Top Winter Baits For Bass Fishing

There are many different species of bass fish including largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and striped bass fish. The maximum size of a bass fish is recorded with a length of 30 inches and a weight of 30 pounds. Most of the bass fish will hunt for baitfish, crawfish, insects, shrimp, small fish, and scuds.

Many anglers prefer fishing bass in the spring when most of the types of bass start to spawn and look for a place to nest. However, winter is still a good time for bass fishing. There are fewer anglers around and if you are lucky, you will be able to catch bass with heavy weight.

Knowing what type of Winter Baits for Bass to use when you go for bass fishing in the winter is one of the key factors which will determine your chance of success and catching bass fish.

Here are some types of live baits and artificial lures you can use to catch bass fish in the winter:

Live Baits

Using live baits to catch bass fish in the winter is a great option, especially in the winter. When you throw live baits into the water, they will move slower in comparison with the speed they move at in the summer. However, in case of lures, some anglers might move them so fast that the bass fish will unlikely to be attracted to.

Live baits for bass

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Some of the live baits that you can use for winter bass are shiners, worms, frogs, and crayfish.


This is one of the most popular types of baits that you can use and my favorite type of crankbait to use for winter bass fishing is flat-sided crankbait with a long bill.  It has a very subtle motion, almost none when the water gets colder. Not to mention that it will suspend in the water instead of dropping down to the bottom or floating, which is also great for suspending bass fish.

This type of bait goes well with a 10-pound line and about 7 to the 8-foot fishing rod.


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Stick Worm

Many anglers use stick worm in the spring and summer and luckily, it is suitable to be used in the winter time as well.

The reason why stick worm is so popular is that this type of bait provides only a few of movements and actions, which resembles the movements of real-life aqua creatures when the temperature drops down.

In addition, this bait is suitable for all kinds of water.

You can choose many different types of worms with different materials but the soft plastic worm is the most effective one you can use for the cold water.

With this type of bait, you should use a fishing line of about 14-pound test line.


The jig is artificial lure which is used to catch tough and heavy bass fish. So in case, you want to catch trophy bass; go for this type. You can use a jig with rubber in the skirt for extra effectiveness. The colors you should use for this bait are blue, black, brown and other shades of these colors.

In addition, you can also use a bass jig with crawfish trailer. It is effective since it can move slowly through bottom and cover including rocks and trees.


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Another type of jig you can use for bass fishing in the winter is finesse jig whose hair mimics the look or crawfish and bluegill fish. You can use this type when you go shallow fishing or choose to catch bass near rocky banks.

A lightweight would be more effective in term of winter fishing since when you throw a lightweight into the water, it would be able to go down at a slower rate.

It is recommended that you use a 14-pound line and 7 to 8-foot heavy action rod with a jig.


When choosing a spinnerbait for bass fish catching, you should choose one with a sharp hook and sharp spinner blade which can stand any of a bass’s bite.

You can use this type of lure when you stand fishing in areas where bass stay under bottom covers such as brush piles and weed edges.

You should attack a spinnerbait to a 12-pound line and a 7-foot heavy fishing rod for the greatest success of bass fishing.

Jerk Bait

A jerk bait is super effective if you use it when the temperature drops down so low to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It is likely the king of cold weather baits. It is also a great choice for many anglers fishing for bass fish in the areas with clean and clear water.

If you want to use jerk bait, opt for the suspending jerk bait which can move around the shelters of the bass pretty well as well as having the ability to suspend in place – just like a baitfish, the perfect prey of most of the bass species.

This bait should go with a 12-pound fishing line and a 6 to 7-foot medium action fishing rod.

Jerk Bait

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A grub is such a simple and old faithful lure, that many anglers totally forget about them. Fact is, this bait really shines when the water is ultra cold.

You can find a grub with curly tail and jig head to catch bass fish effectively, especially when the bass fish suspend over deeper water. You can use a grub with the size from 4 to 5 inches and attach it to a lead head.

Some more useful tips for you when you go for bass fishing

You can go winter bass fishing in deep river ledges, near rock piles as well as shallow water areas. Being able to identify the shelter of bass is the key as you might want to catch them right before they go out for food or come back to shelter. Furthermore, you can fish near rock banks where bass can move in between layers of water without spending much of its energy.

You also need to check the weather of the day when you go fishing to plan the strategy and what types of baits to use accordingly. Ideally, when you want to catch bass fish in the winter, you can choose the days when the temperature starts to increase after long cold days. It is the time that bass fish want to hunt for food more.

About best specific hours during a day? Well, you have the best luck when you go fishing for bass early in the morning or late in the afternoon. These are the times that bass goes out hunting for food.

It is common that in the winter, fish would not craze for so much food. Therefore, you should not use baits with big size. However, a largemouth bass can still eat a prey which is half of its size. So you should expect that even when you throw in big bait, you will still have a chance of getting small bass.

When you catch the lure, you should wait for a while to see if a bass catches it right away from the bottom or not before retrieving the lure.


Here is the list of some of the most popular and effective baits you can use to catch bass fish in the winter, along with some useful information about the place and time when you can catch them. Also when you go for bass fishing in the winter, remember to stay safe and wear enough clothes.

There are a lot of baits for you to choose from and there is no perfect bait for all types of water and weather condition. You should bring some types of baits on a specific trip to try on if one type of bait does not work.

I am sure that with careful planning and tactics, you would be able to catch a lot of bass fish in no time and have a lot of fun and memorable time in the process.