Squirrels Hunting with Air Rifles

Squirrels Hunting with Air Rifles

Hunting is an entertaining in the U.S. For some hunters and many sportsmen, hunting is a kind of behavior sportsmanship and the connection to the nature around. There are many hunting areas across the U.S open their hunting seasons for small game to hunt pigeons, rabbits, squirrel hunting, varmint, and so on. Some states allow air rifles to be used in small game, varmint, and also predators.

There are many young hunters get started for their initial hunting by hunting squirrels using an easier handle – 22 caliber gun. Some people think hunting squirrels should be easy, but it is actually not easy at all and hunting squirrels is like deer hunting but in miniature because it required hunting to be done quietly and in stealth with precision shots.

Get the right license, did a bit of preparations, and with some planned tactics then you can ready for the next squirrels hunting season of your state.

The bucket lists you would want to consider for hunting squirrels

  • Follow the hunting seasons. When it comes to squirrel hunting, each state will observe their hunting seasons varying. For instance, squirrel hunting season starts in September in Virginia, but some other states like Missouri, the season starts at the end of May which is much earlier.
  • Bag limits. The number of squirrels you can hunt in a day. States control how much you can hunt by posted bag limits usually as daily limits. This regulation is also different in each state. Some states will post a daily bag limit at six squirrels while a higher limit can be set at ten in some other states.
  • Obtain hunting license for small game. In most states hunting squirrels are classified as small game and thus it subjects to the regulations pertaining to hunting small game. To get a hunting license for small game in any states before paying a small fee for it, you are usually required to fill out a form with your information as your name, your address, your driver’s license number.
  • Each year certain states only issue a limited number for some types of license, therefore, you may need to follow the date on which your state begins open for license applications.
  • At each state, the hunting regulatory department would go with a varying designations. You need to arrive at the proper governing body, if you may have any questions regarding licensing, bag limits, seasons, and so on.
  • Find out what kind of squirrels you can hunt. There are some specific types of squirrels which many states regulate whether or not you can hunt in a given hunting season. These regulations are varied by states and each region depending on the existing squirrel populations.

At some states, squirrel breeds are differentiated and subjected to hunting license requirement. For instance, all tree squirrels in one state belong to small game and for hunting them, a proper license is required. Whereas, the ground squirrels of the same state, if they are no harm to crops or property, are classified as a non-game mammals and you can hunt them without a license. However, you need to get advice from your state’s regulatory department for any specific code; there may need to have a professional out to help to identify the squirrel breed, in the cases if you want to eliminate the squirrels right on your house or garden premises.

What weapons to use for Squirrels Hunting

Although there is more than one type of gun for different choices to hunt squirrels, but the type of weapon you can use will be control by your state, and you may also require to declare which type of weapon you use and specify it on your license application form. This means that you need to make sure that you use weapons you are familiar with, and the weapons which you can operate it safely, and which you are licensed to use.

For hunting squirrels, optional weapons will be Bow and Arrow, Air Rifles, and shotguns. But the most recommended squirrels hunting weapon is air rifle. About air rifle for squirrels hunting, let’s consider a bit more about it, what kind of air rifle, which rifle caliber is preferred.

Air Rifles

Squirrel hunting with air rifle

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Why air rifles are the best choice for hunting squirrels? Because air rifles are very quiet, noise restriction, and also they are inexpensive and quite effective when shoot with good accuracy. Its noise restriction makes air rifles the weapon of choice for hunting squirrels in the suburbs and it is preferred to use among the suburban squirrels haters.

Since minor differences in the expansion or penetration of a pellet is not as important as the precise pellet placement. You can get a rifle with .177 simple daisy pellets from some of the gun stores or even from Wal-Mart at an affordable price of around $50.00, or you can stretch a bit to get higher quality rifles at a bit more higher price. No matter which way you go, you should able to find out the pellet type which your gun shoots the most precise shot because precise pellet placement is very important. Pellet rifles require sharpshooters as the squirrels can still able to climb a tree even they are wounded, and air rifle pellet tend to work better in this case.

Bow and Arrow

Other than rifles, bow and arrow – Archery can be used too for squirrels hunting. However, practise to shoot better with a bow is not easy at all, because mastering bow hunting skills takes a great amount of dedication and practise, archery hunting technique involves most skills. Though we know that bow hunting is silent and is also one of the best ways for squirrel hunting, but they are very expensive, for example if you use a compound bow, and also it requires frequent maintenance and service. They are also does not work for being manhandled, and very sensitive to shock damage. While compound bow is expensive, other traditional bows such as recurve bow – a high power bow which offer accurate shots but is difficult to hold back and harder to draw when you fire.

Hunting Squirrels with Bow and Arrow

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In summary, many young hunters get their start by hunting squirrels. To get ready for your squirrels hunting in your state, you need to take into account the preparation lists as to follow the season, knowing the daily squirrel bag limits, obtain a small game hunting license for squirrels, find out which type of squirrels you can hunt, and to hunt them whether you need a hunting license. Some squirrels which are classified as a non-game mammals and if they are nuisance for crops or property, you can hunt without a license. Find it out at a proper governing body in your state.

Finally, make your choice of weapon to hunt squirrels. The best and highly recommended hunting weapon for squirrels hunting is air rifle using pellet, since it is very quiet and best use for hunting small game which requires quiet movements and precision shots. In addition, using pellet air rifles is good to preserve the meat after the shots. You do not want to have empty handed to go home after a hunting day because there is very less or no meat left after the shots caused by using more powerful ammunition such as those of a shotgun.

Whether you get an inexpensive air rifle in Wal-Mart or get it at the gun stores for a high quality air rifle at the higher price, you should experiment the pellet types which your gun shoots most accurate shots. Choose your air rifle soon, practise to get the most accurate shots with selecting pellets. Did a bit of preparation, plan a good tactics, get your license and ready for your squirrels hunting game!

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