When Buying The Best Fishing Rod, Which Crucial Things to Consider

Purchasing the best fishing rod can be a daunting task in this day and age with so many options, especially for someone new to the sport.  I’m not ashamed to say that I have spent my share of time staring at the hundreds of options at my local tackle shop hoping that the right choice will jump at me.  It never did.  So, to save you the time that I couldn’t save myself, I hope you will read this beginner’s guide to choosing the best fishing rod. It all starts with choosing the perfect rod type.

Buying The Best Fishing Rod

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Things to consider buying the best fishing rod

Rod Types

Generally speaking, there are three types of fishing rods: fly fishing rods, bait casting rods, and spinning rods.  You can use each one in a variety of situations. But we must choose the best fishing rod for the right situation.

Fly Rods

A fly rod’s use is right there in the name.  You can use them to cast very light lures better known as flies.  These lures mimic the insects that are a favorite food of many fish like trout, pan fish, and salmon.  Fly rods are for casting flies because they are built to spool fly-line. The weight of it can allow the casting of the minuscule bait.  These rods are lightweight and long as well, all to have the best control of the fly.

Fly Rods

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Fly-fishing is a fun and challenging technique. But today we are going to focus mostly on the next two types of rods. Because, for the traditional angler, they are the most popular.

Bait Casting Rods

Bait Casting Rods

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Bait casting rods must be equipped with bait casting reels. So, they are often used by more experienced anglers as they are somewhat complicated to use at first.  The reason experienced anglers desire them is the accuracy with which they can cast.  Because you can stop the line with your thumb, you can control exactly where the lure stops so you can get into even the hardest to hit spots like under stumps or along grass lines.

Bait casters can be used to cast most any kind of lure (besides flies) as well.  However, artificial baits like spinners and crank baits are ideal because they take advantage of the rods accuracy!

The major downside to bait casting rods is that since the reel freely spins. You have to watch out for those nasty rats’ nests that could stop your fishing for a while.  With that said, if you’re dedicated enough to practice, a bait caster is a great choice!

Last but not least we have the most popular rod, the spinning rod!

Spinning Rods

Spinning rods are my favorite because they are so versatile.  I use them for everything from artificial lures to live bait.  They can handle most small to medium sized species and are great for beginners!

In my opinion, spinning rods are better than bait casters because they tangle up much less often.  This is because the reel does not spin like on a bait caster.  Instead, the line is pulled off the stationary reel by the wait of the lure or bait.

The downside to spinning rods is that they are not always great with heavy baits or fish. And they are not as accurate as bait casters.  However if you’re a beginner who wants to catch fish first and practice casting later, spinning rods are for you!

Spinning Rods

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Once you know the type of rod you need, it’s important to check out these important details before you purchase the best fishing rod.

Also, you should consider that fishing rod is easy to clean or not when choosing.

Vital Characteristics

These are, to me, the three most important things to consider when buying the best fishing rod:

  • Weight (power rating)
  • Action
  • Composition (what the rod is made of)

Armed with knowledge of these three-rod characteristics, an angler of any expertise should be able to pick the best fishing rod.


Quite literally, the weight, also known as the power rating, of a rod is the approximation of the load that it can handle.  While it seems obvious, this is very important.  The power rating of the best fishing rod will be from light to heavy.

Light rods are best used for, you guessed it, light fish and light line.  If I am fishing for small pan fish in a pond or brook trout in a quiet stream, I always grab my light rod.  With a light power rating, not only is it easier to feel bites from smaller species, but it also allows the use of the tiny baits that those fish love.

Heavy rods, I’m sure you know by now, are for the big species and heavy cover that you will come across during your life as a fisherman.  I use heavy rods when I fish for big catfish in heavy brush or largemouth bass in lily pads. They are great for long fights, and the heavy line they hold can stand a lot of abuse.


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Choosing the right power rating is nearly half the battle, and the next two specs will make sure yours is the best fishing rod.


The action of the rod you choose will determine the amount of flexibility, as well as the location of the flexibility, in your rod.  The action is rated from slow to fast.

