TenPoint Vapor – C13004-7411

Our Rating: 4.9 / 5
TenPoint Vapor Crossbow C13004-7411 features a package of out-standing characteristics as same as other expensive classes. As you know, it’s durable, effective and extremely easy to use. This allows users at all ages and physical abilities to use the crossbow without any difficulty. It has high compatibility on different outside activities including hunting, practicing or competition. The crossbow belongs to one of the most expensive product in the bows industry. That is the reason why it offers many advanced and modern characteristics to users. Keep on reading and we will explain why this is still one of the best crossbows despite of the high cost.


Weighing at the surprisingly compact design of 6.8 pounds, this crossbow is ideal for movement and storage. It boosts the portability to put the crossbow into car glove or for long hunting trips. Owning to this point, you will find it easy to bring the crossbow along with you without any difficulty. A great benefit of using this smart tool is that it attempts to bring the weight reduction for maneuver.

Main parts of a TenPoint package include different elements. You could enjoy the great benefit from TenPoint crossbow, pro scope, 3-Arrow Quiver, Crossbow Case, an instruction DVD and other small accessories. All of them work well with each other in creating high effectiveness of the top high-end crossbows.

It is very easy to set up the crossbow. Just only about 10 or 15 minutes, you can finish its establishment steps well. The most important thing is remembering where each component is located.


Go ahead and find out all you need for your hunting trips with TenPoint Vapor Crossbow. The machine comes with 360 FPS of arrow speed and 165 pounds of draw weight. As a result, it offers more powerful strength and faster speed than other bow shapes in the same category. The special thing about this tool is that it allows an accurate shot sight from a far distance of at least 50 yards. Therefore, hunting big animals becomes non-difficult matter. Quickly order it now!

The crossbow comes with security features which protect users from unexpected issues during its shooting process. It not only has Anti-dry system, but also features the grip safety. This leads to the safety and comfort when using this compound bows. You will find it comfortable to use by right or left hands, which is hard-to-find at some other cheaper tools.


  • Accurate
  • Durable materials
  • Compact design
  • Portability
  • Fast speed of 360 FPS
  • Quiet
  • Weight reduction
  • Suitable for both right and left hands
  • Safety
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great warranty policy ( lifetime warranty)
  • Excellent for hunting


  • Expensive price tag

Things to consider about TenPoint Vapor Crossbow C13004-7411

Nowadays, there are many manufactures focus on bringing TenPoint products to users. They vary greatly in sizes, performance, prices, etc…Therefore, be intelligent to choose the most suitable bow shape for your demands. In order to get the accurate and promotional price, you had better check out the product reviews from Amazon.com or official stores of TenPoint.


All in all, a large expense might be out of budget for some people. However, it is no matter if you concern about the product performance. TenPoint Vapor Crossbow C13004-7411 is a typical sample for this case. The crossbow features all advanced characteristics of one of the best product categories nowadays. It allows you to take advantage of the crossbow through many years of using. If you are looking for an efficient product which could satisfy you well, TenPoint is a great option.