Timberland Hunting Boots Care

Timberland Hunting Boots Care

Choosing good Timberland Hunting Boot is not enough, you should know the guide to maintain them. Here are some tips of Timberland Hunting Boots Care

Timberland boots are popular among wildlife hunters for the comfort, durability, and look they bring to wearers. Like most products on the market, these boots requires a fine set of cleaning and caring actions to keep them fresh and durable.

As a widely known product in the shoe industry, Timberland manufacture is one of the best boots for your hunting trip. Whether you are going for a long or short trip, these boots can keep you feeling fresh and comfortable along the way.

A Good pair of boots needs to pass some level of quality testing must be durable, have good traction. Then, they must provide a moderate amount of insulation, so on. The Timberland boots are made to overcome these standards. They are commonly used for hiking trips in the mountains, across the rivers, in the woods. They are where the terrain is slippery and the weather is rough.

Nevertheless, you should have some tips up your sleeves to make sure your boots are always in good shape.

Here we have put up some notes on how to care for your timberland hunting boots:

The Purchase Process

Reserving your boots means not only the cleaning part but you must also pay close attention when first buying a pair of Timberlands. Check the linings if they are evenly knitted and the suede/leather condition of the upper.

If possible, look for the date of manufacturing typed in the tag and choose the boots that are latest made.

Leather and suede are durable for only a years time and you will need to bring them in for resealing after the period.

Most importantly, check if both of their rubber soles are in good shape and even with each other. Timberland boots are famous for their fashionable and durable soles.

Keep the Boots Waterproof

To keep a pair of boots in good condition, first you must spray the waterproof coating over them. It is to ensure no moist, mud, or dust will ever be stuck.

Waterproof Spray

Image source: survival-mastery.com

To experience a rewarding and enjoyable hunting trip, you must be able to focus only in spotting your prey. Let nothing distracts you, keeping your feet high and dry at all time is very important. This achieves first by waterproofing your boots. Early protected boots are more likely to last longer than unprotected pairs.

The process can take some time but consider this as an investment and treat your boots with care.

First, wipe off any unwanted stain and dust on the upper. This is very crucial because waterproofed boots are against stains. But we cannot clean them once the coat is active and can stay there for years even when the formula has dried out.

Come over to any nearby Timberland store and purchase their special Timberland waterproof spray formula. Remove the lace for a better coating and start spraying the product. A fine process includes two parts:

Spray the Product Entirely and Evenly All Over The Boots

Keep this in mind and then wait for them to dry. Notice that the suede/leather gets darker when applying the formula. But this is only temporary until the coating dries up.

Wait for Four Hours to Let All the Particles Be Active

Keep an eye out for when the upper becomes dry and apply the second coating. Wait for 1-2 days before taking your boots outdoor. You can keep them protected from water for at least half a year.

Get Your Boots Ready for Cleaning

This may seem like an unnecessary action. But in fact, many users do this to reduce the effort needed increase the time period needed for their next trip to the store for resealing.

The same principle for conditioning your boots: doing a total cleaning first then to the next part that comes after.

Again purchase a Timberland brush that is for cleaning the premium suede or an old towel if you do not have time. The brush is made from materials that ensure such impact with the soft surface of your boots without leaving any unwanted mark and scratch. Remove as much dirt and dry mud as possible and start scrubbing your boots with an eraser if the dry stain fails to come out.

You should remove shoelaces and clean with water separately. Should the shoelace not in good condition, you can replace them with a new pair from the store anytime.

Some Cleaning Products for Timberland Hunting Boots Care

Doing the first step will properly enable an easy and effective cleaning session with these recommended products.

Baby wipes

Treat your shoes as if they are soft like baby skin. Start the process by wiping gently the paper along the suede/leather and lines.

Baby wipes

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Avoid or treat the crease section with softer impact because fixing the crease is impossible once they are wet and rubbed on. Repeat the pattern 3-4 times using different baby wipes each time.

Renew buck

In the streetwear world, suede Timberlands tends to look more fashionable than leather ones. But they are more vulnerable to dust and other stains which are not removable in some cases.

Realizing the threat, Timberland soon introduces the Renewbuck formula. This is a combination of cleaning and a waterproof coating which works with both leather and suede Timberlands. Apply the foam cleaner on the surface of your boots and gently clean them with a Timberland brush or an old, soft towel.

The Boot Sauce

As another cleaning product for Timberland boots, the sauce is for cleaning and protecting the leather material. Apply the gel with a sponge or similar soft cleaners and start wiping your leather Timberland boots like usual.

 Storing the Timberland boots

After a cleaning session, your Timberland is new and fresh again, ready for a wild trip in the field. The better you care for your Timberland hunting boots, the better you feel comfortable wearing these in the field.

There are some cases that you are not taking the boots out anytime soon or you do not have enough time to clean your boots after a journey. Keep an eye out for where and how to store them and you are good to go.

Like most boots, Timberland boots are best to store in a high, dry, and warm place with little moisture and sunlight involved. Too much heat or moisture may cause the waterproof coating to fail or cause the leather to rot.

Like most products on the market, these boots requires a fine set of cleaning and caring actions to keep them fresh and durable.