Team Big Shot – The great store in San Diego(CLOSED)

Update: BIG SHOT Gun Store is recorded permanently closed at this location. If it’s incorrectly closed, please let me know!

Self-defense, the right to democracy and “gun culture” is the reason Americans do not easily give up such weapons, in spite of a series related to gun crime constantly happening. According to statistics from the Small Arms Survey’s latest (SAS), a Swiss organization which specializes in research and analysis of the global flow of weapons, 90% of Americans have guns. This is the highest ratio of individual gun ownership in the world, far exceeding the country’s second largest – Serbia with 58.2%. Derived from the above, many stores are established legally and meet the increasing needs of people. In this article, we will review about the Team Big Shot, located in San Diego.

Basic Informations

Team Big Shot Store San Diego

Team Big Shot is one of the most popular stores specialized in providing and distributing hunting gear and tactical weapon with a wide range of categories, for examples air guns, barrels / choke tubes, handguns, so forth and so on. Big Shot was born in 2009 with 5 to 9 employees and located in San Diego between the 15 Freeway and the 805 Freeway. Up to now, the number of employees has been increased up to 50 persons.

  • Address: 7550 Miramar Rd #240, San Diego, CA 92126
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The good sides of Team Big Shot

  1. Location:

Team Big Shot front

When many other hunting gears and tactical weapon stores do not usually spin their location on the map, Team Big Shot becomes so kind and thoughtful to make a sign spinner, so that customers can find their location easily to go to. When arriving, the very first impressive thing will be the space of their store, which is rather large with lots of spaces, in addition, it is very clean and bright to create the best mood for customers.

Each kind of gun will be presented in a particular shelf as well as the display cases.

  1. The services:

Due to many reviews of customers, they are very satisfied with the Big Shot’s services. Staffs in the store are very friendly and helpful with those who are newbies in any kinds of sport. On the other side, they always keep smiling and are very enthusiastic.

If you need any helps from an expert in this field to pick up the best one, Team Big Shot can be your go – to. Why choosing or buying, if you want to have a trigger job done on your first handguns, you can ask them to do it or usually, they will clue to help you.

Team Big Shot

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One other big plus point for Big Shot’s services is to give advices. In some stores, salesmen usually give their customers some unwanted and unsolicited advices or act like they know – it – all, which sometimes makes customers feel unpleasant. In Team Big Shot, staffs are trained to give advices only when their customers need or have demands. There used to have an issue that a customer picked up a handgun and pointed the gun muzzle to himself to check and the staff there advised him to lock the slide for safety.

If you want to get advices from salesmen or staffs, you can ask them to be your consultants or give them the key features you desire to have in your guns, they will choose the best one for you, allow you to test it, for examples hold, dry fire, rack, so forth and so on to let you make sure which one is the most suitable.

  1. Choices:

Big Shot Gears

If you are going to buy new rifles, shotguns, and handguns, this will be a recommended store to drop your money on because in spite of many other bigger and better stores, this special one can meet the demands of some particular guys, such as LEOs with the unobtainium guns that the citizens usually cannot have

Besides, there are many and many different kinds of guns from rifles to handguns such as Magpul and Oakley or the available gunsmiths. Alongside providing many high – end guns from many famous brands like Colt, LMT, KAC, Team Big Shot also gives you the AR parts to build your own gun if you like. They are all in stock.

Not only this store has tactical weapons, but it also distributes hunting gears for those hunting lovers or items for archery enthusiasts.

  1. Price:

Again, due to the reviews of many previous clients, they have a compliment on the price of items sold in here with the cheapest price in town. If you want to make the comparison on your own for the best honesty, you can do between many other surrounding stores. Big Shot is a good choice for those are in tight budget or newbies who do not want to spend much money on.

The drawbacks

  1. Usually being busy during peak hours:

If you want to contact to this store during peak hours, in most cases, it cannot as they run and focus much on their brick and mortar store, which they have to take care of the customers in there.

  1. Buying online:

There used to have a severe case in which the customer bought AR parts online. There is a circumstance, a customer, in his birthday occasion, flew to San Tiago and passed by the store to leave 50 percent as a deposit as the requirement, then came back to California, where he lived at that present. However, after a couple of weeks, he had not received any responses or his products. After a few times sending email, the radio kept silent. This took a lot of time after that to solve entirely but it also left a bad glance at the other customers about the bad online buying service.

  1. High fee:

Even though Team Big Shot sells their items at very affordable prices, they take a high fee for gunsmith which is up to 80 dollars while in many other places, they only take about 30 -35 dollars at all.

Best Selling Gears in Big Shot Store

Jd machine lower receiver

Jd machine lower receiver

image source: armlist

5.56 Forged JD Lower Receiver made from forged 7075 T6 aircraft grade aluminum for the lightest weight and 100 percent unique CNC for the purpose of examining how each part can operate to remove forging masks for aesthetics. On the other side, the device is machined accurately to military spec standards and very durable based on Type III Hard Anodize, in addition to a wide range of logo to choose.

Walther p22 handgun

Walther p22 handgun

Those 0.22 rimfire handguns will not be the same at all but instead, they can change everything. The Walther p22 handgun is typical for its capacity design and tactical style from the centerfire handguns. This can be considered as an innovation in making contemporary rimfire handguns and the explosion of fakers. There are many different models of p22 handgun, for examples P22 TARGET BLACK, P22 BLACK W / LASER SET, P22 TARGET NICKEL, so forth and so on, alongside some colors based on each reference.

Truglo 7 pin bow sights

Truglo 7 pin bow sights

Winning the Award design on their TRU-Site as the next degree with the TSX Pro Series Micro, right from the first time holding this archery sight on hands, you will din it hard to believe in how good of its performance, as well as the durability thanks to the tube pin design made from unique stainless steel in this price range. The combination between the Tru-Touch coating and CNC machined aluminum design makes this sight can perform very well in the toughest condition, which you can get the best view without a wrench.

Sum Up

From the above review with no emotions, unbiased, and consistent, we can see that this store has its own strength and weaknesses, hope that this article will help you much in making the decision on choosing a suitable hunting gear and tactical gun stores in San Tiago.