Increase Your Camping Tent Lifespan by Three Times with Our Tent Care Tips

Enjoying the holiday with friends or family in a beautiful field or by the seashore is a wonderful experience in this busy life. Leaving the comfortable room in the crowded city, let’s pack up your stuff with a tent to go for seeking new inspiration. A tent – therefore, is your “house” during the trip, so how to take care for this companion? You might not want to pass on these tent care tips below which are very simple but can increase your camping tent’s lifespan by three times.

Camping at a flat campsite in shade and with a footprint when setting up your tent

First of all, you need to find a flat ground with rocks, twigs, pine cones are all cleared. This will help to protect your tent from holes poked by that debris.

I also recommend using a footprint which can create a plane surface to the tent ground and help you quickly to clean up then.

We all know that UV ray (ultraviolet ray) is very harmful to your skin,  and it damages your tent’s fabrics, too. Thus,  you had better locate your tent in shaded places to avoid direct sunlight. By this way, your tent’s longevity can be longer.

Keeping it clean and be careful with the zippers while using your tent

To keep it clean,  you had better not to make it dirty, yeah! Leave your shoes with grit and pebbles outside.

Food and fragrant personal products also need to be stored outside in containers. Little creatures like ants, bees and flies will trace to your tent following these attractive smells.

What else? Another factor with claws and teeth which can create scratches to your lovely and expensive tent is your pets. Don’t bring them inside even you love your dog very much.

Most of us do not care much about the zippers, but actually, it is the easiest part to get damaged by the weather with dirt, rain and the heat of the sunlight.

Micro dirt can be removed easily if you clean it with a soft towel or use a sprayer to get rid of rust. This will help the zippers work smoothly.

Keeping it clean and be careful with the zippers while using your tent

Image source: Wilderness Mastery

We sometimes get angry when it is not functioning, but please do not force the stuck zipper, be gentle with it by trying to back the slider up, wiggle it from side to side to help the stuck fabric free. You then can find it easier to make the zipper move in right direction.

Make sure the tent is clean and dry,  remember to remove the pole when breaking down

After enjoying the cool breeze of the wind and feeling the breath of nature, you might have an excellent experience and happy time with your family and friends. Now, it’s time to wrap up to go back home.

You might not want to take out a dirty and musty tent next time. Thus, before packing up, let’s shake your tent out to clear all the trash and debris.

Even on the sunny day, moisture can be created under the tent floor due to internal and external temperature distance. So it is important to leave your tent dry as much as possible when leaving the campsite.

If you cannot make it dry completely or have to pack it in wet conditions, please dry it right away when you reach home.

Another tip for tent care is that when breaking down the poles, let’s start in the middle until all the poles are completely folded. This will help reduce the tension along the cord.

Do not fold the tent following the old crease, at the time; it will make your tent tear. When wrapping up, be sure that you still have enough tent’s accessories for the next time camping.

Store the tent loosely and in a dry place at home

A damp or hot place like in a car trunk or a basement is not a good idea for keeping your tent in long-term. Putting it in a bag or a sealed plastic container to avoid moist, mold and awful smells are recommended.

Other Tent Care Tips that you might want to know to preserve your tent’s longevity

Never wash it with a washing machine, it may stretch and tear the tent’s fabrics and damage the zippers, too. Washing hands with a soft sponge in cold water and gentle soap is an ideal.

Perfumed soaps also attract insects, so you should not use them.

Re-waterproofing after using should be carried out, too. You can use seam sealer to fix the tiny holes in the fabrics easily. Pay attention when choosing the coating or seam sealer for your tent’s fabrics. Each type of fabrics materials will need a specific product for its care.

Use seam sealer to fix the tiny holes in the fabrics

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Most of them are polyester or nylon with polyurethane coating. Some are lightweight nylon with silicone which will not need recoating.

These basic tent advice listed above only requires you a little attention, but it can help you save a lot from buying a new tent after a short time using. Having a good tent is great but knowing how to keep it long-lasting with your trip memories will be much greater. Don’t let your beautiful camping night ruined by some tent failure.