Slow action rods are the most flexible and their flex point is closest to the reel.  They are great for large species where a patient hook set is key.  Slow action rods also tend to have a higher power rating.

Fast action rods are the least flexible and bend closer to the tip of the rod.  This makes them very sensitive.  If you’re fishing for a lighter biting species like crappie, grab a fast action rod so you can feel every little bite.

There are action ratings in between slow and fast as well, so the key here is to choose the best action rating for the bait and technique you will be using as well as the species you are chasing. This is also true of the last characteristic on my list for choosing the best fishing rod.


What the best fishing rod is made out of says a lot about its possible uses. So next I will explain the difference between the two most popular rod compositions—fiberglass and graphite.

Fiberglass rods are cheaper to make than graphite ones, but that does not make them inferior in any way.  Fiberglass rods tend to be more flexible than graphite, resulting in a slower action and reduced sensitivity (not necessarily a bad thing depending on the target species).  For beginners, the durability of a fiberglass rod is often reason enough to make it a first choice.


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Graphite rods tend to be more expensive to produce.  Also because of their heightened sensitivity to the smallest bumps and bites, they tend to be popular (and pricey) at the store.  This isn’t for nothing though, because graphite rods can often be worth the money in bites that you might have missed with a fiberglass rod!  These rods also represent the opposite end of the action scale, with most of them landing somewhere between medium and fast.


It can be hard at first to figure out what this all means, I know it was for me.  Here are some examples to help illustrate the best uses for certain rods.

Bass Fishing in the Weeds

In this situation, it’s crucial to choose a strong rod that can still control my bait and the fish.  I would choose a heavy fiberglass rod with a fast action rating.  With this best fishing rod, I could fight the biggest bass out of the weeds and still have good control over my lure.

Catfish in the Mud

Catfish are a powerful species with a slow bite.  If I’m pulling flat heads from a river bottom, I always grab my heavyweight fiberglass rod with slow action.  The slow action gives the catfish time to eat my bait even if I set the hook a bit too early.  The rest of the rod can stand the fight.

Trout in a Stream

For a small biting, easily spooked fish like trout, I get out my ultra light graphite rod.  The light power rating of this rod supports the equally light tackle I need, while the fast action graphite makes sure I never miss a bite.  When I think light graphite, I think finesse.

Trout in a Stream

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Now that you have the basics down, so let’s check out our 5 best fishing rod reviews below.

My Reviews of Some of the Top Fishing Rods and Combos

1.KastKing Combo Spinning Reel

This best fishing rod combo is built for travel.  You can pack this telescopic fishing rod easily in a backpack or daypack, perfect for nomadic fishers as well as busy workers on lunch break.  Here are some of the highlights:

The KastKing Combo has a carbon fiber drag system, 10+1 corrosion resistant ball bearings, and a spare graphite spool. So, you can be sure that you can bring even the toughest fish in smoothly.

For most customers, however, it’s the travel-friendliness of this spinning reel that makes it so desirable!  The compact travel case is perfect for vehicles, kayaks, packs, and never takes up too much room.  All in all, despite the possible durability issues that can come with telescopic rods, the KastKing Combo is a keeper.  Check it out here: KastKing Combo Spinning Reel

2.Sougayilang Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Kit

Are you new to fishing and not quite sure what you need to start?  This fishing kit, which you can use in saltwater and freshwater, has everything you need to start catching fish right away.

The full kit includes a carbon telescopic pole, spinning reel, a full spool of line, as well as lures and other accessories to help make any novice a pro.  In other words, this kit is a one-stop shop with no other supplies needed.  Just buy and fish!

The Sougayilang Fishing Kit comes with crayfish imitation lures and an assortment of small spinner baits so you can be sure to be ready for any situation.  Customers have used this kit from piers, in the surf, on small ponds, and even raging rivers.  This combo is up to the test.

It’s not all great news, however, as some customers report the pole getting stuck either fully extended or fully compact.  While this may be a problem for some, it does not seem to be widespread, and the value of the kit outweighs the risk in my opinion.  This rod is perfect for a beginner.  Go see it yourself here!

