wrap around the reel spool to keep the line in place.

Tips to make sure you can spool the spinning reel quicker and correctly

  • Make sure you pick the right line capacity for your reel. You certainly don’t want to cut off some extra yards of line and waste your money that way.
Make sure you pick the right line capacity for your reel

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  • You need to open the bail before you can wind the fishing line.
  • When you cut the end of the fishing line after you tie the knot, make sure you cut it as much as you can so the remaining bit will not interfere with the rest of the fishing line on the spool.
  • Doesn’t wind the fishing line too fast or you might hurt your fingers.
  • After you finish winding your line, you can take the spool out and dip it into a cup of warm water and leave it there for about 10 to 15 minutes. This will help the new fishing line to adapt to the size of the spool and it will form a new memory quicker.

That is all of the steps and techniques that you need to know when you spool your spinning reel. With proper techniques and skills, you will be able to do this task in a shorter amount of time and in a more effective and efficient way.

You might feel it hard to spool your spinning reel at first but after some practices, I am sure that you will be excel at it. From then on, you would be able to improve your fishing skills and have a lot of fun with this hobby.