Tent camping tips and tricks: Make Your Camping Tent More Comfortable

In a camping trip, sleeping plays an essential role in resting and gaining back energy for the next adventure. The quality of your sleep is vital. Thus, nothing is better than a comfortable tent after a long day travel.  Campers don’t ignore this article if you want to get the best tent. Here is a collection of tent camping tips and tricks from my 5-year camping experience.

Take a right size for your tent and repairing tools

Choosing a correct size for your tent will make it easier to carry and manage your equipment. Determine:

  • How many people would go on your trip?
  • Will they bring their children or pets along?
  • How they sleep at night (whether they toss or turn)?

Then, decide whether you should take a large tent or not. And trust me, there is no industry standard featuring tent dimensions per person.

Take a right size for your tent and repairing tools

Image source: Britannica Kids

The secret to choose the right tent size or to know whether your camping group needs additional space is assuming a close fit, as I have just listed above.

By the way, remember to take repairing tools such as repair tape, seam grips, hammer… Thus, in case your tent has a problem, it will be very convenient to fix it right away.

Choose a good location is one of tent camping tips and tricks

Good location not only helps you to set up the camping tent more easily and quickly but also gives better sleep. A good spot means flat ground and enough elevation.

Choose a good location

Image source: Dismals Canyon / Campsites

Keep yourself warm in your sleeping bag

Apart from a comfortable place to lay your back down, keep yourself warm enough will help to create deep sleep. It, of course, contributes to gain the energy back just after night.

To take the warmth from your campsite fire, you can boil water at it. Then before sleeping, fill simmering water into the plastic bottles and put them in your sleeping area.

Keep yourself warm in your sleeping bag

Image source: Ruffwear

One more tent camping tips for deep sleep is to have a pillow and a blanket to create an environment like your home.

 Activities with friends

To make the camping night more enjoyable, bring a board game, guitar for singing together. Or you can host some small games or funny riddles to challenge your camping members. These activities certainly make you enjoy and share a great moment together.

Cooking tips for camping

Want to make your camping trip cozier and more interesting, let’s cook together. Eating is a great part in camping because it’s the moment that all campmates gather, cook and enjoy. So, don’t forget to bring enough equipment. Here is my reference list:

  • tent
  • Bowls
  • Knives
  • Spoons and plates
  • Spices like salt, sugar, pepper…
  • Soap for washing dishes
  • Eggs, bread, bacon, jam, tea, coffee…

Last but not the least, in the day time you can cook on a stove and at night, you can use a campfire to cook like barbecue food. But remember to turn off fire completely with water or sand to prevent forest fires or any pity accident.

Now, that’s all of my tent camping tips and tricks. I know there are many ways or tips and tricks out there, but I hope mine will help you the best. Besides, just remember to apply these tips flexible for each particular situation and condition. Good luck and have great camping trips.