3.Plussino® Spinning Rod Fishing Kit

This is another great travel kit for beginners.  Full with all the equipment and accessories (line, lures, and hooks) needed for a day on the water, this is another buy and fish product.

This carbon telescopic spinning rod and reel combo can be used in saltwater or freshwater, and the lures are different than the Souygayilang kit.  The kit includes crank baits and jigs if you prefer that to spinner baits.  Even a beginner could target large bass and other sports fish with this setup.

Other customers love the look and feel of this kit as well as its compact size.  Like the rest of the rods so far, this one is great for traveling and you can store it almost anywhere!

Despite all the great things about this product, I was able to find some cons as well.  The line and lures that come with this kit. It tends to be less durable and have shorter lives than their more expensive counterparts, leave a little to be desired.  I would recommend that as you have more experience you upgrade your line and lures to handle bigger fish.  From that point, I would still recommend this product to beginners and those new to the sport, as it is effective and inexpensive.  Check it out here!

4.Junadel Telescopic Fishing Pole

One of the best fishing rod and also my favorites from the list, this lightweight carbon fiber fishing rod is a great match for those fishers who have experience and don’t need their lures and accessories.  Fishers on the go will love this rod when they fish in freshwater and saltwater!

This spinning rod is light and durable which means it’s perfect for travel.  Going out on a boat or fishing from the rocks is no problem.  Plus the manufacturers added some fiberglass to this rod for added durability.

Customers have said that this rod is perfect for small to species with the medium sizes.  However, I suggest upgrading to an even more durable rod if you are planning on tackling big catfish or pike, as this rod can only handle so much weight.

If you know the species you are targeting and have the right lures for the job, this well-crafted fishing rod can be your best friend.  Have a look here!

5.Entsport 2-Piece Casting Rod

Last but certainly not least, we have the two-piece graphite bait cast rod Entsport.  This rod is not as portable as the telescopic rods, but its two-piece design tends to be more durable.

Built for inshore fishing in freshwater and saltwater, this rod comes in at 7-feet when put together. And it can handle 8-20 pound test line. This makes it perfect for most species you will commonly encounter from bass to larger species like carp and catfish.

One of my absolute favorite things about this bait caster is that it is a fast action rod. The rod has high sensitivity as well as low flexibility. This makes it easier to cast lures like large spinner baits and feel every little bite.

As a con, this rod is hollow-bodied, so it is not as durable as it could be. But this aside, it is still a dependable rod that you can use to effectively target most sports species of fish.  Click here to check out some pictures and read more reviews!

My Pick

Now that I’ve told you about some of the top rods on Amazon right now let’s talk about my top pick!  For me, it came down to two: the Plussino Telescopic Spinning Rod Kit and the Entsport 2-Piece Casting Rod.

The Entsport bait caster is probably the best rod as far as over-all quality, being a two-piece design.  It’s great for targeting bass and other species using artificial lures.  However, it is not as portable as the Plussino, and it is not ideal for fishing with live bait.

Plussino’s spinning rod kit is telescopic making it more portable and comes with all the accessories you need to start fishing right away.  Also because it has a spinning reel, you can easily use it for live bait fishing as well as artificial lures.  On the negative side, its telescopic design makes it less durable than the Entsport bait caster.

Because of its many uses and the fact that it comes with everything you need to start fishing today, I recommend the Plussino Telescopic Spinning Rod Kit.  With it, you can start getting out on the water more often in lots of new places.  Click here to order yours today.

Time to Go Fishing!

I hope this guide will be helpful the next time you’re shopping for the best fishing rod.  There is a perfect one for you, and now you know how to find it.  Remember to always take into consideration the style and species of your fishing trip before choosing a rod. And pay close attention to the weight, action, and composition to ensure you’re ready to tackle any fish.  If you get in the weeds, don’t forget to check out the customer reviews of rods that are on your radar and learn from all the anglers who came before you.  Good luck!