Sweaty Smelly Feet Cure: How to choose the good Socks

Sweaty Smelly Feet Cure How to choose the good Socks

It is natural for the feet to sweat and socks can get really moist, hence the smelly feet issue and lead to many consequences. Of all the solutions, changing socks seem to be the most feasible and economic. Using the right socks can affect your feet very differently as they are one of the main reasons causing your feet to smell. Below is a set of measurements to help you find the Sweaty Smelly Feet Cure: How to Choose The Best Socks.

List of Feet-unfriendly Socks

Synthetic Socks

To choose the right socks you must know which one to avoid first. Socks made from synthetic fabric are not capable of absorbing moisture and they also keep the warmth trapped in.

The worst case scenario is when you are hunting wearing these synthetic, plastic, or polyester socks in summer or early season hunt.

Practice the habit of changing a new pair of sock occasionally or avoid using them to keep your feet dry.

Cotton Socks

This is another material in the list. Although they help your feet breathe better than synthetic fabric, but cotton stops absorbing sweat when they are wet enough.

Nothing is worse than hunting in a damp with feet soaked in sweat as this is the perfect environment for bacteria.

Cotton Socks

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Moreover, cotton socks have high heat absorbing ability, and this further activates the bacteria on your feet.

Avoid using cotton and synthetic socks completely if you have a bad case of smelly feet as it only worsens the problem.

Sweaty Smelly Feet Cure: Socks for Sweaty Feet

Apart from synthetic and cotton, there is a variety of material available on the market. The foremost reason for smelly feet is that they get wet too much and for too long.

Then bacteria and tiny microscopic fungus strikes in, growing in size and leave a nasty odor behind. This is not much of a problem if you have a line of breathable hunting boots such as low canvas or leather boots.

For the best result, we recommend you change your footwear frequently and keep an eye out for these socks at the same time.

Moisture-wicking Wool Socks

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Moisture-wicking Wool Socks

This is probably the best option for your feet. Wool is famous for its absorbing ability, with their limit can be up to twice of that of normal cotton. When wearing a pair of wools socks, they can make sure that your feet stay dry for a long time.

In addition, their thickness over cotton adds a great deal of insulation to your feet; meaning that your feet can stay warm and dry at the same time.

The last part is that they also enable your sweat to vaporize.

Merino Wool Socks

If you are on a journey in a warm country and experience the itching issue of wool socks, try finding merino wool instead.

A hybrid of sock liners and wool, the material is even lighter. They can absorb more moisture than the regular wool socks. They also have remarkable insulation which can keep your feet comfortable and dry even on the coldest days.

Consider changing to a pair of wool socks for better breathability if you are planning to hunt upland or going on a long trip in the hot climate country.

The innovations in the material enable merino wool socks to be breathable, insulated, and absorbing at the same time.

The material can store as much water as 35% of its total weight and can still remain the temperature. The fiber absorbs the moist in entirely. At the same time, it can release them out to evaporate out freely.

Merino Wool Socks

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If you are looking for one, products like SmartWool and Wigwam are widely available for purchase. They also assure the anti-odor feature, for a reasonable price.

Liner Socks

Their materials include¬†polyester, liner socks are often worn with the regular socks. The reason for this is that they are able to wick sweat from your feet. Also, don’t forget to store them to keep a dry atmosphere inside

Their slim design and material ensure maximum comfort. So, you will not feel a thing when wearing double socks. These types of socks are most common among the athlete. It is because of the tight wrapping and versatile they bring.

Although not as convenient as the merino wool socks, companies have enhanced their quality. They have added some anti-bacteria substances to deeply prevent the sweating and smelling of your feet.

Coolmax and Drymax Socks

Moving on to the bigger players in the industry. Athletes have continuously chosen drymax and coolmax socks for their training and games.

The materials of coolmax socks are coolmax, spandex, duroful, and lycra. Wearing these liner socks ensures maximum comfort and agility for any quick movements. They work best when the feet is not wet and slippery.

If you have an excessive case of feet sweating, we suggest searching for Drymax socks. It is an upgrade of the coolmax by adding olefin, elastane, nylon, and polyester. Although they can keep your feet working non-stop, the material has the poor insulating capability.

Under Armour Socks

A familiar name in the sports industry, you can choose their product for an alternative. Perfect anti-moist and anti-slipping features, these socks is also popular and available in the market.

Under Armour Socks

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The substance to making them includes polyester, spandex, and acrylic. The reason why there is still a number of a consumer choosing the drymax over this product is their low durability.

Provided with continuous pressure and activity in chasing the prey, the socks will break into holes quicker than you realize.


These are just the most commonly products to prevent a bad case of moist feet and the list goes on.

Keep in mind that we must use a variety of measurements. Also, you should use the right hunting socks for smelly sweaty feet. For example: choosing the breathable hunting boots, anti-bacteria remedies, excessive cleaning, so on.

If your feet still have the odor after applying these solutions, contact a doctor or therapist so as not to worsen the case.