The Most Basics About Ice Fishing Line Beginners Should Know

In general, Ice Fishing Line is what you would need when you go fishing in the winter. Many people make a mistake when using the same normal fishing line for their trip. At the same time, they still wonder why they could not give any bite when the temperature drops down.

If you intend to go ice fishing, read on to learn more about ice fishing line. I’m sure that this can help you pick up the best line for the job.

Here are things that you need to look at when choosing the ice fishing line:

Choose The One Who Is Made Specifically For Ice Fishing

It would be quite common sense to know that in the cold water, the normal fishing line will perform differently than it usually does in the summer. In most cases, a normal fishing line which performs quite well when it is warmer underwater tends to perform not so well in the ice.

Therefore, you should get rid of your normal fishing line when going ice fishing. Instead, you should choose brands and models which are made for this type of fishing only. You can consider various brands such as Trilene Cold Weather or FireLine Micro Ice fishing line.

Choose The One Who Is Made Specifically For Ice Fishing

Image source: ICE FORCE | Ice Fishing Blog

The Strength Of The Ice Fishing Line

When the temperature drops down, most of the normal fishing lines will become brittle, which can then affect your fishing performance. Also, when you go ice fishing, your fishing line will come in contact with sharp edges of the ice holes. This can easily cut the line and make you miss the fish.

Therefore, you should choose a line which is very strong and durable which can stand well against these obstacles. You wouldn’t want to miss the fish because of the line snap upon or contact with a sharp edge in the middle of a battle, do you?

Other Characteristics Of The Ice Fishing Line To Consider

Line Memory

When the line coils, it would cause many problems to anglers. In details, it takes anglers quite some amounts of time to untangle the line. To avoid this problem, you can use an ice fishing line that has little or no memory. This would help you to spool the line quickly.

Line Memory

Image source: Tyepro

Line Color

The best colors you can choose for your ice fishing line include blue and clear color. These colors can be blend to the snow pretty well, increasing the invisibility of the line. You can also choose ice fishing line with the crystal color, which is nearly invisible as well.

The invisibility of an ice fishing line is very important since the fish tend to detect fishing line better under the ice than under normal water. Specifically, in the open water, the fishing line will move more around at a higher speed.

However,  under the ice, the fishing line only sit in a place, waiting for a fish to bite. Since it stays in one place, fish has more time to inspect the lures and baits in front of it. It will become alert if it spots any suspicious. Therefore, having a very invisible ice fishing line is very important.


It is very important if you want to feel the bite of the fish on your ice fishing line. However, keep in mind that sometimes high sensitivity means low durability.

Resist Line Freeze

To prevent the impact of cold water on the fishing line, some manufacturers apply a thin coat of hydrophobic water repellent material. This coating can act as a protective barrier against the cold water. That’s why your line is less likely to be freezing up like a normal fishing line.

Resist Line Freeze

Image source: WaterSports Magazin

No stretch

Make sure you can find a line which has little or no stretch. When you have this type of ice fishing line, you can hook baits and lures more easily and effectively on the ice fishing line. This way, you can have a better chance of catching fishes.

It is the fact that open water fishing and ice fishing bear quite a few similarities. However, in the water, fishing line will behave differently to in the normal water. Therefore, you should spend time and effort to pick up the right line for ice fishing if you want to enhance your performance.

I hope with all of the information; you would be able to come back home with a lot of big trophy fishes from your ice fishing trip.